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The problem of avoiding the root cause of all human calamities, past, present and future

By Dr. Uladzimir TRATSIAKOU


1. It is proposed to consider the problem after the largest moral counting, as presumably the most admissible for intelligentsia. Whole human civilization, with its culture and technosphere, had arisen in result of intellectual, creative activities of many generations of people, of those, who later were called intellectuals, intelligentsia. It is why just they might take responsibility for the civilization's state and future.

2. We may propose that historical mission of intelligentsia in perspective of some generations is to elaborate a strategy of existence and development of Humankind being able to minimize threats of its extermination and self-extermination as that then to be corrected "in course of the life". Such the thought may be realized as natural one if to extrapolate individual and both social and state experience of people to the level of the whole human community. Really, for a human being is naturally to build life plans, for a state to plan its economical development for years, even for decades. Significant, 60-80-year average duration of the human life, as well as some century duration of states' existence give evidence concerning necessity of such the planning, at least that it is desirable. However we may set that the transfer by the next level determined as the forming up a general human strategy, or "the planning for all humankind" how and where it should develop, -- such the task is not perceptible by the most of representatives of creative professions as an own affair. So, the conclusion may be done that the problem above has a right to be presented.

3. It is naturally for intelligent people to perceive any social phenomena using moral evaluations. If so we may charge us with that knowing along own experience on gratifications got from intellectual occupations (G.B.Shaw: "Descartes, maybe, extracted from the life more pleasures than Casanova did"), we perceive existence of many million armies of sporting and variety performers' fans as something given, natural and not depending of us. But let us ponder upon it: the fans, all their pleasures consist in any emotion accompaniment of events occurring on sports places or stages, with minimum participation of intellect. Moreover, this participation is done even lower with help of alcohol and narcotics. Generalizing the problem, we may say about the low quality of leisure poorly illumined by the intellect, at that for most of people. Correspondingly, to raise in any country the quality of thinking with help of proper education techniques means to lessen the level of criminality and to take away many causes of crimes.  

4. One may designate several reveals of the civilization avoidance (the list is uncompleted):

* CULTURAL [i.e. the fall of average cultural level (Stanly Hyman: "The more the culture is spreading, the more thin is its layer")];

* MORAL-ETHICAL (reveals itself in that there is only a small part of true intelligent people among intelligentsia);

* TECHNICAL-TECHNOLOGICAL (those times had gone when any adult was on familiar terms with instruments used; now, the most of technosphere's objects on their scientific contents are inaccessible for overwhelming majority of people);

* LINGUISTIC [reveals itself in many "legal" language incompatibilities, in such the quality not apprehended by majority (for example, in English sensible 'haymaking' is side by side with absurd 'hay-mow' in place of correct 'grass-mow'; in Russian 'senokos' is the same 'hay-mow', and even without variants ) , what certificates a "bluntedness" of any language as a tool of the thinking and allows to admit that a more pernicious language "viruses" exist. I mean faulty lexical units existing in a language 'not diagnosed' in during of some generations];

* INDIVIDUAL-INTELLECTUAL [From the times of stone ages, the selection by the reason had been overwhelmed with more significant selection by aggressiveness, physical force and sexual attractiveness. Really, you can see that all your main organs of feelings -- eyes, ears, nose, not excluding tongue -- are finding as near as possible to your mind, what is in correlation with the necessity to minimize the time of their behavior reactions because of the high pressure of selection. The minimizing of behavior reactions' times pre-determined our narrow field of consciousness, having been formerly an advantage in survival, and now, under protection of the civilization, being a defect, what may be named the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT)].

* CIVILIZATION-STRATEGICAL [A strong argument may be given, being as if sanctified by Nature's recommendation, that the humankind needs strategic planning and institualization of the social function. There, it is known that there is a through phylogenetic process of cephalization among laterally symmetric animals, proving that head with minds have advantage in survival over more distributed nervous conglomerations. An analogue of the process on the level of the all human society appears to be the forming of a social structure, a kind of world-wide intellect to lay for people ways of any progressive development, open all the new perspectives and deliver from the threatening catastrophes and "ends of the world"].

5. Conscientious part of the intelligentsia might be recognize that they are concerned in those particular reveals of civilization bankruptcy -- cultural, moral-ethical, technical-technological, linguistic, individual-intellectual, civilization-strategic. More important for them, however, would be to wish to be involved into the long process of an improvement of the situation. There are two civilization challenges what should be turned to the intelligentsia only; those may be formulated as imperatives:
I. "To learn and teach to thing in panoramic way" and
II. "To elaborate and to create a global intellect and to bring it into operation".

6. As for the First imperative, it is made be adopted as well because of new realities of the life: we are living in societies overloaded with information and moreover changing with acceleration. So, school and high school education should change directives – in place of to get knowledge, too quickly becoming obsolete, onto to teach how to thing in panoramic way, to own ability of self-teaching, to get able to work with and to find information.

7. More than 20 centuries ago it was ancient Roman dramatist Titus Plavt who proclaimed: "All clever people should be in interrelation". Then, that was a good desire only. And now, owing Internet, with mobile means of the communication that is getting really realized. So, there are perspectives for a global brain to appear.

8. However institutional socialization of the intelligentsia may appear very hard and long process. This is why the intelligentsia “like” to be and act separately, and there are intelligentsia of natural sciences, human, technical, being in and out power, with and without degrees, titled and untitled, being in and out elite, belonging to scientific/artistic schools "good" and "bad", not to mention about common human barriers of separation – by national, racial, of age, sexual, religion-confessional signs. "To like" appears to be linked with the intelligentsia's moral-ethical bankruptcy.

9. Separation is overcome when there is a common affair. Such the affair might be Internet project "To happy life on Earth" where would find occupation intelligentsia of some generations and of many (if not all) professions – scientific, technical, human, literary, artistic, administrative. Really, at first in the human history an opportunity is appearing to stand and decide the problem of happiness not after schemes of someone's individual ideas, but by "all the world", taking into account manifold of opinions, tastes, prejudices, convictions, theories proposed by all people interested in the affair. A systems effect of such the common affair had been predicted by Plato: "To seek the happiness for other, we find our own happiness".

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