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Proposal to create the UN Civilization Security Committee

By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou ,
Representative at DPI/UN from
International Scientific Public Union “IAIT”

Prepared as a renewed version for the UN Rio+20 Conference on sustainable development
(Rio-di-Janeiro, June 2012)
in framework of the UN global conversation action


Many people have adopted the UN appeal “Think globally, act locally” as corresponding their own direction of activity. From the UN tribune this appeal was wired for sound repeatedly. We can see the very structure of the UN Security Council reflects this motto. Really, there are there such the divisions:

* United Nations Peacebuilding Commission

* 1540 Committee

* Counter-Terrorism Committee

* International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

* International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)

* Military Staff Committee

* Peacekeeping Operations and Missions

We see here the locality as geographic ( Yugoslavia , Rwanda ), as well as functional (peacebuilding, peacekeeping, terrorism, criminality, military).

May such the position be questioned?

Yes, we may think the UN Security Council's composition might more reflect the very name of this UN structure aiming to greater security in the world.


The UN, as the main international organization of the world, might and should have, even if for itself only, another, additional motto to be taken into account:


and, responding to the challenges of the time, to announce its widened area of activity, reflecting its concern about the future of the world:

Think globally and act both locally and globally

meaning that “preparing all to act globally” is the first, necessary stage of the global activity.

An institutionalization of this new direction of the UN might be done in form of a new division either within the Security Council or separately. Its name might be the UN Civilization Security Committee.


Humankind, this social mega-organism, has until now any structure being adequate its complexity and able to govern the world. Such governing structure, a mega-brain of the humankind, having got global representatively and functionally, is the affair of very remote future. Now we may ascertain that the aim 20 years ago announced, to reach the sustainable development, appears not reached. Thus Humankind is forced live under two threats, of extinction and self-extinction, and it is impossible to definitely determine which of them is more awful.


The UN Civilization Security Committee endowed with necessary authorities and services might have got a consultative service for the world governments dealing together in order to provide the very existence of human civilization, for not to admit the worst variants of the future. Owing to the majority of the world population are certainly interested in a secured future for them and their progeny, the Committee might launch working out first, trial strategies of a secure civilization development, using enormous intellectual potential of volunteers – networkers, experts, information technologists, social designers, scientists, including philosophers, sociologists, psychologists. Successful strategies being adopted by majority of governments for using would raise more and more authority of the Committee giving new stimuli for it to in-build still more deeper and hopeful variants of the world development.

The systems approach permits to realize where is leverage of systems change to be applied. There is a system, our civilization; there is a problem how for us to remain alive indefinitely, there may be any UN structure what would be aiming to provide a secure existence for whole the civilization indefinitely, and moreover the very UN is ready to invite all who want and can to cooperate with this structure. Having any imagination we can forecast the systems effect -- gathering the intellectual minds of the planet to take a part in this activity being both noble and prestige, to have done nearer not only the aim posted by that UN structure but as well appearance of a global brain, i.e. Intellectual Planetary Web Resource.

Summing up, creation of Civilization Security Committee by the UN would be any first important step in direction to carry out human civilization on the path of sustainable development.


1. One may object: there is the UN Millennium Development Goals program of progressive development. True, its temporal scope is lightly narrow (till 2015), but after 2015 new goals may be put for to reach.

But let's take into consideration that the temporary factor for systems with non-linear causality, the humankind being one of those the very complex, has resolute meaning even when short-term prognosis is done. The more it is so for long-term prognoses. The best in order to do them to have in disposition whole intellectual potential of the planet. For the time being and still some decades later we may only account upon world intelligent volunteers as the UN budget may not increase in drastic way. For it to increase drastically, remarkable positive results of the Committee's activity should be prior.

2. To be the UN Civilization Security Committee or not to be depends on what will be result of the UN initiative on global conversation of problems “Sustainable communities, responsible citizens” and “The Future We Want” – and as well, of course, on will be or won't be put in the Rio+20 Conference agenda the question about whether the Committee is necessary and well-founded as a new global top-manager specializing in global security.

When to Use

The UN Civilization Security Committee might be created in already 1992 when necessity of the sustainable development was realized for Humanity. If to begin thinking about civilization (or wider: global) security to reach it in the century, 2012, that is a right time. It is a time of the UN Rio+20 Conference to be discuss with "all the world" the problem of "sustainable societies, responsible citizens".

What to Do

Step 1: By an order of Rio+20 Conference Planning Committee, the programs of discussions or round tables added with the question about necessity to have at the UN any structure being responsible for the civilization security.

Step 2: Having got positive results of discussions fixed in the Conference’s solutions, the Security Council’s leadership charge some officers of the Council to take this question in their care.

Step 3: The officers carry out negotiation with the DPI about perpetual information supporting their activity, meaning before its Executive committee’s and NGOs Section’s supporting.

Step 4: Aiming to separate among experts and representatives those volunteers who are involved into global problematique, DPI services by asks of the officer send distributive letters proposing to prepare ideas and proposals to the nearest meeting of the UN Security Council office with agenda concerning all scope of questions and problem of the civilization security.

Step 5: The Council’s leadership sets plan of the officers’ actions for them to prepare adopting the project of creation of Committee on Civilization Security at a meeting of Heads of the States entering in the UN Security Council.

How many farther steps go depends on how convictive will be experts and networkers-volunteers fighting their variants of sustainable future.


It is worth to warn against doing a sensation of the Civilization Security Committee. Even as a Committee, it is not able to solve the problem of the sustainable development. Its destiny is only to prepare such a future solution, maybe in some decades only. That is why better to have at the beginning no special officer at the Security Council, it’d be better that one or some of them would be willingly charged with civilization security as a problem for it to promote, look for problem-solvers, assist in governing information streams.

One may guess as well that to create the Committee is a solution not systemic as too straightforward. Undoubtedly similar refutation may be say out. It is worth to know why this argument is incorrect.

If in short, the argument doesn’t take into account that the Committee having been created appears applied to the systemic leverage point, to the very sickly point of the system named Human Civilization. Not some officers within the UN Security Council but all the humanity, overwhelming majority of its population, are interested in to living in sustainable, not threatened world, and this point/Committee, be it realized, is getting a nucleus of concentration of their efforts to reach the goal. People participating in such the affair will certainly perceive a high sense of having the over-personal value. Did people whenever have a common affair for all, for all the Humankind? No. But after creating the Committee at the UN, people get opportunity to be appealed at this common affair -- creating whole planetary security. Well, the nucleus of concentration is only needed.


As it follows from the said above, no additional equipment and supply are needed. All the UN Security Council officers are provided with networking computers and other communicative equipment, and officers-volunteers or charged by the Council may at once realize the beginning stage of the work for civilization security. Farther change of their service positions is out of the framework of the proposal as a defined by the Council’s leadership – and also by how intelligent people respond to that common affair for them. The leverage point of systemic change is thought to have found correctly, and human intelligent movement to the sustainable development should reach the goal.


This procedure is not necessary as the initial stage (at lever of the UN) and farther one (networking community) are connected with no additional assessing.

P.S. The proposal may be considered as a first step to the realization of Creating Civilization Security in the 3rd Millennium project.



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