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The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
-Albert Einstein.
Unbelief in the reason is a source of all the evil.
-Leo Tolstoy.

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Four new scientific directions recognized by
Russian Academy of Natural History:

The Theoretical Ground of the Human Mental Activity,
Post-Evolutionary Psychology,
Post-Evolutionary Psychiatry,
The single paradigm for psychology and psychiatry.
All-Biological Ground for Cognitively Psychological Comception of Mentallion
Theoretical Psychology: There Is a Cause for It to Really Emerge
Appeal to Rio20+ Submit
That awful SPT
Shortage of panoramic thinking: signs seen everywhere
Panoramic thinking as a concept
Creating a system of civilization security
Opening a path to sustainable development
Civilization Security division at the UN has to be
Bankruptcy of intelligent people in civilization process
Civilization omissions to be found and filled in
Nature's recommendations for international institutions
New dimension of human rights
Universal Declaration of Human Planetary Responsibility
Humankind must have been fooled
Coauthoring with Voltaire
Secret of humor from depth of the evolution
Evolution classification of mental bugs


Theoretical Psychology: There Is a Cause for It to Really Emerge

The paper with such challenging title appears possible to write owing to novations revealed, though being in essence a kind of omitted possibilities because of not having their explicit articulation in the psychology.
Owing to the complex approach being together evolutionarily biological, phenomenological, and speculative one, the evolutionary correlates of human mentality in the animal world were revealed: the all-biological principle of tolerance and the narrowness of the attention’s volume. Their modern appearances turned out to be the cognitive principle of tolerance (CPT) and the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT)... >>

Changing the paradigm of cognitive science

... to realize both failures and virtues of the reason better seems to open humankind any new resources of civilization development. ...>>

A global Guardian question answered

The question answered by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou, was: What role social media should play in development?

Journalists of social media can and should now play in social development essentially more significant role -- after having realized which almost not ploughed TOPICAL areas there are for them to highlight.
I see their participation in renewed variant – in cooperation with NGOs, mostly international (INGOs). Owing to membership in them journalists get additional possibility to have information causes to highlight any new social initiatives and project proposals, to be themselves initiators of something supported by NGOs/INGOs, to get scientific consultation by and co-authorship with scientific experts of their organizations, etc. In additional, they might be promoters of reorganization of INGOs “blessed by the Nature”. ...>>

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec as a Thinker of 21st Century

As if interview granted by Stanislaw Lec

The very first, categorical imperative of human race's survival

Four centuries ago French thinker Blaise Pascal wrote: «All our dignity is consisted in the thought. That is it, our thought, which elevates us… So, let us work hard to think good – here is the main principle of moral». In new times new causes 'to think good’ have appeared, the morality being only one of them. Pascal’s ordinance is now actualized more, it sounds even as Change your mind!

Some words why it is so. The evolution of our animal ancestors was proceeding at sufficient high selection’s pressure. In result, our operative field of conscience is narrow. In other words, we had inherited evolutionary the «narrow minds». Just because of such our peculiarity the human logic is ‘black-white’, systematic thinking and synthetic ideas are rather rear among people, losing very often sight of something. This «narrow-mindedness», having been formerly an advantage in surviving (as allowing quicker behavior reactions), now is a shortage. The cause is that discrepancy is more and more between ‘the same’ individual mental possibilities of people and the raising complexity of their existence’s conditions.

So, a limit to our existence is felt yet. To overcome the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) -- just so we can reformulate Blaise Pascal’s ordinance. One of appearance of SPT is aggressiveness. The Austrian biologist Konrad Lorentz wrote: «We have weighty bases to consider inner-specific aggression as the most serious danger threatening to Humankind... But the prospect to fight this danger will not by no means better if we consider it as something metaphysical and inevitable; if on the contrary we will try to trace a chain of the natural causes of its origin, then, this may help». Well, a hope is existing.
Really, it is known that more educated people are less aggressive. So, we can admit that the special directed education methods, developing panoramic thinking (PT), will be able to less it to normal, civilization level and to make for pacification in the world. If we take into account else that with SPT any fatal errors are inevitable, and that the raising might of the civilization makes their after-effects more and more catastrophic, then reforming the national education systems in direction of PT is getting not wished but imperatively compulsory.

A criminal diagnosis: narrow-mindedness

It happened really many times: people shocked by the crime, analyzing it, just speculated: "How did that happen? Some beast of him!" Trying to find in the killer’s biography something out of the ordinary, and having found (for example, as being the child pulled tails of cats) they sighed with relief: "Well, what do you want... All’s clear."

This desire to "disassociate" from the offender, as if to prove their otherness to him, it is a kind of psychological defense, an attempt to suppress the disturbing thought: "could not I take the same case?" But the point is that to fence themselves is not always possible. Because the "degenerate" is very often of quite a happy family, having no friends among recidivists. People refers to the guilty, "How could you act so?”. Who-who but the offender should know everything for certain. However in response is just something unintelligible: «Like an eclipse which had been...". Maybe, in fact, the eclipse of the mind? ...>>

How us to get prepared to be heuristic?

Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

It was Louis Pasteur who posted the question: "Did you ever observe to whom the accidents happen?" And he himself answered: "Chance favors only the prepared mind." ...
Good thoughts to be said on a concrete cause induce to think further. Here is a question what asks itself: "Which mind may be considered as prepared if you are finding yourselves beyond both of experiments and attempts, trying to be a visionary thinker?" I ask the question to myself, and here are my considerations....>>

The Science and the Spirituality. How do they relate?

That was a Ms/Mrs madhusmita who posted a question at Systems Thinking world group on Can we relate Science and Spiritualism?
Here is my answer this question. ...>>

Opinions on Reason and its significance for people said out once by illuminati from different countries and epochs

Posted by Dr. Uladzimir TRATSIAKOU as Lecture 13 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking

The father of Yury Ryashentsev, of that very poet what created a hit for “The Three Musketeers” film:

Let us, let us be joyful
whilst we all are alive

– when his infant Yurik found difficulty in replying or didn't know how to behave gave him device “Take it more widely!”

This recommendation might be considered as enveloping a significant part of methodological means for us to think better - when “more widely” is understood directly, - and envelops all possible in general – if it is understood with taking into account not only the widened base of concrete thinking process, but as well presupposes self-controlling thinking for us not to admit distortions of the thought because of pragmatic considerations or emotional subjectivism. ...>>

What role social media can and should play in development?

Answering the question put by Guardian Global Development Professional Network

Journalists of social media, Guardian in particular, can and should play essentially more significant role now in social development -- after having seen and realized which almost not ploughed TOPICAL areas there are for them to highlight here.

I see their participation in renewed variant – in cooperation with NGOs, mostly international (INGOs). Owing to membership in them journalists get additional possibility to have information causes to highlight any new social initiatives and project proposals, to be themselves initiators of something supported by NGOs/INGOs, to get scientific consultation by and co-authorship with scientific experts of their organizations, etc.

In additional, they might be promoters of reorganization of INGOs “blessed by the Nature”....>>

Theses on Human Mentality"

... Having great pretensions to the world we live in, we have a ground to think that Human Sapiens species had come from evolution having been “not quite evolved”, and just this imperfectness may appear fatal. ...>>

On the mortal threat of narrow specialization

Mayby deep-water fishes give the most impressing example of narrow specialization. Because of it to raise them alive from kilometer depths is impossible. Shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) in any sense might be considered as well as the example of cerebral functional structures’ narrow specialization. If so, human beings, with minds narrow-minded, still adapted to ‘jungle program’, are gone up to civilization tops …>>

All humanity must have been fooled

An essay by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

It is known from Frenchmen: “Le trait characteristique de la betise c’est qu’elle ne s’explique pas”. I.e.: “Characteristic trait of the stupidity is that it is unknowable”.
We feel an insult in this utterance: it is no big pleasure for author of the aphorism to confess to something what he is not able to apprehend, but he does it wishing to look as quite not familiar with the stupidity. At that, he shows in this his sense of humor.
Let us try to cast a glance at the science with panoramic view. We may see then not very big island of well set scientific knowledge washed by huge ocean of unknowable. There where the island’s littoral, it is seen turbid water of near-scientific knowledge, and bottom of true is only slightly visible through. The ocean may appear bottomless, but it would be stupid being stood on firm scientific ground of the island, to say that to the bottom, i.e. to the true, nobody will have reached ever. The aphorism is in explicit contradiction with such the panoramic view, so we may diagnose a narrow panorama of his thinking. If so, we may doubt that the stupidity is unknowable. ... >>

Returning to Intermediate summing up training

… having been prepared for Free School for Panoramic Thinking and Minds Need to Change group in order to answer myself own questions. ...>>

Shortage of panoramic thinking: signs seen everywhere

Posted as Lecture 5 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking

Qui pro quo: in place of the preamble
What does mean to live with SPT
Awareness of others' under-thinking
Blunted tool of the thought
OCAs revealed in Russian
Let's plan a constructive approach
You are said, you repeat
Responsibility with prefix “ir”
Parliamentary delegates with blindspots
SPT seen in state terms
Power for people: is or to be?
Independence in 1/365 part
Awful ideological under-thinking
Concluding remarks

Two creativities, sexual and intellectual, but such different

My idea is to write not only about the creativeness in usual, psychological understanding, i.e. as creative abilities, but as well about that doing possible continuation of the human race. Let us pay attention at first to a likeness of the terminology what is applied when properties and events of different areas of human activities are described. ...>>

Unnatural order of things in the world come to light by Winfried H. Brunner, with my comments

Posted as Lecture 11 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking
I like his “Your Handbook for Global Leadership”, the 2nd edition of which was issued in 2010, and it is a pleasant duty for me to convey with associative remarks a chapter that as I believe is the most appropriate for our group direction. I took for this “Groupthinks?” entering in the part “Unnatural order of things”.
My replies here and farther are in font color="#0000FF size="3" face="Verdana">blue italics
. All rest is Winfried Brunner’s.
Well, let us read the book attentively for it to help us to liberate ourselves of blinkers narrowing and restricting our thinking....>>

Critical Global Issues and Viable Solutions as seen by the leadership of the Council on Global Issues

Authors team of the Council on Global Issues includes:
*Prof. Helmut Burkhardt, Founding President of CGI, Former President of http:// www. Science for Peace, Canada;
*Dr. Rose A. Dyson, Vice-President of CGI, President of Canadians Concerned About Violence in Entertainment;
*Dame StG Julia Morton-Marr, Vice-President of CGI, President of International Holistic Tourism Education Centre.

With annotation by Dr. Vladimir N. Tretyakov.
Their Handbook on Critical Global Issues and Viable Solutions (2006) is given here as learning to think good, widely, critically, and systemically.

Panoramic thinking as a scientific notion

The Panoramic thinking (PT) may be considered as a notion united several types of thinkig such as systemic, laterale, non-standard, volume, inventive, breaking-through, of a scale, of the full spectrum, more than one track. All those are rather rare among people because of evolution-inherent burdeness of a human mind appears among people as the shortage of panoramic thinking... >>

Anthony Judge's looking after human thinking

It is the lecture 3 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking beings a part of the article what Anthony Judge posted for visitors of his website on 11/18/2001, soon after 09/11/2001 events in USA . It was named Ways of Thinking, Perception and Analysis; its first chapter, Binary Thinking, is just subject of the lecture chosen for the School.

This subject is of great meaning for understanding peculiarities of our thinking, shortage of panoramic thinking being one of them. Given highly expressed pressure of eliminating selection, evolution prehistory of humans had been rather hard. Our ancestors to survive within cruel surrounding were forced continuously “to divide by two”, i.e. to distinguish “dangerously – not dangerously”, “us – them”, “predator – not predator”, “poisonous – not poisonous”, “eatable – not eatable”. To meditate about thinner distinctions -- e.g.: “if it is something/somebody dangerous then how much?” – might be worth of the very life.
It is known the human had gone out of evolution (in other words, out of wild nature) too early, so he could not have got another logics of thinking but binary. The author's merit is he had turned out able while analyzing terroristic—anti-terroristic problem to reveal remarkable audacity and independence of his thought. All that should be moreover instructive for those who are intending to overcome their evolution-conditioned backwardness of human mentality, the shortage of panoramic thinking, that Anthony Judge was juxtaposing his opinion to policy of anti-terrorism adopted by heads of many states. ...>>

Shortage of panoramic thinking to ask about and answer

Posted as Lecture 7 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking
My interview granted for in middle 2000s. ...>>

Linguistic objects of critical attention

MOTTO: Language absurdities and incompatibilities noticed by none do exist. Let us reveal them to help ourselves and others to be wiser.

I consider to find now convictive arguments for your participation in this language “hunting”. I hope you will wish “to follow foot-prints” of whole nation having created the language and demonstrate that big independence of the thinking demanded for this very hard activity. The independence is needed because you may want to question NORMATIVE lexemes cited in dictionaries as recommended for use. ...>>

New dimension of human rights

«Intellect, it is a passion. Descartes, without doubt, took of the life more than Casanova did». Thus a creative man considered – George B. Shaw. It means the most of people didn’t realize themselves in lifes rich of content, interesting, creative. The conclusion: a new, additional dimension of human rights should be entered, – the right of everybody to be learned by creative, panoramic thinking...>>

Comment and additions to Universal Declaration of Human Rights

... having seen by Dr. Uladzimir TRATSIAKOU (Belarus)
from point of view of the new dimension of human rights.
1. All human beings ... endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood
-- Every cloud has a silver lining: spirit of brotherhood in the together-reason work appears to get resolving factor of success in conditions of many civilization threats. Wider panoramas of thinking would give new, early unknown possibilities for that. Moreover, the reason thinking panoramically has more chances "to provide" itself with conscience. ... >>

Following John Warfield's Mentomology of Mindbugs: Evolution classification of mindbugs

Grounded on SHORTAGE OF PANORAMIC THINKING, being the Forefather of all Minbugs;
Generalized name for the Universal Feature of Retarded Human Mentality...>>

Ethic panorama of the thinking

Posted as Lecture 6 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking

*Reason and heart: ethical aspect
*Authoritative and humane ethics
*Application of ethics to school pedagogy
*Application of ethics to international relation
*Exemplifying the national selfishness
*Application of ethics to global problems
*Application of ethics to civilization security
*Let's lower ourselves on our Earth
*Widening the ethical framework for sustainable development
*Ethics and overcoming the SPT

The life on Earth for all that has a chance to get reasonable fully

It was Mikhail Veller's book “Presentations” (Saint Petersburg, 2004), more exactly its chapter Vernadski and the noosphere, that got a stimulus for me to write this essay. ...>>

The shortage of panoramic thinking as an atavism of human civilization

Grounded in the report is the assertion on the necessity to overcome a human’s evolution property – narrow field of consciousness, as appearing to be a threat for Humankind’s existence and an obstacle for whole progressive development. ...>>

Popular web resource for lexical enrichment of a language

A tool of a thought, i.e. a language, has inner, weak realized unperfectness. To overcome it, creative abilities of people should be linked up. For example, with help of a popular Internet resource INFOLEXBANK, having 3 replenished open forums. ...>>

Civilization’s omissions, how to reveal them and fill in.

Humankind in whole has, of course, any horizon of vision (comprehension) opening from the tops of scientific knowledge reached. But we may think that using any new arguments, new technique we can heighten our point of view and have seen such scientific achievements which might be. Moreover just the huge, great achievements – as such ones may be have seen behind the horizont. And such ones only have a right named as civilization’s omissions. >>

Advices for those who dawned upon by an idea

Destiny of an idea depends from its scientific justifiability mayby not more then from human qualities appeared by generator of ideas, from his/her behavior. It’s why this devices... >>

Ecology of intra-rhuman space as both school and high school discipline

Unfortunately ecology of intra-human space (EIS) are is not a discipline of school and high school programs, though the life in «bad» ecology of intra-human space causes feelings of discomfort and then provokes not motivated aggressive behavior... ... >>

Secret of humor from Depths of Evolution

To joke is a more serious affair than it used to considering. We can guess the all humorous human discourse taken in the complex of all times and peoples is an enormous natural laboratory, and researches in there might give wonder insight into human mentality – especially if we would take into consideration undoubted «attachment» of the human manners of joking and humor’s apprehension to the all billion-year continuum of the human evolution and pre-evolution.
Let us try to devine the secret of humor seeing just from this unusual point of view... >>

Inspiration to Order

A training for developing panoramic thinking
“What your work?” – “So-so. Creative stupor. No inspiration”. Similar dialogue reflects typical view on the inspiration as a complex phenomenon that no one may impact. But what if to suppose that it has energetic component? Then something may be thought up using physiological considerations... >>

Future evolution of the life seen by John Stewart through his “widerscope”, with my comments

Posted as Lecture 12 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking

Evolution sense of notions and techniques used by the human science


There is no difficulty to have seen anthropomorphic tendency in development of the technical devices and mechanisms. Here is how Academician I.I. Artobolevskiy expressed it:

«The man, as philosophers said, is the measure of all the things. Man is not only finely adapted to his surroundings, but he accommodate to himself «the second Nature», i.e. the techno-sphere created around him. Handles of all controlling mechanisms, electrical knife-switches and usual switches, doors and stairs, cars and aircrafts – all those are created for people and in conformity with their sizes» ([1], p. 36).

Let us put a question: maybe the artificial «intellectual surrounding», i.e. the science, in similar way has been adapted as well to properties of human reason? In other words, maybe we, peering at Nature's mirror for Nature to cognize, see at the mirror not only (not so much) Nature, but as well (as) its reflection in human minds? ...>>


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