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Two creative abilities, sexual and mental, but such different  

By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

So linked in one for ages
By union of bloody kinship
Reasonable genius of human
With creating power of the essence.
Fiodor Tyutchev.

  My idea is to write not only about the creativeness in usual, psychological understanding, i.e. as creative abilities, but as well about that doing possible continuation of the human race.

Let us pay attention at first to a likeness of the terminology what is applied when properties and events of different areas of human activities are described.


Procreation of a human

Creation of an idea

Conception of a human

Conception (incubation) of an idea

Sexual act

Creative act

Uterine fruit ( foetus )

Fruit of creative work

Fruitful (prolific) human

Fruitful ( author )

Fruitlessness (sterility)

Fruitlessness ( creative sterility)


Torments of creation

Joy of new human being's creation

Joy of creation

Let us at first explain necessary conditions needed for both acts of the creation.

The necessary condition for a new human is provided when a male sexual cell (spermatozoid) penetrates into a female sexual cell (egg).
The necessary condition for a new idea engender is provided when necessary information “penetrates” into human mind's operating area and remains in there.

Likeness is: that and this conditions are necessary and neither that nor this are sufficient. At the first case «tribute in insufficiency» is caused, for example, by female or male fruitlessness, at the second one — by intellectual «fruitlessness», intellectual laziness or/and overload of the mind with «unnecessary» information.

Let us widen the field of comparison and evaluate similarity and difference between sexual and intellectual activities.

Firstly, the sexual activity of the Human as a species is many higher than it is necessary for expanded reproduction of the human race. There is such estimation: in average on one act that leads to a new human's birth there are about 2 thousands of «empty» ones. This means the very process has such big attractiveness that it is almost alienable of the goal result. That is why there is pretty deal of the truth in the aphorism: «Human is a by-product of the love». By the way, in contradistinction of most animals having periods of sexual activity, people are sexually active all the year round.

Difference between sexual and intellectual activities appears after that obvious: the second is many lower then the first. It is so as well because part of ideas' generators even among scientists is about 20%, i.e. in whole the human race is characterized by the index in some times lower.

Attractiveness of either processes may be evaluated using the rule of contraries by «shadows» casted by them. Sexuality appears in imitations of sexual act, sexual perversions (pedophile, bestiality, necrofilia, orgies, masturbation), crimes on sexual ground (violence, murders); in area of the creativity, “shadows” are graphomania, plagiarism, false authorship/co-authorship. Judging even by «shadows», the first process concerns people many more lively than the second does. So, the comparison shows: human hyper-sexual activity corresponds rather hypo-intellectual one.

Here is a little set of aphorisms about mental human activity being in positive correlation with conclusion about comparatively weak its appearance.

«Our reason is more lazy that the body» (Francois de LaRochefoucauld).

«Besides thoughts, there are as well intellectual reflexes»
(Stanislaw Jerzy Lec).

«How many brothers on the reason among those who are living with an alien mind»
(Eugheny Tarasov).

«Laziness of the reason reveals itself in constant readiness to act» (Ghennady Malkin).

«I am surprised at that most people are not surprised at feebleness of their thinking»
(Blaise Pascal).

Now, I propose you to look at yourself, at human breed in general, from unusual point of view.

Mental processes of most people (more 80% evidently) are usually conveying events of the current life: we are said something — we answer; something occurs — we respond; similar not onerous mental reflexes are inspiring many-million armies of fans on many-hour observation for games by TV sets and at stadiums. In other words, most of us quite voluntarily refuse of thoughts which only may engender new ideas and give starts of innovative changes in the life.

The results of this refusing reveal themselves in many things, in particular, in conception that people are dividing into creative and not creative. This is considered quite natural (“How may be otherwise?!”).

However, you might question this because there are questions arising doubts.

•  Maybe creative processes — appearing both a new human being and new knowledge — are so near on terminology because of their nearness on creating their essences?

•  If so, why they such different on attractiveness for people?

•  In contradistinction to animals, new-born humans have no skills, they should learn and be taught. Maybe , it concerns the creative thinking as well ?

•  Maybe human growing-up stage is so long (1/4 to 1/3 part of average human life duration) that people have time to take possession of such the thinking and to reveal them as creative persons?

•  Don't you consider natural thing that humans living tenth generations already in conditions of the civilization, should go of this thinking had formed in eras when «programs of jungles» acted, and begin «to do programs» for themselves to overcome their thoughtlessness and narrow-mindedness, i.e., in political correct way speaking, the shortage of panoramic thinking?

•  Don't you admit that difference between people is not in that ones are creative, others aren't but in that ones had opportunities to develop their creative inclinations, and others hadn't?

•  Don't masse not-success of people in mastering creative abilities link with that practices of intellectual perfection, in contradistinction to sexual practices showed by TV, are not an object of teaching at schools?

•  May you admit that the situation will change if schools of general education pass from education with the getting knowledge priority to education with the ability-of-good thinking, including creative thinking?

•  Won't a law (or even a Constitution norm) including the clause about a new human right — the right to be taught the creative thinking – be stimuli for that?

•  May you prognosticate that this right being legally fixed will be claimed by most pupils? If so, will ratio between creative and not-creative people in a society change in favor the first via 2—3 generations?

•  Is not a challenge to humans that they going on en masse to be «narrow-mindedness», for 10% only use nervous cells of their minds?

•  May you assume that both creativities whenever will draw together in their attractiveness, and the joy of creation will experience many people?

Addition done on 04/02/2013. The subject of “shadows” may be gone on at using Anthony Judge’s article Collective Learning from Calls for Global Action:

Orgasmic collective
orgies with
little genital effect

Orgasm of collective
enthusiasm with
little outcome

Deadly comparison! At that correlated not only with conference or symposium where Global Actions discussed...


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