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The Urgent Creation of the All-World Intellectual Web Resource

Proposed by Dr. Vladimir TRETYAKOV
as a solution at Free School for Panoramic Thinking

(Closed together with portal in April 12, 2014)


All human civilization had been created as a result of the brain-work of more intelligent people over some tens of millennia. The problem now is how to save our unsustainable developing world from extinction and self-extinction during the coming decades using new technologies in technique and informatics, new technologies of thinking (both individual and collective), new information databases being provided with necessary and replenished equipping.


An authoritative world renown scientist / philosopher or public / state figure being aware his personal responsibility for the next generations gains huge team of thinkers from different countries to elaborate (after many discussions) a project aimed at forming an effectively acting Intellectual Web Resource. In particular the very convictive arguments are selected why the project is urgent and the juxtaposing is done by comparing its cost with the price for humankind to pay out if the thought-up will be taken aside or not at all realized. As a by-project, the team works our as well widened information base to be replenished by monitoring and analyzing the current situation in the world in dynamics.

Within the team, some alternative appeals about financial, informational and organization supporting worked out for them to send along many addresses to businessmen, organizations, media, heads of governments.

After wide discussion of appeals in media some TNCs appear, leaderships of which have counted that to open better perspectives for humankind is a way to secure more their own business and to have a commercial profit at present already from participation in a project of such the scale and significance.

TNCs attracting experts and advisors -- own and invited -- organize the governing core of the project, giving them a freedom of further personal casting, including among self-proposed volunteers. The first draft of the Strategy of Progressive Civilization Development is launched, recommendations for governments are sent around.


All-World Intellectual Web Resource (AWIWR) created under aegis and support of mighty TNCs is getting an international commercial project number 1 in the world. Its recommendations are called by governments. Its financial support is defined by intensiveness of responses approving the Strategy (from media, organizations, institutions, private persons), its perfection – by critical remarks and constructive proposals.


40—80 years needed to direct civilization onto the way of progressive development demand some generations of project designers, experts, programmers, etc. The first generation of the project's designers studying the system of global problems to be solved by AWIWR, shouldn't miss problems of technique character as well:

1. Wars and war conflicts may be considered as after-effects of people's inability to negotiate and find balances of the negotiating sides' interests. A problem: to optimize the regalement of negotiations after effectiveness and comfort, however differently directed were sides' interests.

2. Till now, scientists of humanities know a little about interests, opinions, ideas of people living on Earth. A problem: to organize and realize all-world wide Internet interrogations (referendums) on problems being of vital importance for the most people.

3. Creative processes used to proceed apart; thinking people usually show ego-centrism, "encycledness" on their own ideas. It is why, in particular, intelligent people dislike "to gather into a big herd", preferring to belong to any elitist "clusters". A problem: to organize and promote the intellectual forum of civilization for it to be attractive for the most part of intelligentsia. Reason of it is that detailed and dynamic complexities of problems' complex, as well as their "zeitnotlich" character, need the full mobilization of intellectual forces.

4. Human beings with their intelligent minds lag behind of the civilization, though having been created by the similar cleverer human beings. So, we can propose all calamities of human civilization are situated into human heads. A problem: to re-build world education systems so that final-year pupils and students be corresponding after quality of thinking to both a scale and character of changes to happen in the world.

5. Aggressiveness, as a human property, is in correlation with the evolution backwardness of human mentality what may be called shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT). The more overcome SPT the more brought down aggressiveness. Of course, pacification in human community is in common positive, but psychologists connect with aggressiveness the very creative human potential. A problem: to elucidate whether a community of panoramic thinking people will lose stimuli to create, and they will get unarmed against those aggressive ones, or on the contrary they are getting a mighty minds, tools of the thoughts.

6. Creation of the civilization of higher secure is the hardest process demanding intellectual efforts of some human generations. But because of threats are near, some decades being real necessary for the project's participants maybe is already not "given" them. The only this should not allow them to ignore the eternal dream of people about happiness. A problem: at first in human history, to call and to organize the all-planetary multi-language Internet forum "Towards Happy Life on Earth". Having got popular, it would turn out into unique fundamental sociological base for the designers-sociologists, giving them new directions of research and so necessary prolonged still period of conciliation to cope with threatening global problems.


This Appeal is to those who are going to fly or already in the flight owing to
I hope you have a financial freedom not only for comfortable relaxation for yourselves. Among you should be, it may not be otherwise, those who foresee farther of the nearest profit and can evaluate remote sequels for businesses – if all goes as it goes: from evolution through present INvolution and forthcoming EVILution

Being in the flight you have a time to imagine the two variants of the distant future: with and without your participation. Maybe, there are already a business plan draft of your participation in creating hearths of the future Intelligent World-Wide Resource, the plan to be in itself the commercial affair and efficient promotion of the very your business? You open then Humankind a way to filling civilization omissions up!


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