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A global Guardian question answered 

The question answered by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou, was: What role social media should play in development?

Journalists of social media can and should now play in social development essentially more significant role -- after having realized which almost not ploughed TOPICAL areas there are for them to highlight.

I see their participation in renewed variant – in cooperation with NGOs, mostly international (INGOs). Owing to membership in them journalists get additional possibility to have information causes to highlight any new social initiatives and project proposals, to be themselves initiators of something supported by NGOs/INGOs, to get scientific consultation by and co-authorship with scientific experts of their organizations, etc. In additional, they might be promoters of reorganization of INGOs “blessed by the Nature”[4].

Now I ask you: do you thinking you are living in Human Civilization? Yeah, in any sense so, but if to define on the featured property, ours is SPT Civilization[5], where SPT, or Shortage of Panoramic Thinking [6], is the Root Cause of All Human Calamities [1], past, present, and forthcoming ones. “Forthcoming” here is about catastrophes, not excluding global.

The human Reason to have appeared capable to create the mighty civilization seems to appear incapable to cope with own mental imperfectness[2]. Looking intently at the world we live in, we can make certain of it, because signs of SPT are really remarkable everywhere [10], even in normative language constructions[11].

Now you have here the full ground to ask: “How it may be that ROOT CAUSE was remarked until now?” I answer: people didn’t only see this root in pre-historical evolution circumstances because of each of us and all people in whole deal with SPT daily. Moreover, all the human history may be seen as a history of overcoming SPT “for to widen the mind”, as people are studying and creating, teaching and learning, inventing and innovating, and each of us is gaining life experience until alive. Of especial interest is interrelation between SPT and humor. Evolution analysis gives the inference: all human humor is nothing but any game with overcoming SPT, i.e. “as-if overcoming”.[16]

The question is how to avoid coming catastrophes and launch radical overcoming of SPT, i.e. to have done civilization development secure and progressive [7], to discover new knowledge of great significance [20] being only admissible for panoramic thinkers, to work out strategy of civilization development[14] and to begin intentional evolution of human race at social level -- as the individual (genetic) human evolution has reached a deadlock [6].

There are as well other topical subjects of interest for those who are aimed to highlight new subjects and events. E.g. about what horizons will be open before your mind being able to hold adequate intellectual load, in place of “the not burdened conveying all about” what is customary for the majority.[2]

Being together with your INGOs you get possibility to partake in “fixing” the UN that itself fells necessary to change to the better.[4, 3]

Seeing inclination of the world to climb down ethically, you may be interested in interreligious dialogue-cooperation for it to promote and/or highlight.[13] Your interest may be heated by arguments that only Homo Sapiens Ethicus has a chance to survive.[8]

Having a sureness that only collective mind of global scale may get a right to govern the world [9], that human planetary responsibility [15] is necessary stage of teaching children, students, adults etc. up to Prime-Ministers and Presidents, you get once and again “your subjects” to articulate.

Having a psychological interest connected with the global problematic, you will get a pleasure to foresee “repulsion” from the very ideas of SPT [6] as a general human feature and find remedies to cope with it ignoring.

I believe that just social journalists, as the very mentally mobile, can move ahead the present stagnant development of the world. If my participation wanted I’m ready to.

Look at the below please for you to be more familiar with this exclusive problematique:

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2. Human stupidity is cognizable;
3. How us to fix the UN?;
4. Nature’s recommendations for international institutions;
The time to realize: ours is SPT civilization:
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8. Ethic panorama of the thinking;
9. Urgent Creation of the All-World Intellectual Web Resource;
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11. Linguistic objects of critical attention;
12. Omissions of the civilization, how to light upon and fill in them;
13. A proposal for Elijah Interfaith Institute
14. Don't give Humankind to get self-fooled! A Path to Sustainable Development does exist
15. Human Planetary Responsibility;
16. Secret of humor from depths of the evolution

Proposed by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou, Representative at the DPI/UN
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