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Corresponding Member, International Academy of Gerontology
Member, Armenian Psychiatric Association

Published on in Armenian Journal of Mental Health, 2018, #9(1), p. 48--50..

How to Prevent Mental Disorders and Counteract Them

Tolerant Relaxation [1] is rather simple possibility until omitted how you can help yourselves to cope with fears and anxieties as getting more distributed in the human society and aggravated because of COVID-19. The very beginning of those fears and anxieties are usually insomnia and dyssomnia, and t-relaxation is how to sleep, at first in spite of them, and then without them as having been overcome.

I have a right to say that the tools of the human psyche to be looked unsuccessfully for 2 century at least, had revealed at last in 2016 and turned out to be the same for psyche both quiet [2] and disordered [3]. Just those tools give the ground to propose this t-relaxation.

There are 2 aims of t-relaxation:
1) to master it to make for lightening anxiety and fears. 2) to do then what necessary to fall asleep.

How to reach them?

Ad 1. Lay yourselves to bed. Closing firmly your eyes, tense your muscles as strong as possible doing attempts to draw the attention to dark and light specks of your inner heterogeneous visual field. To pay attention to them is not easy that is why let your attempts be multiple. Help yourselves for this: image you are an explorer of your mind’s interior comparing one speck to another to see a difference. It’d be good to fix how much seconds you didn’t give youselves to be with no fears and anxiety… for then to make certain of that those seconds give in sum minutes.

Ad 2. Having your t-relaxation prepared you can enforce it for it to help you in falling asleep. There are some means fo this:

*) look for a moment at bright light source near your bed;
*) carry out an oxigenization of your mind: have done 10--20 intensive deep breathes;
*) screw up your eyes firmly for some seconds. And after this, return in your mental space for t-relaxation to get moving you to fall asleep. For this, pick the same speck and pay your attention only to it as long as you can.


*) By virtue of [2, 3], at the state of vigilance, any act of your attention, to be inner or outer, in your mental space is always the capture of an object for it then to be estimated in any way. If the object the same, then its capture is the same, the same is as well its estimation. So, it is already not the vigilance, as the attention as if stopped, so it may not be the vigilance already, but the sleep. The theory as if asserts: doing in such the way, you’ll fall asleep. My 45-year experience how to fall asleep of my own free will confirms this.

**) The very significant factor of the human psyche is the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT). Any anxiety or fear aggravates this shortage, and it is a cause why the reflection appears then weakened, to be insufficient to counteract hard problems, such as, for example, to live in the presence of ORVID-19. Taking t-relaxation for everyday using, you get the opportunity to have your reflection ready to help your psyche be healthy and survive with greater likelihood, even when infected with that virus.

Here are those my works that have to do with the subject presented:
1. Tretyakov V.N. Mental regulation at sleep disorders. Armen. J. of Mental Health. 2018, #9(1), p. 49--51. (in Rus., English abstract).

2. Tretyakov V.N. Theoretical Psychology: There Is a Reason for It to Really Emerge. Intern. J. Appl. & Fund. Res., 2016, #1:

3. Tretyakov V.N. Mentallion Concept for Reforming the Psychiatric Science Using the Principle of Post-Evolutionary Human Predisposition to Psychical Disorders. L. cit., 2016, #6:

P.S. For you to have more confidence to Tolerant relaxation for trying with its help to overcome your fears and anxieties and not admit them later, I should inform you that Russian Academy of Natural History recognized me a Founder of 5 new scientific directions, among them:
The Theoretical Ground of the Human’s Mental Activity:;
The Theoretical Psychiatry:;
The Only Paradigm for Psychology and Psychiatry:


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