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Who Will Care for the Earth?

Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

In early April, 2013 I got an invitation from Guardian International Development Journalism Competition to take a part writing something deserving to be published. There was said about the unique opportunity in case of success to get journalistic assignments “to Asia, Africa or South America to write a feature for the Guardian about the most pressing development issues.” As a former journalist (in 1990s to early 2000s years), now retired, I decided to partake on the out-of-competition way but not to win for sake of whichever assignments having in the mind that the subject “Can the humanity rest alive in spite of all negative tendencies available?” may hardly be out of Guardian’s interest.
For visitors interesting in the Guardian Competition: its deadline is on May 12, 2013.

Here is my writing proposed, in form of little parables.


More than half century ago Polish thinker Stanislaw Jerzy Lec said out such the thought, ”Earth, it is a point under question mark.” Since those times the question was growing and growing. A certain tramp seemed to consider himself, just because of the same reason, as having an authority to ask. Anyhow he walked amongst people and asked not only questions but even for help, and explicitly wanted to have been heard.

Here Mr. Tramp came to Yardman:
-- I see, kinds and yardmen should evenly concern their courts’ and yards’ purity, that’s right. But how to be with all the planet? There had been no general clearing up during some millennia! Do you give an advice?
-- Don’t throw about! -- that’s all the advice... But I should sweep, and you impede!

Tramp rang at a house. Elderly Woman came out.
-- My excuse, may I ask a question?
-- Except that one, as my grand-children come from the school soon.
-- It’s good! You surely must be then disturbed by their future. How your disturbance appears?
-- I swot them once and again: “Learn good, learn good!” Hopefully in result it’ll help…

Tramp went along a street and met Boy with Knapsack.
-- I see, old fellow, you are good in studies and much already grasp. Can you write a story about our future? Just you will be living there, and of big interest is how you imagine it.
The boy wanted to make something more precise but that was evidently boy’s mother who appeared suddenly to take him out of sinful way.

Tramp happily seized a rare opportunity to appeal when Big Businessman sat down into a big car.
-- Excuse me, sir, I divert you of your concerns. You surely have oodles of money. Are you ready to support even if launching of necessary actions to better our future?
-- Ours?! I always think of mine, and let other think of theirs!
Tramp wanted to explain how bright prospects are opened for each businessman who takes responsibility for humanity’s fate, but his interlocutor’s driver made already a move.

-- What do you complain about? – asks Doctor when Tramp sat down near him.
-- I complain about forgetfulness, stupidity, and before all about inability to concentrate upon something important.
-- For your age, it’s quite normal. Here is a recipe for you. (Started writing).
-- Why at this my age?! No, doctor, I do mean the very symptoms but only those of social diseases! Social pathology, you might be known with it.
-- Don’t play me tricks! I treat human organisms, not human communities! Be so kind to free place for the next!

Candidate to Get the President finished his speech and, followed with applauses, went down of the tribune. Tramp with hardness pushed apart voters to come to him nearer.
-- May I ask, sir, for us to meet soon? I have drastic changes to propose for your electoral program.
-- Sorry, what you about?
-- Hearing you I realize you want to be exclusively a national leader.
-- Of course, how may be otherwise?!
-- It may be so if you include in your program sub-program of responsibility for all the planet. Global crisis make us…
-- Maybe you are right, but I can’t disappoint voters wishing to support me such as I am. At that, my electoral staff would give me change nothing in the program. Good by! Vote correctly!

Long else had Tramp roamed around to get a support for his thoughts. He met with Singer (she sang him at parting “Forget for ever public troubles / To have always a lot of fun!”), with Student (“Yea, the end of the world, science-fictions and fantasy, a normal subject, but a little boring”), with Philosopher (“You are right, existential problems are of transcendent interest, though scarcely exclusive”), with Teacher (“Right, I see my pupils prepare the future, but I live at present to be overloaded with pressing school tasks!”), with Politologue (“Agreed, but there is a little chance to infect my clients with any civilization security. Anyone to be infected will be reminded at once about to be real politician!”), with Journalist (“An interview I maybe did with you -- if, of course, you are well titled… what is dubiously”).

Then -- a lucky case! -- it was a farm where Tramp found himself. Farmer, an elderly guy also, appeared good owner, but had no objection to be diverted by talks. They couldn’t talk themselves out. In result, a consensus was reached on some questions: on a new mission of intelligent people at the global crisis time; on the human footprint being too weigh for animals and plants; on how to cope with common human stupidity; on the civilization, a kind of enormous super-organism, what is “headless” as having no similar to the super-brain; even on how that Humankind might be well turned to a better life, not a worse as now. The future was almost in their hands…

These two gentlemen were as well unanimous in the role of the elderly what as they themselves might take a responsibility for human race future -- true having from that future nearest years only. The younger people to be working are so occupied always, and they may hardly be taken into consideration, as the part-time is not at all for global issues.

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