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Stanislaw Jerzy Lec as a Thinker of 21st Century  

As if interview granted by Stanislaw Lec

“The uncombed thoughts” written by Stanislaw give a new cause to be amazed. How might the writer of the last century (he died in 1966) so laconically, metaphorically and wittily to express the very essence of the modern global crisis?!

It was as an insight: if there is a wise man, our contemporary on the manner of thinking, it means he may be interviewed! My task then is only to put appropriate questions to his answers given in middle of 20th century.

As a former journalist (1992—2002), I used “to better” (in parenthesis and without) what was said by an interviewed, and here I could not resist at temptation to be self-willed. My justification is that all have been done to keep to form of interview, the essence what was said by Lec nowhere was distorted.

-- Pan Stanislaw, how do you differ optimism and pessimism?
-- On dates called when the end of the world will happen.

-- Well, you seem to be a pessimist in the end?
-- How otherwise if what is our Earth as not the point under the question sign? Though I am sure that humanism will live the human race through.

-- Much is told now about overpopulation of the planet…
-- Having skill of thinking higher, the increase of the population would be lower.

-- It’d be interesting to know your attitude to the pop-culture.
-- It was hardly worth to build so much shelters for mental poverty…

-- Not too talented people used to have the inferiority complex because of it…
-- Let have a sureness that any moment of realizing their talentlessness is just a sign of greatness.

-- People when they behave with brutality are compared with animals…
-- No reason. Had only an animal killed with premeditation, it’d be the human reflex.

-- You remarked once that people like such thoughts what do not induce to thinking.
-- How may be otherwise if production of the thoughts do not keep with human reproduction up?

-- What do you think about the human ability to foresee the future?
-- Very few people guessed in the 19th century that the 20th one should come…

-- The progress is coming but people all time clutch at traditions. Why?
-- Maybe because of that any tradition is a hereditary nobleness of the plagiarism.

-- People complain because of being tied with a heap of duties…
-- Let console themselves: the life make much do voluntarily.

-- The Human was invented by the evolution. And at present, does he evolve further?
-- Since times when the Human had been invented he was perfected only with prostheses. True, any future Darvins maybe will go ahead with the thesis that highly developed beings (which those belong to) have arisen from any people.

-- Why it is so hard to move the world to a better future?
-- Because people have the belated reflex as understanding usually in next generations only.

-- Homo Sapiens species appeared owing to the Reason. Well, maybe it is just our rescuer from future global calamities?
-- Maybe, but not earlier then a rocket of the thought will be launched abroad the Reason.

-- What you yourself would like to ask 21st century people?
-- Does definition “the Human is thinking” contain a compliment for humanity?

This as-if-interview is done to express my gratitude to the author of “uncombed thoughts” to be read in 1960s and taken as a part in setting my worldview up.

As for very cruel Lec thought “Sometimes devil tempts me to believe in God”, it is commented separately in Stanislaw Lec: Far not all have resisted


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