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Unnatural order of things in the world come to light by Winfried H. Brunner

Posted as Lecture 11 for Free School for Panoramic Thinking (exising on server until April 2014; closed because of closing the server

I like his “Your Handbook for Global Leadership”, the 2nd edition of which was issued in the last year, and it is a pleasant duty for me to convey with associative remarks a chapter that as I believe is the most appropriate for our group direction. I took for this “Groupthinks?” entering in the part “Unnatural order of things”.
My replies here and farther are in blue italics.
Everything else is Winfried Brunner’s.
Well, let us read the book attentively for it to help us to liberate ourselves of blinkers narrowing and restricting our thinking.

Full text of “Your Handbook for Global Leadership” is posted here. Having at my disposal its paper copy (thanks Winfried for this!) I had possibility “images” marks  in concordance with posted them there, what must facilitate your orientation at while seeing its pdf-version.


Groupthink is the most severe problem in our society. It is a serious mental disease that has not been recognized as such. It turns members of a group into believers and followers of rituals. They believe the group is right and others are wrong. It reduces communication from the group to outsiders. In serious cases of groupthink, members use force and violence to convince nonbelievers.

All the said are manifestations of our hard evolution prehistory, an intermediate result of which got group (tribal) existence and correspondingly group manner of thinking, or groupthink, as more preferable for individual survival. Just then the division had arisen, WE (of our tribe) and ALIENS (of other tribes, and also of other species, first predatory ones). So in during of long several millennia we keep our adherence in essence to tribalthink. Being aware of it, people might be more self-critical in thinking and actions, and world possibly would be better.   

Groupthink leads to narrow-minded routines and rituals suppressing true human intelligence.

When groupthink is increasing reality perception diminishes
The more groupthink is increasing the more reality is slipping away from the groupthinker's vision. Reality gets replaced by beliefs. Beliefs need to be defended against outsider opinion who look at reality from a different perspective.

The important fact is that most individuals are not aware that they suffer from groupthink.

Really, the awareness, if arisen, at once vanishes, for example, when one fan of a baseball team meets another fan of the same team. There is then a cause for them to be joyful, not suffering.

And they certainly don't realize that they are trapped under lies. Every day governments and other institutions of believers spend large amounts of assets to protect and promote their groupthink. The waste of resources and the destruction in this regard are immense.

To solve the problem of groupthink we have to show believers reality: the reality of their own groupthink in relation to humanity and planet Earth, and the reality of the interrelatedness of all entities of this planet.

Global repositioning is vital to understand humanity and this planet. Mental repositioning is vital to view your groupthink from different perspectives and break out of it.

Two beautiful new terms, global and mental repositioning! My term of similar content, overcoming the shortage of panoramic thinking, is obviously cumbersome, and I would agree to use better Winfried’s “mental repositioning” if “overcoming SPT” were not used in my writings already so much.

Image: Groupthink results in profound helplessness to deal with reality

Groupthink has erected many male dominated civilization structures around this planet during the last millenniums. Those structures are incompatible and have the tendency to fight each other. Those structures are like time machines, not to travel in time but to stand still in time. They violate the first and second law of the universe: (1 change), (2 nothing can turn back time). They also violate the first law of life: (1 growth), by cutting down on life. Those structures give life a hard time. In history, such civilizations have grown deserts instead of life. People, who are good, have to obey the bad 'man made' laws and rituals of those structures, initiating violent, exploitative activity against each other and the planet.

It will be the destiny of females to change those abhorrent structures that have been made by male groupthink.

Females have a much better relationship with nourishment, whereas males have a better relationship with violence. Females will be the driving forces of Global Leadership. Females are able to make decisions and initiate activities that are closer to nourishment than violence. Dominant and violent males have to surrender to this force of love and nourishment, lay down their arms and follow suit. The result will be a productivity increase within humanity. Every task that cannot be done with violence and competition today by our obsolete civilization structures, can be accomplished with nourishment and cooperation through new leadership tomorrow.

Optimistic point of view has of course a right to be presented. Here however is a proper an occasion to reminding different males’ and females’ roles in those prehistoric tribes. Men were for getting food, arranging and defending residential territories, for investigating and conquering of new areas; women were for giving birth to kids and upbringing them, for supporting residential zones. Because of those different roles, with few changes remaining up to nowadays, there is always dilemma for women: to be for the family or for the society, as to combine that and this is possible but hardly. Usually the dilemma is solved them in favor of the first alternative, so it will be hard for rest “the second alternative” women to be in global leadership able to compete with men having no such the dilemma.   

Civilizations violating natural laws perish. Only civilizations that live to the laws of the larger entities and integrate themselves into the biosphere can survive. Any civilization that is based on violence will die from this violence in the end.

To remove your own groupthink, open all your sensors, dig for the truth and reposition yourself during that process.

Large amounts of silicon are amassed to worship the gods of greed.

Some of the many monuments made by civilizations over millennia: Cheops pyramid Egipt, Colosseum Rome, Winsdorf castle, Dubai skyline.

Any new point of view has to be of interest for us as able to widen our prospect. Really the named are not only tombstone of the culture.

Characteristics of civilizations

1 development of groupthink;
2 coordination of activities;
3 building of monuments;
4 destruction of environment;
5 loss of credibility;
6 disintegration.

Any civilization that is based on violence will die this violence in the end.

High priests*) of modern civilization have one taboo; they never admit that their culture of violence and greed destroys this planet.
Footnote: *) High priests = officials who administer societies and civilizations by maintaining the population in a blasphemous frame of mind.

VIOLENCE = massive weapon arsenals = "do what I say or I make you feel miserable".
GREED = capitalistic economic system (Invisible Hand) = "be my slave!"

Civilizations allow a large number of humans not only to live together, coordinate activities and increase wellbeing for all members, but civilizations must be also conductive to evolve to higher levels of existence.

Gods and laws have been created by humans*) to guide and coordinate activities in a structured form, easy to follow for smaller populations. Coordinated human activities result in increased wellbeing of the group. Then, as soon as an activity coordinating system produces benefits, members start to worship it. This worshiping turns into a ritual. Strangely, this ritual is still followed even when the activity coordination system does not produce benefits anymore. Some even follow it until they are destroyed by its negative implications.

*) My considerations how and why it had been done see in Coauthoring with Voltaire.

Why do high priests devolve into a delirium to perpetuate obsolete rituals and rules?

No rules are written in stone, only dominators want to make you believe so.

Image: Don't follow rituals follow your heart

  If you follow ancient rules and rituals along society structures, like an ant follows its predetermined patterns in its anthill, you and humanity devolves back to an animal level.

The human brain evolved to its present capacity to be utilized – not to be switched off by following rituals.

  The human brain evolved to its present capacity to be utilized – not to be switched off by following rituals

Are we really rational, when we support modern rituals and maintain taboos enforced by etiquette? We know we do something wrong to the outside world but we are not allowed to talk about the reasons, because our wrongdoing nurtures our group. We push it into our unconscious mind and never let it escape from there. If others confront us, we can easily get angry. Any attack on the taboo is declared as blasphemy, treason or unscientific to get it off the agenda. Within the servile mind-frame we are prevented from speaking up against the perpetrators on the top. It allows the dominator to legitimately censor communication and foster superstition.

Drastic increase of superstition within societies took a heavy toll on humanity's peaceful evolution because of the impossibility to prove one bogus belief system against the other without using violence. But like all unfit physical species, unfit mental constructs will become extinct too. Violent ferocious entities based on competition usually dig their own graves they are self-destructive.

It is a weakly realized circumstance among people that “unfit mental constructs” are explained by the specific character of the human evolution, with its long period of group (tribal) existence. To live in a group meant to get slackened the pressure of eliminating selection, and some millennia ago, when the human race got to augment its numbers, even to stop it by the reason at all. For this species the group selection appeared to be good (social inherence arisen) and evil (remained us under-fit by the reason in the modern, much more complex world).

  Some humans gave their responsibility to a god that does not exist and subsequently deny responsibility to Earth that does exist. Why should people who hallucinate about nonexistent gods have their say in ruling our planet, especially by making rules given from this nonexistent entity? Are we guided by insanity?

God exists only in the imagination of people – nowhere else!

Today god is characteristic of love, but for ancient societies god was the ultimate authority figure above parents elders and rulers. To easier coordinate activities in early societies those who led invented the plausible lie of an overriding authority to intensify their control by creating a focus object that endures time. Later on, high priests of civilizations instituted this lie into truth and prophets, as well as followers began to hallucinate about non-existing entities. Leaders have been able for eons to turn lies into “The Truth” when there was a need for it. The mind-imprisonment done in the name of god has been devastating to humanity.

Winfried, I like your sharp manner of expressing, as well as I am share your thoughts. But I imagine how believers read these lines… They will hardly have read to the end. As there are 80-90% of believers in the world, how to be then with the global leadership?

Superman = God?

Do you believe Superman exists? Do you believe God exists?

Both entities have been created by human story tellers. Both stories were invented for selfish reasons. Throughout history until now, people made up stories to impress their audience. Story telling and story writing is part of human nature. Such stories have been with us since shamans explained the world to their tribes. Is the biblical story any more plausible than the story of Superman? Certainly not, both break the laws of physics and don't conform to scientific reasoning. Therefore such stories should be mainly seen as entertainment to amuse and impress people. Only the foolish fall pray to lies.

Being under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of god is the same thing both reduce your intellect and rationality.

The highpriests of postmodern civilization religiously defend superstition over reason and proven reality. How do they create poverty? First they stash more and more profits into the wealth balloon which results in unproductive activities to rearrange wealth from the poor to the rich. The poor are stripped of their natural right to access natural resources because private property of the elite trespasses this planet everywhere. And second, they invest in unproductive activities to protect the wealth balloon. Those activities would be more wisely spent to produce benefits for all humans. But the elitist high-priests, suffering from mental disabilities, staunchly defend their greed. Their disability prevents them from clearly seeing reality so they act in a dangerous vacuum of reason.

Humans believe in gods, nations and capitalism, which are all creations of a caged-in mind. As soon as the people realize the difference between reality and false imagination the problems with groupthink will disappear.

At one it is needed for people to realize, doing their evaluations and estimations to reveal the difference that it is Francis Bacon’s Idol of Human Race what is always near to us: “Believe in truth of preferable! Do not believe in the truth of unwished!” Alas, it used to be persuading.
Only one fact for an illustration: it is known that a dictator used to be loved by important, if not the most, part of the society. Moreover, it is not excluded that for people to distinguish the difference something else needs. I mean here to have the mentality essentially changed. See about it my last annotation at the end.  

Only societies based on provable reality to all members can evolve to higher levels of existence. Societies based on superstition and lies will not work indefinitely and cannot survive. There will always be new members who don't worship obsolete belief systems and doctrines, making the categorization and suppression of nonbelievers and deviants a necessity. This starts a cycle of destruction within society until it finally decays under increasing violence. The degree of violence used within societies determines its length of survival. Extreme violence like in Hitler's Germany makes society structures very short-lived.

Subtle violence that the Roman and British Empire used could endure centuries. Increasing violence in the U.S. indicates imminent society disintegration there.

The last prognosis is has something in common with a great cybernetic scientist Stafford Beer’s inference: “Socialism gave out its positions, for capitalism, it is in prospect” (I cite doing back translation from Russian; maybe who knows original dictum?)

We have not evolved much from ancient civilizations. Sacrificing humans is still widely practiced today by the high priests of modern society. War is the name of the game.

Wars to kill with weapons and trade-wars to maim populations are approved by all politicians. Those violent rituals perpetuate itself through media and government. Governments have legitimized human sacrifice and the media portrays this sacrifice as 'normal', even as heroic! We can look at it from the perspective of a living organism and come to the conclusion that the cancer needs to be protected from the immune system so it can grow in safety. Freedom and security of the cancer needs to be assured so it can overpower its host.

What a beautiful metaphor and all paragraph!

It is about time to make governments and mainstream media accountable for that. Both parties need to be questioned why they perpetuate violence and murder. The problem is: government and media are driven by insane high priests who suffer from groupthink. There is something strange and undesirable going on here when we look at it from the mental perspective.

The have seen something “from the mental perspective” it is as if to look at something customary quite renewed glance. It’s very hard and rare success. My unexpected association the said above is another success shown by Alexander Vertinsky:
“I drink very bitter beer
And smile in depth of my soul,
How seldom heard happy airs
In our Earthen overgrown!”
(Sorry my not rhymed translation).

Why do the professionals, who are responsible for mental health, not recognize the severity of collective mental disorder which results in violence and killing sprees? Why do professionals depict some humans who murder as normal? Should they not have the obligation to classify murder as abnormal or insane?

Ad hoc Stanislaw Jerzy Lec’s an “unbrushed thought”:
“People has belated reflex: they understand in next generations”.

Coercing cultures into contradictory groupthink patterns is the main reason why humans have so much violence on this planet now. Not much progress has been made by mental health professionals to find a cure for this abhorrent problem.

But of course, in a society that overflows with violence and destruction, mental health professionals see it in many instances as 'normal' to act violent and destructive. We have not seen that those professionals use a concerted effort to diagnose and cure violent governments. They waste their time to fiddle around with benign individuals but blatantly ignore the big problem of collective insanity. Why? Is it because those who are supposed to rid society of mental disabilities suffer from a mental disability themselves? Is it possible that a mentally disabled person can discover and cure his own disability?

When we look at this violence from/aPedagogy of the highest efficiencyVerdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif Well, let us read the book attentively for it to help us to liberate ourselves of blinkers narrowing and restricting our thinking. humanity's perspective, not from the perspective of a horde made up by greedy baboons, we realize that this collective insanity needs to be professionally treated by psychologists. Why aren't government folks checked by mental health professionals before they get too ill and go on killing sprees?

I dare to presume that these questions put by Winfried show almost definitely that he is quite ready to deal with the root cause of all these manifestations of absurdity and inner contradictoriness of human civilization, said out and others, what might be said out, of this “unnatural order of the things”. These were symptoms of civilization illnesses that he described so brightly; for it to treat, a diagnosis is needed to be posted. My diagnosis is: imperfectness of human mentality. As for more in detail, see please my conclusive annotation.

Do you believe in a god?

Do you believe in money?
Do you believe in your country?
Do you believe your environment is okay?
Do you believe you have to prove your point by force?
Do you believe you are in a helpless situation?
Do you believe governments can keep poor people forever within national boundaries like domesticated animals?

If you answer all those The human brain evolved to its present capacity to be utilized p Do you believe you have to prove your point by force?questions with no you are ready to participate in Global Leadership. You know it is the right way.

If you answer one of those questions with yes, you are a believer influenced by groupthink, conforming to certain rituals. You may believe global leadership is not for you.

If you answer many questions with yes, you need to spend much effort in future to disentangle yourself from groupthink. You believe global leadership will not succeed. You trust in the superiority or separation of your group.

The majority of people are attached to some sort of groupthink very few have worked their way out of those groupthink constraints. Most are unaware of it. No matter where you are on the planet a particular group has you in their grip. All of those group directives, that divide you against other humans, against life, or against the planet we live on, are based on superstition.

All groupthink individuals have a loss of responsibility. For their decision-making they rely on their group, governments or imagined entities like gods or an Invisible Hand.

In framework of Erich Fromm doctrine of the humane ethics the loss of responsibility is associated with “to be guided by the authoritative ethics”.

Subsequently, they never take their own responsibility seriously and let powerful institutions decide for them.

Indoctrinated humans suffering from groupthink need time to overcome their taboo.
“Suffering”, it is a glance on a side

They are not aware that they are affected because the group makes the deficiency disappear into the subconscious mind. Groupthink is not based on any physical deficiencies of the brain, it is an information disease that can’t be treated with drugs.

Physical deficiencies of the brain, it is ok, but what about physiological, more exactly neuro-physiological ones fixed in human genes? So, in any sense groupthink is genetic disease! Though, no wonder if the modern human genome is in 98% common with chimpanzee’s.

Once you are out of the cage you can easily understand and accept what people are communicating to you. Cages distort communication and prevent understanding. Outside you consider all humans as equal (you accept neither masters nor slaves) and you love life in general. You gradually can identify more and more irrational socioeconomic belief systems and society structures that produce global inequality, masters and slaves, dominators and submissives.

But look at existing power brokers and rulers who are unaware that they suffer severely from groupthink. They are not able to guide humanity towards increased wellbeing because they enforce pecking orders and thrive on submissive people. They cowardly sit behind their huge arsenals of weapons, terrorizing the global population with their selfishness. They are a product of our civilization structures that mandate to keep peoples’ mind in cages.

A combination of spiritual disease, political brainwash and power-drunkenness is a fatal mixture for high priests on top that spells evil and affects most rulers.

? The ancient spiritual disease makes them squirt violence against life.

? Political brainwash and groupthink puts them in a mental cage from where they are not allowed to escape.

? Power-drunkenness blurs their senses, decreases their sensitivity, increases their blind spot and makes it easier for them to associate with each other at their orgies.

? Institutionalizing of taboos makes this system unquestionable.

Only very few administrators have the power to keep their integrity. No matter who ends up on top, none of them has the will to change the corrupt system that gives so much gratification to the elite once they are in the ruler clique. Whoever dares to break out of the groupthink and disobey this evil empire is silenced with bribes or violence. Humanity has been plagued by this problem for millennia. Many people throughout history have wondered: “is this avoidable?” Now people ask: “will we ever have peace, or will violent forces unleashed by rulers make this planet unsafe indefinitely?”

There is an easy and simple answer to that: as long as people accept primitive domination-submission relationships between humans, corrupt deceptive systems of oppression will flourish within humanity; institutions will continue to squirt massive amounts of structural violence into the global population to defend their dominating role. (If you submit to those dominating systems you will be left with no decision making power). However, once people realize that pecking order and dominators are the root of evil, they will opt for equality and relocate authority from remote leaders back into the population.

Domination-submission relationships are characteristic of all fauna and that is why may be considered as a basic ordering of the life. I grasp then Winfried’s thought that that an accent has to be done on adjective “primitive”. It’s just so, because behavior sciences give a ground to think that these relationships in human societies are more primitive than even in higher animals’. There, these relations are more conditioned, as more fit conditions of their existence. I dare to claim here that I can explain why human aggressiveness is the most amongst the higher animals. To know “why”, one can know “what to do”.

When kids get caged

Your kids can become cleverer than any person in history because kids have better access to information than ever before. You only have to make sure that their mind develops freely. Explain present mental cages to your kids to protect their mind frombeing caged in. If they understand what mental cages are, they avoid being caught in them. Kids, once they have grown up, can much better look after you and the world if they are not caged-in.

If you truly love your kids, you let them free, you do not coerce them into particular society structures that have been imposed on you. Although in some cases this might appear impossible, especially when extended family, peers and society work together to enforce historic lies as present truth.

When repressed kids spend valuable time dealing with this coercion, they have less time available to increase their wellbeing and intelligence. Never program your kid’s brains with lies. Let them see untwisted reality instead of made-up fairy tales. The foundation to a life of lies is laid at an early stage. Kids who are based on such foundations develop into people who thrive on lies and shun reality. They escape into a dream world instead of taking responsibility for the real world.

Image: Do kids have to be enshrined into obsolete and harmful belief systems?

Our kids can make their own decisions. We don’t need to interfere too much as adults. We just have to guide them in favor of love against violence; in favor of truth against lies and superstition. In that way, once they are about five years old, they easily find their own way. Below that age, we just need to love them and give them what they need. Obviously, you have to make sure their nourishment is complete with: love, food and information. Coercing and training them into ‘desirable’ groupthink patterns is damaging to them and future society. Only nonviolent conflict resolution makes them grow into healthy spiritual beings.

Instinctively, kids that are malnourished criticize, complain or whine to their parents. Parents bringing ‘order’ into complaining kids by applying structural violence destroy the natural free will of their children. Don’t throw the first stone by bringing ‘order’ into your kids. Analyze your own shortcomings first. Are all their needs satisfied?

? Do they get enough love and no violence?
? Do they get enough fresh food instead of commercially destroyed food?
? Do they get only true information or is their mind growing on pleasant lies and fairy tales?

If you know there are deficiencies with their nourishment be forgiving with their challenging behavior because it’s not their fault. Malnourishment causes undesirable behavioral changes in young humans. If you have thrown many stones already, you are obliged to collect them all from their damaged minds.
Ask a psychologist how to remove the stones if it's beyond your capabilities. If you don’t care and leave them there, your children will use those stones later and throw them at other people. So think about it, it’s your responsibility that no one gets hurt.

Cages are religious, governmental and commercial rituals that force people to conform by means of violence, coercion and money-slavery against their will and their individual intelligence. A cage is a culture, society framework, socioeconomic structure that executes meta control instructions on the brain function of individuals. Humans caught in mental cages act according to clichés. They do not act like natural human beings, they rather act like a puppet on a string. Whatever cliché or groupthink they adhere to pulls the strings. Within their group, the cages are hardwired together. Insiders do not find anything wrong with that; outsiders think they act strange, irrational and inhumane. Insiders become aggressive if their group is criticized by outsiders.

Scientific self analysis of religion is taboo. Scientific government is out of the question. Commerce shapes science in its own interest.

Really, any faith self analysis is impossible thing, as an apostasy. Btw, it is one of causes why the Year of the Dialogue of Civilizations, 2001, claimed by the UN, was a priori for nothing. Humankind is absolutely not ready to discuss what is the role of religions for the civilization, as negative variant of answer is beforehand excluded.   

Some people keep their mind in a box.

Religious people's mind is tightly squeezed into a small box while bureaucrats have more room to think. Capitalistic free market people are even less restricted. But they all run into walls that none of the three is aware of.
God says, we can't do that. The government says, you can’t do that, you have to follow the red tape! Commerce says, we can't do that, it does not make a profit. Sometimes in your life you feel you run into those walls. But those walls have doors. And the doors have keys.

  Accumulate speed, and break through the religious, national, and capitalistic superstition barrier that keeps you in cages and pulls you back into the past!

Cages worn by people increase stupidity within the population. The more the mind is squeezed into the cages the less productive and more destructive society becomes. The most detrimental cage is the capitalistic wealth extraction ritual worn by many people now. The most extensive violent groupthink in recent history was the Nazi groupthink in Germany.

Society degeneration

The cultural society framework either corrupts or improves natural instincts, daily nourishment, and our personal holistic view. A corrupt society structure prevents us from realizing our destiny. Suppressive civilization structures are more degrading than enhancing.

Image: Primary civilization:
Suppressed instincts
Natural food replaced by manmade food.

Secondary civilization:
Suppressed nourishment
Living environment replaced by dead environment.

Tertiary civilization:
Suppressed holistic view
Clean air replaced by pollution.

Ad dead environment: Wikipedia says that the rate of species human-caused extinction at present is estimated at 100 to 1000 times "background" extinction being before...

Peace on Earth comes...

when humans stand up instead of crawling!
Crawling not only gives you pain by wearing out your knee, it also makes you a disgusting, pity sight to see.

  If you throw yourself down into the dust, to kiss the dirty feet of a prophet, dictator or capitalist, you cannot open your arms to embrace humans with love and understanding.

Know your opponent!

It is important to identify what reduces your wellbeing.

After careful analysis you will find that the oppressor is not a person or people. The real ‘enemy’ is a civilization structure, ritual, organization, institution or belief system that turns its members towards antisocial behavior, and poses a threat to its environment. It promotes a domination-submission relationship, it keeps you in the past and wants you to worship it.

Image: The Liability Triad (capitalism, government and religion) protects domination-submission relationships and spikes into the population, making humanity feel uncomfortable.

Global Leadership protects the population and spikes into domination/submission relationship, making dominators feel uncomfortable.

No human makes other humans intentionally suffer; they only make others suffer when they follow rituals (groupthink), when they are intimidated (cornered) or malnourished (deficient of mental or physical nourishment). So, we have to make sure to nourish humans, keep them in peace, and never force rituals on them. If we know humans who make others suffer, we have to analyze the situation and eliminate the reason for this undesirable activity. Because that reason could drive other humans into violence too.

  The more humans are driven by dominating, violent civilization structures the more suffering we have in this world.

Those rulers who defend deadly, life-harming society structures usually turn people into scapegoats for the wrongs and misery of contemporary society.

Those defenders always point their finger on others they never point it at their own face. They use blasphemy, treason and liquidation to protect their insanity:

? You dare to denounce the prophet and god? This is blasphemy and you are in deep trouble now!

? You don't want to defend this section of Earth's surface against other humans? You are a traitor guilty of treason. We make you suffer! (And make you sing the national anthem a million times).

? You don't want to pay tribute to greed? We will liquidate you, harass you, and push you into deep poverty!

The modern savage is easy to identify
He uniformly wears a suit and tie.
A wallet has replaced his heart,
to make him only financially smart.
Besides that, he’s a stupid guy,
who doesn’t care if you live or die.

Who is the author to cry him “BRAVO!”?

Postmodern superstitious savages worship the WEM (Wealth Extraction Machinery) and their omnipotent god: the Invisible Hand (the latest activity coordination system). It recently surpassed gods and rulers as the most powerful entity for activity coordination and behavior control of humans.

  For what reasons would male humans tie themselves around their neck? Is it a sign of self destruction?
Since when have people been strangled by capitalism?

The tied up necktie around the neck was first invented to be of course a symbol of belonging to the current power clan, to governors. It is more associated, in framework of groupthink concept, with a symbol of voluntary slavery, moreover straightforwardly “tied” means “not free”.
Ritualistically causing a rush hour every day by moving into one of the many silicon blisters on Earth's surface to worship greed; receiving gratification in form of money, which has been sucked by the WEM from the global environment.

This ceremonial activity gives him superiority by taking wealth from those who do not participate in the sacred ritual. You can see the WEM in operation every day in cities around the world. It is noisy, smoky, destructive, and it dehumanizes. It has an undesirable hostility towards all forms of life. The WEM thrives on destruction. It effectively destroys the planet, the web of life, people, and the spirit of humanity.

That sweet and joyful sense of superiority is akin to the euphoria, a symptom of another psychical disease, schizophrenia. One is near to full marasmus, but an unexplained joy bursts one’s breast open. Self-identification with great and mighty persons replenishes the similarity with those who participate in the sacred rituals.

In the old days, high priests used religious rituals and ceremonies to manipulate the members of a society into a particular worship-system. Nowadays the mainstream media accomplishes this manipulation of citizens. Contemporary mainstream media collaborates to make people worship a particular socioeconomic system. Wealth is used to glorify the life of elitist high priests. Common people end up staring in awe at the spectacle of narrow-minded domination.

Many humans and living entities are killed and maimed by today’s savages. Stealth expertise obscures their destructiveness. The unsurpassed skill in remote destruction makes this savage group the most dangerous element on Earth. They send armies of soldiers and economic missionaries around the world that destroy life, natural ecological and socioeconomic systems to make Earth and its inhabitants conform to their greed. Disobedience of dominator's caging orders result in wars, embargoes and systematic covert attacks.

Are we not able to manage activities in such a way that they are not harmful to us and the environment?

Sure, we are able to guide activities to the benefit of all; we are just prevented by ‘experts’ following outdated beliefs and their own greed. They still proclaim "greed is good" as if we would not know better now.

Without doubt, individuals need to be responsive to an activity coordination system, but not to such an extend that destroys the very base they live on (cutting off the branch they’re sitting on). If people initiate direct or indirect activities to destroy their base they have to be clearly labeled as insane. This violence and destructiveness is obviously a mental disease that evolved into a spiritual disease (affecting the spirit of humanity) caused by ancient malfunctioning body or brain ‘hardware’, and needs to be cured rather sooner than later.

Medical professionals who are responsible for mental health are expected to evolve and make courageous steps forward to treat groupthink*). Curing individuals is not enough. If groups or whole societies need treatment, mental health professionals should be prepared to do so. Like physicians control epidemics, the mental health system needs to be able to treat sick groups and societies.

*) Sorry these “mental health professionals”, psychologists, studied till now mainly before-arranged focus-groups in the aspect of decision-making. Such grasped groupthink notion as presented by Winfried was out of their attention.

Soon, humans will evolve from lies and superstition towards truth and enlightenment to ease the destruction and suffering on Earth. People will lose their fragmented view, their ‘us and them’, and see the world holistically.

One of your duties as a global leader is to open the mental cages where human spirits have been kept by the high priests of civilization over many millennia.

Open the door of your mental cage*)
into the world of love and understanding
with the keys of intelligence and nonviolence.
*) Commenting this given at the very end.

Love = to feel connected with all life and our planet. Understanding = to know how everything interrelates on our planet.

Once people have found the key, they will be able to open the cage and view it the first time from the outside. When they are out, their intention will grow to free others too. However, you cannot open their cage from the outside because the key is inside. You only can inform them how to find the key.

Many people removed their restrictive cages already! Why don't you come and join us?

I may presume some of those who have removed all their restrictive cages remained one, religious, for them not to be apostates. 

Today we see more free spirits than ever; it will not take long to free everyone. Once people are responsible for the real issues on this planet, they will not feel the need anymore to escape into superstition and other hallucinations. By participation in new leadership you will get back your intelligence and responsibility. You are not the playground of outdated structures and rituals anymore.

Image: Ritualistic cage wearing.

Do you want to escape from coercive society structures into the wilderness of a thriving natural humanity, where we all interact truly as equals?

Ring of Truth

The Ring of TrutVerdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif3/strongh is a model to show the effect of groupthink.

With the ring of truth we can visualize human opinion.

Each square represents the idea of a person. Different ideas result in a different angular position of the squares. You will observe a ring if there are many squares with different angular positions.

The ideas of each individual are as unique as their faces, DNA or fingerprints.

Group think attracts believers or followers of a particular doctrine. If there are too many believers, diversity suffers and the Ring of Truth does not look like a ring anymore.

The more conformity exists, the more difficult it becomes for humanity to see the truth. Today some of those unnatural conformities are:

? wearing clothes and uniforms
? male dominance (violence)
? nationalism / capitalism
? religions
? political parties
? Smoking, drinking alcohol, /font#000000font color= face=/ptaking mind altering drugs
? social Darwinism, academia

Image:  Groupthink prevents us from seeing 3font color=/pthe truth.

All of those group's activities draw many followers, believers. There are myriad of smaller groupthink patterns amongst humans that are more or less addictive and detrimental to this planet. Followers are prevented, or avoid using their intelligence to develop and voice their very own unique ideas. This turns them into mainly liabilities. The Liability Triad is to a great degree responsible for this waste of human resources.

The Liability Triad has to build the wall that protects lies higher and higher. Nevertheless, eventually it will crumble. The wall of lies to protect the Earth as center of the solar system crumbled five centuries ago. The wall that protects violence as a legitimate means to control people will crumble in a few years or decades. Those walls of ignorance will fall one after the other until we have a free and peaceful society. We all need to work towards a free, intelligent civilization where groupthink, hypocrisy and lies do not need to be defended with walls and cages.

Image: Intelligence grows! It can not be contained in a box made by dominators.

   You are doing yourself and our planet a great disservice if you let yourself be manipulated by religions, governments and commercial entities.

our world has great potential, but current leadership stupidity takes a heavy toll on humanity's prosperity.

Bright appeal! After this not surprisingly that group of Global Leadership Civilization is one of the greatest on WiserEarth. 


Groupthink relating to civilization structure is grossly overlooked and ignored. Until now, only small scale groupthink is acknowledged as a problem*). But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Different groups with different fake realities in their mind have been battling with each other throughout human history. Groupthink causes war, racism, genocide, and other destructive activities. Such disasters occur because of the groupthinker's inability to accept diversity of opinion. Global Leadership avoids groupthink by having a society made up of leaders and not followers. Leaders have to put forward their unique opinion instead of repeating someone else's carbon copy wisdom.

*) Just so!

My conclusive remarks:

1. According Wikipedia, groupthink, the notion proposed by William White (1952), is “a psychological phenomenon that occurs within groups of people”,
and researching the phenomenon in some decades went in direction of advantages and deficiencies of group behavior in connection with decision-making processes. No accident many works were published in “Journal of Behavioral Decision Making”.  

True, presenting this term, W. White wrote that it expresses “perennial failing of mankind”, the aspect being not picked up by researchers. (Perhaps, any exclusion is works presenting methods for observing the illusion of unanimity). This dangerous deficiency was seen by W.H. Brunner who presented in essence a quite new groupthink concept. That is why he put the question-mark entitling this chapter of his book.

I admit there is possibility to promote farther in the direction given by him. What about to consider as a group all the humankind? Then such the groupthink should be understood as the common mental feature being characteristic for all people and conditioned by the evolution prehistory. My name of the feature given in 1995 is shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT)*). That is why we may say that all manifestations of the group think so brightly presented in the chapter had grown from that common root, SPT.

2. Characteristic feature of the SPT reveals is that these are not remarked and may be unremarked by millions of people in some decades or even centuries. To demonstrate it the best is a language with its fixed lexical norms. I have gathered some tens of “language viruses” unnoticed in Russian. I mean here lexical norms fixed in dictionaries, that being juxtaposing one near others, appear incompatible. English is not my native language, but sureness that it contains “viruses” as well admits me to dare presenting one of them.

Let’s confront some lexical norms:

We close the mouth with lips, the eyes with eyelids. Why then we say “close the door!” if we do not want to close the door with any roulette, but want simply close any room, lodging, apartment with the door? Following such the logics we should say then “close your lips!” and “close eyelids!”
As you can see, it is the same history with open the door/windows/gates as there is no compatibility with open mouth/eyes.

The history of the same absurdity with open/close in Russian went since early 20th century. After the said it is astonishingly that there was a modern Russian writer, Serghey Dovlatov, who not once wrote in his work close/open the door/the windows! The sense of the language made him look for other variants.
Let’s mark: absurdities realized are to diversify our intercourse, these are quite admitted and even wished. E.g., “I entirely lost my head”, “100 years don’t see you”, “I wish the earth swallows me”, etc. On the contrary, being not realized, defective lexemes distort our thinking, impending us coming to correct inferences.

Let’s mark: absurdities realized are to diversify our intercourse, these are quite admitted and even wished. E.g., “I entirely lost my head”, “100 years don’t see you”, “I wish the earth swallows me”, etc. On the contrary, being not realized, defective lexemes distort our thinking, impending us coming to correct inferences.
*) Published in Russian under the title A Criminal Prognosis: narrow-mindedness.


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rdquo; as well admits me to dare presenting one of them. left