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Theses on the human mentality

By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

1) It is only owing to Reason that the human civilization had been created, and all its dignities as well as its flaws are derivatives of Reason’s virtues and deficiencies.

2) Having great pretensions to the world we live in, we have a ground to think that Human Sapiens species had come from evolution having been “not quite evolved”, and just this imperfectness may appear fatal.

3) It is still in middle 20th century that Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, Polish thinker, named Earth “the point under the question sign”, and soon we are said that there was already “the overkill”, i.e. possibility to extirpate all human species with some percents of the warfare available.

4) The analysis done (taking into account as well the terrorism to be striving towards global scale’s level, threats of using WMD by irresponsible national leaders, global anthropogenic footprint to be repressing both animal and plant species and challenging the living nature to react adequately) does convince that our civilization as a system has inherent lack of correspondence begetting its emergent property “the ability of self-extermination”.

5) This “ability” has its expression in view of the global problems hanging over the humankind in more and more threatening way. The global problems are in mutual connectedness, and we have grounds for them to consider as making up any system. So, the systemic approach has to be quite adequate for their discussion and resolving.

6) Here is a conclusion what may be only with hardness adopted by human beings are thought to be the Top of the evolution: the human Reason available, both individual and collective, is not able to cope with the global problems.

7) Narrow field of the consciousness (NFC) of our ancestors, positively correlating with the quickest reactions, had been formerly vitally important in extreme situations, but now, in the modern world to be complex and get more and more complex, is awful and dangerous deficiency, what may be named the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT).

8) As Reason is “guilty” in that the global problems are hanging over humankind not solved, moreover keep aggravating themselves, then this Reason might and should be concerned how to imperfect itself to cope with the problems. It means panoramic thinkers are demanded to have planned intentional actions for Humankind to have the future guaranteed.

9) But SPT as a common human flaw is not realized. Owing to Francis Bacon’s Idol of Human Race we can apprehend why: it is because of believing in truth of wished and, on the contrary, unbelieving in the truth of unwished. Under-thinking as a common human quality may not be liked us. We prefer to think there are clever and foolish, and the last are those others, not we.

10) If Humankind is a super-organism, then being as-if till now “headless”, it is needy in having a super-brain. Corresponding meta-evolutionary process of its creation would be in concordance with the cefalization, i.e. the evolution process in the animal world having ended with creating higher animals with brains. Such the super-brain of panoramic thinkers might work out hopeful strategy of sustainable civilization development and provide its correcting in course of the life. This global multi-language intelligent web resource would have its main task as well the elaborating concepts of national programs of overcoming SPT, this evolution-inherited backwardness of human mentality.

11) Cybernetic principle of the control affirms that a concordance on the complexity should be between systems both controlling and controlled for the control to be hopeful, with no failure. Concerning the civilization, it means that its controlling system has to be of the global scale. In other words, civilization super-brain may and should be any global brain.

12) Multi-language character of this together global— web—multimedia—mobile-communication resource is far not the main problem to cope with. Thinking people are separated as well by other boundaries — between cultures, customs, faiths, scientific schools, scientific and academic diplomas, by their worldviews, — all being hard traversed just because of mostly individual character of the creative process. To say briefly, intelligent people like to be within their “intellectual clusters”. Well, creating efficient rules of discussions, idea-generating and problem-solving will be a “firm nut”.

13) Ancient human dream “to fly as a bird” was realized being reformulated into meta-problem “with using apparatus heavier than air”, and the aviation appeared; another human dream, “to be in contact with whoever and whenever” got realized owing to reformulation “with using mobile communication”, and microelectronic arose. Similar meta-systemic reformulation for “to have solved global problems” means “to do all possible for bettering the human mentality, both individual and collective, to better the world people will be living in”.

14) For individual brains, this bettering means rebuilding the world educational system from the priority “to teach the knowledge” to the priority “to teach and learn overcoming the evolutionary conditioned mental backwardness”. Albert Einstein would support this inference as he had sureness: “We shell require a substantially new manner of thinking, if mankind is to survive.”

15) There is the mighty stimulus to go in this direction: it is just “owing to” SPT that at any epoch there were and are ideas and discoveries as if pre-existing. It means that the knowledge available was / is sufficient to reveal them, but these were / are hidden behind the horizon of human SPT-comprehension. These omissions to be filled in, would give our civilization mighty systemic resource for the science and progressive civilization development.

16) Another stimulus is that people to think in panoramic way are able better to understand one another. Religious leaders and activists might render great service to humankind coming to agreement about what is general human moral. It’d be of enormous significance for humankind keeping “clash of civilizations”. To survive and exist indefinitely may only Homo Sapiens Ethicus.

17) To get up the higher mentality, both individual and globally organized, is the task of enormous complexity. Human civilization had been created for some millennia, whereas to carry out it from under threats of self-extinction / outer extinction is needy for some decades.

18) The said permits to come to the inference: Not realizing the root cause of all human calamities, past, present and forthcoming; launching nothing to rebuild world education systems; undertaking no intentional actions on creation of the world-wide intelligent resource – all this seems to be the main omission of human civilization.

19) Going on the 5th point: for a separated global problem, let’s say terrorism, pollution, climate change, overpopulation*), ecological footprint, etc. would be not so aggravated there is, of course, any sense to consider and try solving it. But at that understanding should be that the question is not about the real solution, but temporal, provisional facilitation of the problem only. Each of global problems solved separately gets more comprehension when there is a concern about removed future, i.e. when all is done to untie all the ball of global problems.

20) Inter-religious difference to carry out in itself dissension, enmity, conflicts, up to war ones is one of the most dangerous for the very existence of Humankind. A religion is good when distributed within a homogenous society; then it is a conciliating factor. Voltaire was right: “If God wouldn’t exist, He should be invented”, and this had been once done. Then reasonable causes were to have a God to believe in and a religion to have something uniting the community, and just this was then that conciliating factor. But when different faiths are neighboring, and due to re-settlement, migrants and refugees just this is the case, the future is seen already as a cruel clash of civilization, nowadays is already going, though in "weakened" form (in comparison with that might be…).

*) True, Anthony Judge in his article United Nations Overpopulation Denial Conference showed as one problem (climate change) was “solved” in 2009 for sake not to touch another (overpopulation).




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