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A site devoted to imperatives of human species survival

Do not words but misfortune is a teacher of blockheads.
- Heraclitus.

Dr. Vladimir N. TRETYAKOV,

IntelTech's Director-Organizer, Representative at DPI/UN powered by ISPU "IAIT"

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My Creative Authobiography

In my life, I was interested in to experience different intellectual professions: theoretical physicist (PhD in 1968); encyclopedic editor (7 years as the head of an editorial group, Belarusian Encyclopedia); translator English and Polish texts, editor of other's translations (Trade and Industrial Chamber, Minsk), man of letters (SF, humoresques, sci. & popular essays, aphorisms); journalist (reporter, political columnist); sci. analyst; generator of ideas; methodologist; author of social projects.

In 2002, being retired, after having defended doctoral thesis "Searching the Algorithms of Nature's Recommendations: a New Nature-Philosophy" I was proposed by Presidium IAIT (International Academy of Information Technologies) to create Institute of Intellectual Technologies , IntelTech. I began doing it being guided by my understanding, i.e. how an open for all web intellectual resource, planning its stages after the explicated ad hoc "Nature's recommendations".

Thus, wishing "to express myself" I was forced to create any IAIT structure, and in this way my author site got as the IntelTech one, moreover, from 2005, as the Internet representative of IAIT as well. Now this IntelTech exists at 2 servers, as and (mirror) The necessity to work �as a whole organization�, i.e. by large, was good combined with my wish to get insights into some very essential questions. The �eternal problem� of happiness, as maybe the most important, was one of them. One day sureness came that the problem of happiness as well as of misfortunes' overcoming should be solved by �all together�, as a result of discussion, at the maximal use of Internet and other mobile communication facilities. The idea of the corresponding project - �To Happy Life on Earth, the Planet� presented on web Forum, Club of Rome, - was supported by a group of scientific and pedagogic elite of Belarus, as well as by the annual IAIT sessions (twice) and Presidium of this Academy.

Replenishing the sites with my texts I intended that those have both scientific and practical direction. In this I was helped by "my" principle of tolerance having as it appeared all-biological meaning. It gave me a possibility to test on myself a hard fate of an author of the radical idea. I meant principles of new mathematics, with tolerance relation in place of equality, as more adequate apparatus for biological and medical sciences. Then was an experiment on state registration of ideas and hypotheses at 3 cities of the USSR initiated by my article (1985) �Bank of Scientific Ideas� in �Chemistry and Life� magazine (described in my book "This Paradoxical Novelty, or On the way to Banks of Ideas" published in 1989) and, as a interim result, appearance of Bank for scientific ideas of USSR, grounded the thesis that Earth science's notions are evolution-biologically conditioned, proposed essentially another form of physical laws (as tolerance representations of generalized form).

The general approach based on Nature's recommendations came me out to: the concept how to counteract the aging; a new, not-Pavlov (�active-reactive�) system of temperaments; the principles of highly effective pedagogy; the methods work �Teaching and creative center for opening the gifts�; recommendations on the �cold� prophylaxis of cancer deceases; the concepts of panoramic thinking and its shortage. With help of Belarusian Soros Foundation grant I had prepared for publishing the book"Traite about Psychosoics from Earth, the Planet".

Realizing that shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) is conditioned by the evolution, together with understanding how the mechanism of social inheritance is realizing itself, I came to the conclusion on imperative necessity to overcome SPT with help of a rebuilt educational system. I have seen that because of SPT and peculiarities of social inheritance in any period of history, as well as now, our civilization always missed something very important, maybe the very important, and a problem may and must be set how this ideas of huge generality to reveal and fill in. As a by-product of this reflections, from depths of the evolution I had pulled up the secret of human verbal humor' genesis.

Now, having created a frame construction of IntelTech I think about how to go on those very important, on my opinion, researches. The main goals, as I believe, are imperatives of Humankind's survival. Besides of above "Think wider!" I separated as well the second, "Create Planetary Intellectual Resource!" and the third, "Stay and Resolve the Problem of Happiness for All and All Together!" All those are arisen in connection with the civilization's security, which appears to be quite not provided. This website devoted to imperatives of human species survival reflects in any degree that meaning I attach to this topical subject.

International Scientific Public Union "IAIT"
From July 2004 entered in the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.

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