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Nature's Recommendations Both for Individual and Social Health

* Concept how to counteract the aging
Methodology to counteract the aging based on PT and its consequences
* Sleeping ad libitum
* A method of heart rehabilitation
* Let’s rise our level of activity
* Vascular gymnastics
* Vitamin for the age
* Strategies of the Life recommended by the Nature
* Prof. Nickolay Arinchin’s principles of creating the health
* Proposed by Prof. Victor Maslov (Moscow)
* From point of the planetary responsibility view
* References

Coolness Prophylaxis of Cancerous Diseases

The essence of the proposed new prophylaxis aimed to lower risks of cancerous diseases is to change a few the way of your life – so that your organism experience daily sufficiently long influence of not strong cold, or coolness. Such cool «load», as heightening the metabolism, makes for getting you biologically younger and diminishing risk to fall cancer sick.
Sphere of possible using of the proposed prophylaxis is very wide. The cause is that overwhelming majority of people enter at the risk group on cancerous diseases, just because of because that Human, having got reason at circumstances of the last Great Cold of the last glacial period, began building a “warm-liking” civilization, in contradiction with his inherited “cold-steady” nature. However first of all such the coolness prophylaxis is for persons with excessive weight and inclination to the thermal comfort.

Novelty of the proposed coolness prevention and its possible significance for many people had demanded from the author to realize a complex approach to the subject with taking into account many heterogeneous factors to ground better efficiency of the prevention and assist for it might enter in professional activity of oncologic centers.

A vitamin to treat the aging

Valentin Berestov wrote once amazing poem ending with setting a real scientific problem:
"What we need as the air, as the food and as the water,
for our short years of the life to turn into centuries?"
Prof. Michael Zhilevich's diary presented gives a prompting what we need. ... Rus>>

You can help your cardial rehabilitation yourself

Take into account only that a heart has helpers, so called peripheric hearts… Rus>>

To support pessimists

WHO experts consider that people’s health roughly depends on 70% from their themselves, and only 10% each – from their genoms, Ministry of health and environment in sum. So, everybody or almost everybody has a choice... Rus>>

Somnus ad libitum, or «Sleeping» technologies

Everyone knows situations when it is very needed to have a good sleep because of crucial day ahead (examination, business meeting, lecture, report on scientific conference or in the face of boss), but you cannot fall asleep. But you may be helped... Rus>>

Sapere audete, or Decide to be clever

«How is your writings?» – «So-so. Any creative stagnation. No inspiration».
Similar dialogue reflects a relation with inspiration as any secret phenomenon controlled by the highest forces and independed from us. Meanwhile to get control of inspiration in a degree may everyone ... >>

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