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A criminal diagnosis: narrow-mindedness

By Dr. Vladimir N.Tretyakov

It happened really many times: people shocked by the crime, analyzing it, just speculated: "How did that happen? Some beast of him!" Trying to find in the killer’s biography something out of the ordinary, and having found (for example, as being the child pulled tails of cats) they sighed with relief: "Well, what do you want... All’s clear."

This desire to "disassociate" from the offender, as if to prove their otherness to him, it is a kind of psychological defense, an attempt to suppress the disturbing thought: "could not I take the same case?" But the point is that to fence themselves is not always possible. Because the "degenerate" is very often of quite a happy family, having no friends among recidivists. People refers to the guilty, "How could you act so?”. Who-who but the offender should know everything for certain. However in response is just something unintelligible: «Like an eclipse which had been...". Maybe, in fact, the eclipse of the mind?

Let’s try to understand. But it will not be easy, because we were taught to believe that a man is a product of social relations and that social Darwinism is bourgeois unscientific nasty thing. And in addition that we have biological within us has really long ago overcome, because we are people of the new social system, the most advanced in the world. Okay, we no longer believe in such the way, but an internal censor could easily grab the hand to stop the flight of thought by a remark about biologization of the social.

Well, let’s try to neutralize it with the rhetorical question: “How can you do more biological what is biological thoroughly without this?” Really we all came from Nature, thus the human society from there as well.

As we know, a significant deal of violent crimes are murders committed in the state of heat of passion called the insanity. Its main feature is extremely narrowed field of consciousness. In this state people usually lose their inherent ability to self-appraisal just because of the self-esteem is a complex mental process to require not pathologically narrowed field of consciousness but a normal one, though narrowed as well.

In most cases, the offender is horrified by the offense immediately or a little later, when a sobering comes. This is a very important point, which means: without temporary eclipse of the mind there might be no crime.

Let’s emphasize once again that we are talking about "impromptu" murders, to be not planned.
It’s considered that among all species to be alive ever on Earth only about 1% of them exist now. It means the selection pressure was not weak, and questions of individual survival of animals ("to live -- not to live ") were often solved in critical, even extreme situations. That is why consciousness mechanism what had been formed acted on the principle of dominance.

Look ourselves at outside. Why people can not read one thing and say something another to be not written there? Why two arithmetic tasks, kind of addition and multiplication of not big numbers that each of us can easily handle one-by-one, become irresistibly difficult if we try to solve them both at once,? You easily draw by the left hand the figure one and the figure two by the right, but you don’t cope to draw these figures by both hands doing simultaneously, in any case without training.

There is apt an anecdote.
A commander at the top of his solid roar gives the command: "From me to the next column -- quick march!"

Or such the problem:
"Yesterday was not as warm as today cold. When it was warmer: yesterday or today?"

The line omitted for you to have a time for thinking. "Yesterday," "today", "warmly", "coldly", "warmer", there are only 5 concepts, not so much for you to carry out the comparison. But all of us far not at once went on them in our field of consciousness. And before we apprehended the said, a few seconds we may feel a sense of perplexity. Though the answer seems to be obvious: of course, yesterday! For example, today was 3o C below zero, and yesterday 2o C above zero. Warmly, but "not so".

Thus, the human brain is a "machine" of sequential action. Just because of this analysis is successful us a more frequently than synthesis. To hit upon the systems thinking we should be several thousand years to live, already having the philosophy of science. Errors of stupidity, it's only a detail, but a characteristic (like "from me to the next pillar"). Yeah, we had carried out from the evolution with limited field of consciousness, and it is a constant source of stress for managers, surgeons, and operators.

Murders in states of insanity are also manifestations of our biological nature.

Indeed, if the field of consciousness is narrowed even in the normal state, the more it is expressed when scandal, quarrel or fight. Moreover, the present-day life, with its high tempo of changes, in general keeps people in psychological tension and stress because of problems, not always solved, so one’s field of consciousness to be narrowed by our evolution origin is getting further narrowed. As a result, readiness to be aggressive and violent appears, sometimes reveals itself in murders.

Recall here about suicides, perhaps people of the most delicate nervous organization. Their last act in life is, of course, conceived in advance, but should still be a "last drop" what overfilled “bowl of patience” and led to insanity. Here it is worth noting that among those suicides who were “unsuccessful”, only a tiny percentage to repeat suicidal attempts. The same as above: the moment has passed, "drop" has resolved, and the life turns still possible.

How to do that such the moment didn’t come? After all, if it were not there, people would have remained alive.

How one might act in order not to have gone to the abyss of insanity, not to let oneself fall there?

They need to master the specific mindset and then they will be more secure for themselves and those surrounding them.

Easy to say. How to do it?

Training and self-training, there is no another way.

But Nature has shaped animals for millions of years before one of its species, Homo sapiens, owned the Reason. True, narrowness of its field of consciousness is our evolutionary acquisition.

Yes, but we live in not in the jungle, but in a more complex environment to be social, technological. We need to somehow be able to better match its complexity. In systemic, panoramic way must be able to think majority of people.

And all this in order that some of them be in the future unable to have committed crimes and to impose on itself hands?

No, of course, not only. Developing the panoramic thinking is just a necessary response to the growing complexity of the modern world. And if we refer to nature, then there is more at place to say about the gift to be given to man as a species, the amazing and almost unlimited capacity to learn.

Oh, and what about this way of thinking to learn?

Perhaps the guiding idea here may be that the ability to act onto some parallel directions will develop as well "parallel" thinking to be wider. Does not an actor/actress playing the role connect at the same time two persons, his/her own and his/her character? The teacher in while lecturing, doesn’t he / she think on several directions: on the stated theme of how it fits into the whole lecture, as perceived by students, and what need to develop or cut in order to keep within the allotted time?

A gymnast accomplishes in the flight at the same time a variety of movement of the limbs, torso and head, analyses his position in the space and corrects it. Pianist controls the movement of the arms and legs, according to the sounding music, correlating the game with general design of the opus, receiving fluids from the audience, trying to catch the inspiration.

So, as you can see, some people can already something in the sense of the panoramic thinking. True, they are rather role models for the majority, which are still can not do that. Yes, in the above examples, we may surely say just about a redistribution of the attention, giving in result an widening the field of consciousness, but that it is important that the effect of this is, and we can learn it to achieve.

Well, dispatchers, operators, surgeons, drivers, pilots, acrobats, musicians, operatives, fire-fighters, they all need to think in panoramic way. Of course as well scientists, inventors, novelists. Yet more legislators to pass a law -- and not to be forced to revise it on the next day because something was not taken into account. However, for an office’s worker, you may say, why panoramic thinking?

But imagine you come to such the prepared one for the reception. Seeing you in the hands a paper without interrupting phone talk shows signs: “give me to see it”; then reads, estimates, makes notes, ends the phone talk, signs the paper, stands, answering your grateful handshake ...

As it happens in a different way, you know. Something here depends of course on up-bringing but something definitely also on the wideness of the field of consciousness, what can be developed.

And if so, we need a concrete, constructive work on composing possible concepts of panoramic thinking’s development and training programs realizing it. Psychologists, anthropologists, criminologists, sociologists, doctors, pedagogues - all would have to do with the affair, in order in XXI century people could master the panoramic thinking.

(Publ. in Minsk newspaper "Ñòàëiöà" (Capital), 1995, Jan. 20).

Oct. 31, 203 P.S. Since 1995 my understanding what human evolution backwardness means for humanity has underwent essential change. The very important that this evolution feature was named more adequately, the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) to include both realized and non-realized influences on the thinking process from the side of instincts, emotions and interests together taken. Just because of such varied influence upon human mentality, signs of SPT are seen everywhere. It was understood as well that SPT is the root cause of human calamities since Homo sapience’s appearance to our days, that is why it may be accounted as the first imperative of humanity survival demanding our and our progeny intentional actions and, when overcome, indicating ways how to find and open civilization omissions for them to fill up and guide civilization toward progressive evolving.



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