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A new scientific direction:
recognized as such by Russian Academy of Natural History

Tretyakov Vladimir Nickolayevich
Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), IAIT Full Member,
  Director, Web resources and

Scientific direction: “Post-Evolutionary Psychiatry”

Codes of the scientific disciplines, within which this scientific direction was developed:

19.00.01 General psychology, psychology of the person, history of psychology
19.00.05 Social psychology
22.00.08 Sociology of the controlling

Short abstract of the new scientific direction:

Cognitive and psychological Mentallion conception, together with the principle of post-evolutionary human predisposition to psychical disorders forming the paradigm of renewed psychiatry, give a possibility to look newly at at the etiology of psychical disorders and work out the post-evolutionary psychiatry as a theoretical science for it to make for renewing psychiatric practice. In particular, knowing factors, that predisposition realizing, as well those, which do not give it be realized, permits to present Egogeny, i.е. own self-harming psychic influence, and show a way to Egogeny-plus, i.e. to patients’ auto-therapy instructed by psychiatrists, as well as to new methods of professional treatments and prophylaxis of psychical disorders. So, it is argued that autism of Egogenic etiology may be blocked using simple means. An attempt to classify psychical disorders, based on notions of inserted and inserting obstinations is given .

Abstracts of the three most significant publications:

1. Tretyakov V.N. POST-EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHIATRY. Armenian Journal of Psychical Health. 2017, 8(2), pp. 3--10: (in Rus.)
Cognitive and evolutionary biological Mentallion concept that together with the principle of post-evolutionary human predisposition to psychical disorders present the paradigm of renewed psychiatry, give possibility in a new manner to see the etiology of psychical disorders and develop the post-evolutionary psychiatry as a theoretical science for it to get renewing psychiatric practice. In particular, knowing factors, this predisposition realizing, as well as those ones that do not permit it to get realized, permits to describe Egogeny, one’s own negative (self-injuring) psychical influence, and show a path to Egogeny-plus, i.e. controlled by the psychiatrist one’s self-therapy of psychical disorders, as well as to new professional both prophylaxis and treatment. Autism of Egogenic etiology is argued to be stopped with simple means. An attempt to classify psychical disorders newly basing on the mechanism of interrelation between substituted and substituting obstinations is done.

2. Tretyakov V.N.. POST-EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY. Армян. Журн. Психич. Здоровья. 2017, т. 8, № 2, с. 11--17: (in Russian) The aim of the paper is to present the author’s Mentallion concept for using it as the tool for the drastic renewal of the psychiatry where so called psychical norms appear to be premorbid conditions. The multi-disciplinary method of theoretical research to be applied gives possibility to confront evolutionary correlates of the human psyche that were revealed by the author earlier, to their civilization embodiment in order to explain disagreement between animal gist of the human beings and their specifically psychological features as nearness to psychical disorders. New arguments are proposed to explain why the mechanism of the human psyche having been earlier presented, i.e. cognitive tolerant inclusion, is the only possible variant of the Nature to realize cognitive principle of tolerance for it to be the counter-partner to all-biological principle of tolerance. Explanations were given as well why the human predestination to psychical disorders, as an obstinately acting factor, predetermined not only the very mechanisms of the human psychical activity, but as well manifold of his obstinate both individual and social appearances, as well as some characteristic features of the human civilization. Relativity of psychical health as a psychical premorbid condition to be realized opens new possibilities for psychologist to be psychotherapists in area of psycho-prophylaxis.

3. TOWARDS COMING-TO-BE PSYCHIATRY AS A THEORETICAL SCIENCE. Науч. Обозрение. Фундам. и Прикл. Исслед. 2018, № 3: (in Russian). Critical opinions available about the current psychiatry are presented to demonstrate that systems crisis which this science and medical social service are going through, and to give ideas what proposals are there to go out of it. Another part of the paper is a review of author's works aiming to assist forming a theoretical ground of psychiatry. Such ground appears to be possible for building-in it owing to explication of the Principle of the human predestination to psychical disorders together with Mentallion conception taking into account evolutionary correlates of the human psyche. Such the post-evolutionary psychiatry having the Principle and Mentallion conception as the paradigm, gets possibility to operate with obstinations, inserting and inserted, and use a new etiology of psychical disorders. It is shown that essential roles in their initiation and aggravation are played by the discordance of universal instruments of the human psyche -- cognitive tolerant captures being involuntary (inherited of animal ancestors) and voluntary (specifically human ones), as well as the shortage of panoramic thinking to be predetermined by eliminating character of the evolution in animal ancestors of the human. The uttermost manifestation of such the discordance appears to be Egogeny (self-injuring influence on one's psyche). Theoretical and psychological understanding how psychical disorders arise and keep on permits to propose recommendations on their self-prophylaxis and auto-psychotherapy (Egogeny-plus) and open a perspective how to work out new on principle methods of professional both prophylaxis and psychotherapy using ideas of inserting obstinations, voluntary and involuntary ones.