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Coolness Prophylaxis of Cancerous Diseases

Vladimir N. Tretyakov

Web Institute of Intellectual Technologies
by ISPU International Academy of Information Technologies",
Minsk, Belarus.

Published in " " (The Problems at Creating Information Technologies), Moscow: TPC, #26, pp. 215--219.


Its well known that agingis the single biggest risk factor for developing cancer [7]. It means having an influence on the risk factor you have a prophylaxis in disposition. It appears impossible as we all have been aging. But there is a difference between biological age and on-passport one, and the first being in principle influenced.

After World Health Organization [1], cancer prevention is to take into consideration negative factors given: tobacco use, physical inactivity, bad diet, obesity, overweight, alcohol use, infectious agents, environmental pollution, ionizing radiation and so called occupational carcinogens for them to exclude or at least to minimize.

Mayo clinic [2] proposes for cancer prevention seven tips:
1. Don't use tobacco.
2. Eat a healthy diet.
3. Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active.
4. Protect yourself from the sun.
5. Get immunized.
6. Avoid risky behaviors.
7. Get regular medical care.

The similar list is given as well by the US National Cancer Institute [5].

As one can see, the proposed cancer prophylaxis does not figure among these lists. Moreover, how Google search has shown, the very conjunction of words coolness prophylaxis (the same in Russian) are used nowhere, but on both authors and IAITs sites intentact.webs,com and, at that always in connection with cancerous diseases. Therefore such the prophylaxis may be considered as having as min a quality of novelty.

Grounds to replenish cancer prevention list

1. In while the aging, the basic metabolism of every individual is going down. Statistics shows that a parallel tendency is acting: the older one, the more ones risks of falling a cancer sick and lethal end [1]. It means that the ability of an organism to avert degenerating healthy cells into malignant ones is strongly determined by its level of the metabolism.So the concept how to oppose the aging [4] was anti-cancer one in essence.

2. Astronauts experience such a phenomenon as post-weightlessness state when they for a time get unable to walk. It is the heat comfort state, a kind of cold weightlessness,that has got the life condition for overwhelming majority of the civilization world. At that Homo sapiens, as well as whole human civilization, might not appear without Great Cold of thelast glacial period (Ice Age), during from approximately from 110,000 to 12,000 years ago, and maybe without multiple glaciations having influenced on survival of this species animal forbears [3]. It permits to conclude that thermal comfort is not in correspondence with the human inherited nature.

3. The warm is the only energy to arise both entropy and disorder. It means the thermal comfort being the cause of inner organs overheating raises the probability of theirs malignant degeneration.

4. The inference is:cancers are illnesses of reduced metabolism. Being usually in warm condition, ones organism hasnt sufficient stimuli to assimilate the eaten food fully, and adipose tissue arises, up to obesity. On the contrary, people to be always at near strong cold (as northern peoples) have no problem with the very fat food, what is even preferable for them as containing more calories.

5. To raise level of the metabolism is possible using long-term coolness load. To oppose the intention to warm comfort, you do your daily coolness practice as healthy custom, and as a resultyou are getting biologically younger, being able to have eaten your adipose tissue and dont give it to appear.

6. Short cold, it is for to get harder and be inaccessible for respiratory diseases; long coolnessis to be with heightened metabolism and have less risk to get cancer.

7. Coolness influence upon an organism is good combined with cold hardening and physical exercises as activating metabolism as well.Moreover, exercises help to be at coolness easier and longer.

8. Organism hasnt sufficient stimuli to assimilate the eaten food being at thermal condition, and adipose tissues arise.Long-term coolness load is giving such the stimuli heightening the metabolism.

9. Human civilization is warmth-liking as we have built always buildings with heating and wear warm clothes even when whether is not cold. Thus, the target group for cancerous diseases isin essence almost all the humankind. Among that mega-group there are especial subgroups of heightened risk including people whowear excessively warm clothes or/and have excessive weight. For the rest of humankind the prophylaxis might be useful as well as helping them not to enter in these selected some-million heightened risk groups.

10. It was known that women of some peoples of the former USSR residing in extreme conditions of the highest northern latitudes gave birth their kids straight in snow-drifts. This fact, together with that some people appear able to accustom themselves to strong cold (winter swimming) show the very ability to live with cold, that the cold doesnt at least contradict the human nature.

11. From the higher obesity, the more risk to get cancer [5] it may be considered as confirming the assumption of dangerous adherence to warm clothes because an excess of adipose issues (being the very inactive) is a kind of additional closes for the rest part of the body.

12. Warm-liking civilization tendency may be seen even in corresponding lexemes used. Really, lets remember how we use words warm and cold and their synonyms and derivatives.Warm appears in one row with cordial, kindly, heartfelt. Knowing that two people are good one to another we may say they have warm interrelation. Concluding our messages we write: warm regards or kind regards. Cold finds in at all other row where there are cruel, intolerant, heartless. For example, if to say cold interrelation everybody understand this is about bad interrelation.

So, warm has positive connotation (excluding if used in ironical sense, e.g. warm company), whereas that of cold is negative (e.g. cold man = cruel, merciless man), excluding cases when any cold is pleasant (e.g. when its hot).

The initiative once had been supported

The coolness prophylaxis of cancer diseases (here [6a] is its primary representation) would be of course more convictive after having got a statistic data about which are deals of obsessive and too warm closed people among primacy cancerous incidents registered for a year on a country. In 2002 an idea appeared to contact for this the Belarusian Ministry of Healthcare in order to excite their curiosity so for them to be inspired in getting similar statistics of primacy cancerous incidences in Belarus.

Here is closing lines from the letter written on 18th March, 2002 by Prof. V.V. Timoshenkov, President, Belorussian Division, International Academy of Gerontology (IAG, Moscow), to V.V. Ostapenko, Belarusian Minister of Healthcare [6b]:

Members of the Belarusian Division of IAG that took a part on 27th February at the Conference Arinchin reading-2002 devoted to Prof. N.I. Arinchin, BelNAS CM and IAG FM, had supported V.N. Tretyakov, IAG CM, who argued for positive correlation inclination to stoutness and/or to heat comfort higher cancerous sickness rate and proposed how to proved it. If the Ministry is interested in widening possibilities of prophylactic medicine, BD IAG are ready to take a part in working out methods of the coolness prophylaxis of cancerous diseases taking into account N.I. Arinchins conception of health-creating.

Prophylactic anti-cancer actions

Some words before. Many people might wish to use such the prophylaxis for bettering their own health, but there is a hardness connected with the human psychology, a kind of the cancer, its for others, not for me. We dont want to believe in coming the unwilling and even to think about it. Here is Stanislaw Lecs uncombed thought ad hoc: I might not remember the world guillotine. The head resisted.

The essence of the recommendation is to give a guide how to get not so warm-liking -- with help of changing slightly the way of life and to have got -- as a by-effect and a deserved reward for fortitude turning into biologically younger person.

You are proposed to accustom yourself to coolness. It may be done if your organism undergoes sufficiently long any coolness irritants being stimulators of metabolism. Thus, in the home, let you be without socks and slippers or even quite barefoot, sleep under a lighter coverlet, do some tens minutes a day with no shirt, wear lighter cloths (e.g. excluding any wear under or/and over clothing) out of the home, do without gloves or/and head-dress. Your air-condition at home / office may be set at 5 or so lower than earlier.

The authors own experience showed that 3 to 4 months are sufficient to get less warm-liking and experience even a pleasure from long abiding the coolness influences.

Answering possible question

How any new cancer prevention might be proposed by a scientist out of oncologic community?

Human being has been come out from the cruel eliminating evolution. As a result, shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) having evolution correlate narrow field of consciousness [8] is our common inherited feature [11] and even existential meta-problem for human civilization [12]. It means we are much more inclined to analyzing than to generalizing, and scientific omissions, even of civilization significance, are not avoided [9].

Everybody to be realizing this commonly human quality (a flaw, if without euphemisms) has got a bigger chance to be a discoverer of new ideas and concepts of wide and principal meaning.

It was in early 1970s when author began realizing this cancer prophylaxis. A time then was needed to understand the meaning of the all-biological principle of tolerance [4]. Being applied to a modern individual it means optimistic conclusion about his ability to realize in ontogenesis not only alloplastic adaptation [10], but autoplastic one, too. Further it was needed to reveal and unite in something single and not contradicted factors, such as those 1 to 12 above.


Then, in 2002, we, i.e. Belarusian Division, International Academy of Gerontology, got an answer from Belarusian Ministry of Healthcare for us to do by our own forces -- though any public union, even being scientific and near to prophylactic medicine, hardy might interfere in the Ministrys actions. That is why this English text (re-worked and replenished) is proposed at present firstly for its wider spreading. There are luckily private oncologic clinics like Mayo clinic [2]. Just it gives a hope of using such the coolness cancer prevention -- if of course it will have testimonies of being efficient and including it on the clinic list as its the 8th tip: Keep your body at coolness, what is in full concordance with 3rd Mayo clinic tip: Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active.


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Coolness prophylaxis of cancerous diseases

Vladimir N. Tretyakov,
Corresponding Member, International Academy of Gerontology (Moscow)

The essence of the proposed new prophylaxis aimed to lower risks of cancerous diseases is to change a few the way of your life so that your organism experience daily sufficiently long influence of not strong cold, or coolness. Such cool load, as heightening the metabolism, makes for getting you biologically younger and diminishing risk to fall cancer sick.
Sphere of possible using of the proposed prophylaxis is very wide. The cause is that overwhelming majority of people enter at the risk group on cancerous diseases, just because of because that Human, having got reason at circumstances of the last Great Cold of thelast glacial period, began building a warm-liking civilization, in contradiction with his inherited cold-steady nature. However first of all such the coolness prophylaxis is for persons with excessive weight and inclination to the thermal comfort.
Novelty of the proposed coolness prevention and its possible significance for many people had demanded from the author to realize a complex approach to the subject with taking into account many heterogeneous factors to ground better efficiency of the prevention and assist for it might enter in professional activity of oncologic centers.

Web Institute of Intellectual Technologies by ISPU IAIT. To be published in issue 26, IAIT Proceeding. Moscow: IAIT, 2015.

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