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Let’s Launch Discovering Until Realized Resources for All-Civilization Development

By Dr. Vladimir TRETYAKOV,
Representative at DPI/UN powered by ISPU "IAIT"

Sent to Executive Committee of the UN Department of Public Information for DPI experts to be famialized.

This is to argue that global problems to be in more and more threatening way hanging over Humankind [1] may be interpreted as the only existential meta-problem [2.3], what permits to indicate where a leverage of systemic change should be applied and what should be its technologic design [2.4]. This existential meta-problem may only be evolution-stipulated backwardness of human mentality [2.7, 2.14].

Why civilization resources are named here? Because these do as if pre-exist in sense of real possibility to discover omissions of civilization [2.1], and the cause to seek for them is that these being discovered may drastically raise humankind’s ability to cope with global problems [2.3, 2.4]. The very main civilization omission is that we are not-realizing that ours is SPT civilization [2.6] where SPT is Shortage of Panoramic Thinking, a kind of dangerous narrow specialization of human mentality [2.14]. Its evolution origin [2.7] and features existing at present [2.8] having been realized and used for goals of education might give people mighty tools for development, even for proceeding the evolution of human race. But paradoxically, this SPT as being a faculty self-proving itself (just so!) is until realized because of it, in spite of SPT signs seen everywhere. [2.9]

William James, all-known American psychologist, had got a century ago a conceptual vision of the consciousness as a little island amongst the ocean of unconscious. This is very near to SPT idea. Moreover, there are even arguments to assert that whole human science is because of it backward, as having not overcome its evolution-gained earthly subjectivity [2.7] and mental social-psychological “bugs” [2.8].

W. James had as well a kind of an insight when said: “The power to move the world is in your unconscious mind.” There are arguments making think that these both vision and forecast being until now not quite understood may serve, at corresponding their interpretation, a guide for us to get nearer to those hidden civilization resources for further them to use [2.6]. At that “your unconscious mind” is that of each of those who concerned about remote future of humankind.

How to be such concerned effective thinker? Let there be two people, one is prepared to discover something sudden, whereas another not. [2.5] What is a difference between them? We have ground to think that the prepared has good ordered subconscious mind whereas that unprepared is far of this. If to use James metaphor, both have their “islands of consciousness” floating in "the ocean of unconscious" but the prepared have around his "island" a remarkable, well-ordered "ring" of subconscious mind. In other words, the last to have owned his effectively widened consciousness gets prepared to more combine and juxtaposing notions and concepts to create a new knowledge. Additional ability to deal with such hard problems as global ones is given those who master using newly proposed idea how to be ambiguous tolerant and to put in order effective field of consciousness with using tolerant inclusion approach [2.2]. At that, if you are able additionally to be self-critical to see those factors [2.7, 2.8] distorting your thinking – you are panoramic thinker.

All should be moved into action for leverage of systemic change to be adequate by information complexity to that of the existential meta-problem. [2.3] Human civilization had been created in 15 millennia or so, it has gained enormous inertia to move as it moves, and changing direction of its movement even on one angular second is the hardest task. That is why for us to have a chance to cope with existential meta-problem of human civilization all possible proposals should be moved into action.

Here is a little list of these actions.

-To launch creating World-Wide Intellectual Web-Resource [2.16] to discuss and solve, first, which conceptions of educational programs should be worked out for different countries and what should be their common base; second, which principles should be inserted into the worked-out strategies and how to determine the best of them to promote for sake of all living;

-For WWIWR panoramic thinkers to have more peaceful time to unite themselves and work cooperatively, there is another affair to solve what ethical code [2.11] have to have humankind. It’s not simple problem. Socrates said once: “The highest wisdom is discerning good and evil”. Moreover there are different religions, and this “otherness” of one for others is dangerous [2.13], as “clash of civilizations” is yet going. The Fathers of the Church might be render this service for all people, not only for believers, as moral principles of different religions are near.

-The same idea –to gain a time- might be guiding at creating multi-language web resource to tell about cases of unhappiness and to get advices how to cope with them, proposal “how to get happy” would be welcome without doubt as well [2.21].

-“Gangs of rights flaw from Himalayas of responsibility”, noticed once Gandhi. Human Planetary Responsibility having adopted as a subject of the international law on a level with Human Rights [2.10] would gave better base for the very right’s observance. Including the right to be taught thinking in panoramic way.

-Principle of tolerance (PT) in activity of human brain [2.15] to be indissolubly connected with SPT is another example to prove: “sciences contains omissions”, in this case psychological one. This PT appeared to be the main feature of human mentality (without it might the very science exist) appeared in surprising way almost unknown for psychologists. The is a cause to propose even to create in any country National Academy of Anthropology [2.17] as, in the wide understanding, the anthropology is including all science, because all these are created by “anthroposes”, i.e. by people. Mighty stimuli of such reforming would be strongly predicted.

-All-biological principle of tolerance [2.7], as determining (together with SPT) all forms of civilization structures and organizations, has a right to say out in the name of Nature. Such recommendation in its name given international NGOs, the UN as the main of them, and governments, as in mutual-connected world every state carry out international activity. Following these recommendations might much change in the world to better.

-For the UN to play more constructive role in the world where so much things are needing to be fixed and bettered, creating the Committee for Civilization Security within the UN Security Council or separately [2.19] would be clear sign of the UN concern about future of humankind and correspond principle “think globally and do globally”.

-For more healthy humankind, including those who will prepare better future. Nature’s recommendations may be as well proposed -- on individual and social health [2.20].

That what was said is only a part of what might help to give people a hope and permit global resource of panoramic thinkers to be created for it to do its work for creating a strategy of secure and sustainable development, to help providing everybody a right to open and enforce his creative abilities, and for all human -- to experience pleasant and joyful feelings of involvedness in the common affair -- to make the life on Earth more deserved for Human Sapiens Ethicus, i.e. Human Reasonable Moral.

In place of conclusion:
Alas, there are problems because of that our nature. Ad hoc here is a sad joke of a humorist: “The deeper that precipice where you are falling into, the more your wish to learn flying.” Global catastrophes should most likely occur for humankind to launch only its evolution process in place of involution one what is going now. The very title of “One-Billion World” book by Yuji Ishiguro [3], because of unrealistic plan to diminish overpopulation intentionally, sounds, contrary to the author’s will, as a menacing warning. People formed under press of individual and little group survival, their usual prediction of the future is necessary for “darning holes”, i.e. far reacting in extreme situations. That is why I’d like to hope that the mark concerning such human “short-sightedness” being realized might appear useful.


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