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Vladimir N. Tretyakova

[a]Web Institute of Intellectual Technologies
by ISPU “International Academy of Information Technologies",
Minsk, Belarus.

The term Mentallion is to express undestroyed linkage of human mentality with its animal origin (contaminating MENTALity and LION).

Elucidating the all-human subjectivism of scientific cognition [3.1], together with studying a new approach to evolutionary correlates of human cognitive abilities [3.6], admitted to elaborate and present Mentallion [3.9] as a theoretical base of psychology and cognitive science.

1. The main principle of the life on Earth to have been emerged in result of eliminating evolutionary selection is the all-biological principle of tolerance (ABPT) – Nature is tolerant to differences [3.1, 3.10] – as expressing evident fact of the life manifold.

2. ABPT appears to be inbuilt into the science naturally as being in concordance with Ch. Darwin’s principles of Heredity, Variability, Natural Selection and N.V. Timofeyev-Ressovsky’s principle of Convariant Reduplication [3.10].

3. For higher animals, Homo sapiens including, ABPT at psychical level reveals itself as the cognitive principle of tolerance (CPT); in concordance with it, the tolerance to differences is conveying always, unconsciously (in animals) and also consciously (in humans), all psychical processes [3.1, 3.6, 3.10].

4. Biological sense of CPT is seen in Nature’s compromise decision to allow for animals living in conditions of the eliminating evolution when their mind must near-dominantly react to extreme situations.

5. Because of this, the narrow volume of attention, being for animals an advantage in wild nature, for people, living under civilization protection, is already a defect [3.1], the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT). To overcome SPT seriously, that is science, inventiveness, creativeness along the life; as-if to overcome it, that is for pleasure of joking [3.2]).

6. SPT is ambivalent: from one hand, it is for people a stimulus to cognize, having realized in creation of the civilization; from the another hand, it is the root cause of human calamities, until realized existential meta-problem of global scale [3.4, 3.5].

7. CPT reveals itself whenever the mind is executing CTC, i.e. the cognitive tolerant capture, being the universal mechanism of the psychical activity [3.6, 3.9]. The very essential classes of CTCs presented in their categorical scheme [3.9], are CTCs objective and appraising, with subclasses conscious and unconscious for each of them.

8. The inference concerning CTIs as universal mechanisms of psychical processes to be turned into tools in while researching is grounded on the evident causation of ABPT and CPT. It is confirmed by the very logics of Nature: without CPT, Nature would have both none inter- and inner-species manifold.

9. The recent (2014) discovery of an unique zone in human prefrontal cortex having no analogue in animal mind (see at [3.6, 3.9]) permits to interpreter conscious CTCs as accomplished by people with help of this neuronal substrate.

10. As much as the principle “living nature is tolerant to differences” is all-biologic, CTP to be a consequence of ABPT [3.10] is all-psychologic one as having to do with the work of the mind both of animals and people.

11. Community between ABPT and CPT is seen as well at the included areas of their competences: owing to ABPT, that is the life begot by the evolution, with all its richness of its systematic manifold, and owing to CTIs controlled by CPT, that is human civilization created on the same planet.

12. Accomplished CTC is argued [3.9] to have its neuronal substrate being an engram saved in the memory.

13. It is showed in [3.9] that based principle of future theoretical psychology given by V.M. Allahverdov in [1] -- “Nature of psychical phenomena is simple and does not seem to be of superfluous causes”, “Psychology as a science should based on that all psychical phenomena may be rationally explained”, and “Psychical activity is inevitable consequence of the process of cognition. Its logics should be considered sufficient for explaining all phenomena and mechanisms of the process” – got concrete realization in the concept of Mentallion.

Conclusion. Ê.V. Anokhin in [2] put a task to elaborate Cognitom defined as “a full system of experience to have been formed in processes of the evolution, development and cognition”. The theses given above may be considered as a realization of this program, as Mentallion, with its CPT and CTIs, as presented in [3.9], is a conception including all manifold of phenomena connected with behavior, psyche and consciousness.

Realizing cognitive-studying possibility of Mentallion the cognitive science could be to include in its paradigm such the purpose as making for civilization survival [3.7], in particular owing to revealing scientific omissions of civilization importance to be as-if pre-existing [3.3].

Mentallion to be mastered may be apprehended as answering A. Einstein’s hidden challenge thrown by him down at cognitive scientists more than half century ago: “The most incomprehensive thing about the world is that it is comprehensible”. The world may appear to be more comprehensible owing just to a better understanding of the very compressibility.


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To be published (in Russian) in ISPU “IAIT” collection “Problems of Information Technologies’ Creation”, Moscow: TPC, 2016. #27.



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