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For all that, happiness on Earth is possible

Remark done in May, 2012: Under such the title in early 2000s on Get Involved Forum, Club of Rome was posted the text below signed “by Vladimir Tretyakov, IAIT FM”, and in the same place it was posted, some earlier and under the same name, an invitation to discuss the subject, entitled Get involved In the Worldwide Project: «Happiness On Planet Earth»". Sorry, links to the Forum since early 2005 are inactive.
Now, ten or so years later I’d like to express any my disagreement (shown with italic font) with the then myself thoughts or replenish them.

In Minsk, Belarus, there is International Academy of Information Technologies (IAIT) which at its general annual meetings twice (in early 2000s) supported the idea of the stunning Internet project «To the Happy Life On Earth, the Planet» proposed by Institute of Intellectual Technologies (IntelTech) by IAIT. The sureness was also expressed that such the project might be worked out under the aegis of the U.N. The corresponding supporting message from IAIT Presidium was sent to the U.N office.

So, there is a reason to say several words about this project’s idea.
At the first glance it seems to be naive, ridiculous and of course unrealised. In actual fact, how do you can say on it if wars, the main source of unhappiness, are usual between people?
People are right in any sense, saying so, because neither bad environmental conditions, nor exhaustion of natural resources, nor worsening of people’s health are the main obstacles on the way to happy life, but our conflicting and aggressive behaviour -- interpersonal, inter-nation, inter-faith or inter-state.

So, I present now some statements I believe reassuring:
At first, what do you think about that a lot of obstacles on the way to happiness are placed in our heads? Such an obstacle, for example, as the human nature which is considered to be unchanged. It is why aggressiveness as maybe the most noticeable property of our nature is thought usually as overcome by no means.

However Konrad Lorentz said: «We have weighty bases to consider inner-specific aggression as the most serious danger threatening to Humankind in the modern conditions... But the prospect to fight this danger will not by no means better if we have to do with it as something metaphysical and inevitable; if on the contrary we will try to trace a chain of the natural causes of its origin, then, this may help. Every time when people gained an ability to change deliberately any phenomenon of Nature in necessary for them direction they were obligated this by their comprehension of cause-effect connections determining the phenomenon».

We can say our passions and too much pragmatically understood interests again and again win our minds. So, question of surviving for Mankind is how to turn the situation.
There is a hope. Really, it is known that aggressiveness is less if education is higher (1). Why we cannot admit that the special directed education methods will be able to less it to normal, civilisation level?

Well, here is my position.

(1) Disputable assertion. Well, not or at all not educated people have lower culture of inter-personal relations (frequently use fists), but wars used to be begun by (and only by) educated people.

Causation to make out

• Aggressiveness is a human quality, having formed in prehistoric times as providing the surviving.
• Because of rather high pressure of the eliminating selection (i.e. because of the environment having been dangerous for living) our operative field of conscience is narrow. In other words, we are evolutionary burdened by «narrow minds». Just because of such our peculiarity the human logic is binary (not ternary and nor yet more complex); as for systemic thinking and synthetic ideas, they are rather rear among people.
• Aggressiveness and the operative field of conscience’s narrowness are correlatively bounded properties: one is conditioned by another.
• The pair is fixed not only evolutionary: it is well known, in while act of aggression, field of conscience is getting yet more narrow, even boundary narrow (medically this state is named as ‘delirium’). All sudden, not prepared murders are happened just in such states and named ‘murders in the state of affect’.
• When someone directs aggression contra himself/ herself, it is suicide, physiologically characterised by the boundary narrowed field of conscience as well.

Challenge of the civilisation security

• There are not such necessity for modern humans to be «narrow-minded»; on the contrary, our more complex conditions of life and in general more secure existing (as average life longitude is raising) need more and more wide field of conscience. You will arrive at the same conclusion if you take into account that the raising mighty of the civilisation makes more and more probable fatal errors’ appearance.
• The problem of happiness absorbs all other problem standing before Mankind: military conflicts, terrorism, the growing poverty, resources’ exhaustion, environment’s pollution. It is why to raise the problem of happiness is not indulging in fantasies, but realising in whole complexity the imperative of surviving for Mankind.
• So, panoramic thinking (generalized name for all other kinds of “good thinking” to be not available for majority of people) is a new challenge to Mankind. To avoid wars, military conflicts, murders and others crimes is possible only when panoramic thinking is getting a manner of thinking for majority of Mankind.
• Thus, aggressive reacting and narrow minds of ancient humans were formed to have survived; pacific, panoramic thinking minds are now conditio sine qua non to have survived for whole Mankind. (2)

(2) Any additional argument may be said out here to support overcoming the shortage of panoramic thinking. There is otherness as a cause for conflicts; someone having widened his thinking panorama and understanding others better would more able not be involved into conflict. So, we may foresee pacification between people, so necessary if “today is the last day of the rest part of our civilization life”.

The reassuring remarks (2)

• Intellectual resource of Earth may be used much more fully when conditions to realise the main talent of Homo sapiens -- his ability for learning and creation -- will be provided;
• Let us notice that to lessen quantity of unhappiness and to extend mass of happiness is a movement in the same direction.
• Russian author Leo Tolstoy said: «It is necessary to have faith in possibility of happiness to be happy».
• Let us suppose there is a country where PT is becoming more and more distributed. Then one can foresee 2 groups of consequences of this - anti-negative and positive ones.


1) reduction of suicides;
2) reduction of murders in the state of temporary insanity;
3) reduction of divorces;
4) cessation or relaxation of interethnic, inter-confessional and other kinds of dissension;
5) overcoming the disconnection of different sciences owing to unifying ideas of great community;
6) cessation of utilisation of people for anti-humane goals (because of their increased capacity to resist zombification).


1) improvement and pacification of interpersonal relations;
2) increase of the quantitative and qualitative level of legislative activity;
3) rise of inventive and innovative activity effectiveness;
4) increase of GNP per capita (owing to rise of the human capital of organisations, enterprises, companies etc.).
5) improvement of leisure quality because of the more pleasure got by people owing to their the more perfect ‘thinking instrument’, supplied by PT.

Such a thinking, when field of conscience is effectively widened, is appeared to be possible. For example, a circus artist, making in the flight many complex and co-ordinated moves by arms and feet, head and trunk, is thinking panoramically. A humorist, giving bright reply on a quite serious utterance, is doing an act of the panoramic thinking, as well who hears him and comprehends. A conductor, leading tens of parts, hearing the sounding and correcting it, holding the tempos, taking in the memory general plan of execution and correlating the sounding with it - is maybe the most expressive argument that we can master by the panoramic thinking.

On the project

• We consider such the project as an adequate answer to the challenge of the new century - what should Humankind do to resolve the increasing mass of problems. We are ready to do the first step.
• «We» mean a team of researchers and pedagogues entering into IAIT (Minsk).
• In connection with the said, project’s objectives in the part of panoramic thinking’s development are:
1) to show the scale of the problem «Shortage of Panoramic Thinking» (SPT) as having diverse appearances everywhere;
2) to set the cause-effect connections between SPT and negative phenomena of life;
3) to prove that SPT can be overcome by educational means;
4) to clear up peculiarities of SPT’s appearances for different ages;
5) to understand what are differences of future educational programs for pre-school, school and high school ages;
6) to give recommendations to future school program-makers.

Why now?

It is a right time to stand the problem because «world web» in next years or decades gives practically for all unlimited possibilities to set interpersonal contacts, when mass of people can join in the problem discussing it on-line. In result, Mankind will be approaching to the state of single (in sense of information) social organism. But in any alive organism kidneys and a liver do not be at enmity, so any pacification will become. Pre-conditions for it are created yet not only because of more and more widening World Web, but because of more and more growing in number of international organisations as well.

Then, there are sufficient reasons to think we and our progeny can go successfully step by step on the way to happy earthly life. It’d be hoped this potential project has a base to be considered as serious first step on this direction. (3)

(3) After the 1st step no other follow. Imperative necessity to master thinking being able to overcome our evolution-inherited backwardness was not realized, and 10 years were lost. Alas, it’s not excluded, the humankind not have already necessary time to cope with global problems in threatening way facing humanity, and we should admit: All humankind must have been fooled.

Look at in addition Four proposals to the International Days of Happiness of March 20, 2014 (posted on June 17, 2013).


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