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Ad: Reform In-Depth of International Institutions
initiated in 2007 by UBUNTU Forum

Nature's recommendations for international institutions

Proposed by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou,
Representative powered by ISPU “IAIT” at DPI/UN

Addressees of this document are

*NGO Section, UN Department of Public Information
*Mr. Federico Mayor and Prof. Josep Xercavins i Valls, UBUNTU Forum
*Prof. Herald G. Manshyn, ISPU “IAIT”

Commenting Ban Ki-moon's public utterance
Commenting Federico Mayor's public utterance
Commenting UBUNTU Forum Leaders' public utterance
Why Nature's recommendations?
Background underlined the Recommendations
For International NGOs
For the United Nations
For State Governments


We shell require a substantially new
manner of thinking, if mankind is to survive.
-Albert Einstein.

Commenting Ban Ki-moon's public utterance

I dare to comment the General-Secretary's utterance below having those reasonable arguments of “natural origin”. I only have picked out the words with bold font:

" Every day we are reminded of the need for a strengthened United Nations , as we face a growing array of new challenges, including humanitarian crises, human rights violations, armed conflicts and important health and environmental concerns. Seldom has the United Nations been called upon to do so much for so many . I am determined to breathe new life and inject renewed confidence into a strengthened United Nations firmly anchored in the twenty-first century, and which is effective, efficient, coherent and accountable. "

We may notice that there are there no attempt to aim eradicating that what are or may be the causes of negative events and threatening problems. It means the systems archetype “PATCHING THE HOLES” is proposed to be used further. “To do so much for so many proves it.

Moreover, the aiming towards “strengthened United Nations” appears to depend on the Secretary-General's sureness whether he can breathe new life into it. Alas, to stay such the aim, WITHOUT TOUCHING RADICAL CAUSES begetting threats to the very humanity's existence, is the same as to aim changing all the world order when world leaders are quite not going to do it.

Commenting Federico Mayor's public utterance

Federico Mayor said the below on 2 April 2001 at the inaugural meeting of UBUNTU (the picked out with font are mine):

“The last thing I want is that any of our descendents should look back in some years and despise us for not daring to act when we had so much capacity to act . We must dare to seek the how, the why and the what for of our agreements . We shall thus be able to join together to look for alternative solutions and new ways of managing the world's challenges . Being diverse is our richness, acting together will be our strength”.

I would like first of all to mark that humane and ethical approach of UBUNTU Forum's Head permitting him conscientiously to say “ not daring to act when we had so much capacity to act. ” Something similar I had in my mind writing “Institutional and Strategic Bankruptcy of Intelligent People in Civilization Process” [7]. Really, the most intelligent people might conscientiously reproach themselves with the hard and terrible problems' avoiding and not-participating in their solution.

The direction indicated by Federico Mayor: “ to join together to look for alternative solutions and new ways of managing the world's challenges ” deserves to be adopted. ALTERNATIVE is here a key word. Indeed, if these challenges and problems were accumulated unresolved in some centuries, then ALL ORDINARY solutions appeared to be not adequate.

The only correcting is needed in the last sentence. It should sound so to reflect enormous complexity of problems and threats hanging over humanity, and then long way of their overcoming. So, in
Being diverse is our richness, acting together will be our strength ”, WE should be understood as COLLECTIVE REASON OF OUR AND NEXT GENERATIONS.
Commenting UBUNTU Forum leaders' public utterance

In last 2007, Federico Mayor and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel on the occasion of the opening of the 62nd Annual General Assembly of the U.N. came ahead with the appeal "Let us make the United Nations the central instrument in democratic world governance", reinforcing in such the way the Secretary General's slogan: "Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly".

Alas, the last slogan might convey any UN Annual General Assembly opening, and not surprisingly that the 62 nd General Assembly hearings did not get really “a particular time for the world to focus on the situation of the world and on the policies to adopt for tackling its problems, challenges and collective projects”.

The UBUNTU Forum leaders in their 09/17/2007 appeal gave serious grounds why such drastic changes of the UN's role in the world are necessary basing on criticism in the UN activities. But their appeal to create “ a democratic world governance system, centered on a thoroughly reformed United Nations, and possessing full legitimacy and capacity to tackle the issues and challenges facing us ”, though deserves to be respected, resembles for all that a good intention. Really, how any organization/institution may be “the central instrument in democratic world governance", if in this world, in during 60 years, there are only Human Rights declared on the highest level of international legislative and there is until now similar legislative act declared for Human Responsibilities?! Moreover, the world now is not ready be governed by any “central instrument”. It may not be otherwise in such the world where there are BILLIONS “GOLDEN” (1), “NOT-GOLDEN” (5) AND EVEN “HUNGRY” (1).

Why Nature's recommendations

Why recommendations of the Nature might be guidance for actions? Let's juxtapose: 6 decades, 40 millennia and about 1 billion years. First is the time of the UN existing, second is the period since Homo Sapiens arisen to present, and third is the evaluated time of the life on Earth.

So, such the long Earthly life might give us very serious ground providing in-depth reforming any human-containing systems, including international institutions. Theoretically, it is possible, if we know how 'to hear' the Nature's recommendations. Well, that know-how was worked out in my D.Sc. thesis “Searching Algorithms of Nature's Recommendations” [1] defended in 2001 at IAIT. Until recently, they were applied in pedagogy [2], to science as an area of human activity [3], in health-creation [4], sociology [5], and for the last time to the whole human civilization: ”Creation of the civilization security system for the 3rd millennium” [6] and “All humanity may have been fooled” [11].

Background underlined the Recommendations

Our pre-history had been hard survival, what pre-determined narrow field of consciousness and now may be diagnosed as shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT). In states of danger, in extreme situations of assault and defense the field of consciousness narrows up to the only dominant hearth. For our animal ancestors and pre-people, it had been more frequently good. Really, from «to come through» point of view, it had been important to react adequately: for those being attacked to avoid jeopardy and for those attacking not to be late with assault (as for the most predators «to survive» in the most cases means «not to die of starvation»).

That is why any situation of intercourse with other people, especially being at enmity with us, aggravates SPT even if a little, because acquired instincts operate arising our psychological tension. The base of thinking process, because of NARROWED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS (after the principle of dominant hearth), is getting poorer. While being in the stress, our field of consciousness narrows especially strongly, that is why the diagnosis – SHORTAGE OF PANORAMIC THINKING – turned out to be sometimes even criminal.

Let's take into consideration that each of us, and it is as well an after-cause of our evolution pre-history, divides all existing after dichotomy: I and all the remain or I and all others . In other words, we are primordially awful ego-centrists, and nobody may go away of such the perception of the world. Just because of that, we used to find difficulties in standing onto another's point of view, in understanding others. In short, it may be named guarded (or even suspicious) relation to any OTHERNESS. Because of this, it is unbelievably difficult to be unbiased. So «others» always were and will be: of other by birth, of other profession, of other social status, of other sex, of other nationality, of other race, of other faith, and frontiers between different «others» were and will be complicated with conflicts; good, if not military ones.

The new reality's beginning may be dated by second half of 20 th century when it was realize “the overkill”, i.e. possibility for the human race to be exterminated by some percent portion of the weapons accumulated. Polish thinker Stanislaw Lec was right: “Earth, it is the point under question sign”. Going along the comparison, since middle 20 th century till now that question has grown up and is hanging already over whole world. In other words, we must admit that our civilization's emergent property is PROPERTY OF SELF-EXTERMINATION [7, 9].

Let's take into account that w hole human civilization, with its culture and techno-sphere, had arisen in result of intellectual, creative activities of many generations of clever people. It is why just they, i.e. intelligent people of new generations, might take responsibility for the civilization's state and future and to elaborate a strategy of Humankind's existence and development being able to minimize threats of civilization's extermination and self-extermination. Just such the goal may and must be a common affair of INGOs.

Let us take into account that to set and realize such the goal is explicitly expressed Nature's recommendations. Really, there had been evolution-progressive through process of CEPHALIZATION among collective animals in during millions years: separating the head and forming the global brain. Humankind, this single mega-organism, is the only what has felt out of this process and is living without strategic planning and any likeness of mega-brain. So, urgent creation of a World Intellectual Web Resource (WIWR) [8] may be considered as an imperative of humanity survival.

There are obstacles towards the WIWR described in “ Institutional and strategic bankruptcy of intelligent people in the civilization process” [7]. To overcome them is necessary condition to go on the way directing towards a secure civilization. None separated human reason, even the most ingenuous, can cope with that huge masse of mutually interlaced global problems and challenges. For INGOs, to create effectively acting COLLECTIVE INTELLECT OF GLOBAL SCALE means as well to master cooperative and productive thinking.


For International NGOs

To build an INGO after Nature's recommendations means to take into account new reality of the world which is “ABLE” TO EXTERMINATE ITSELF.
Whereas there is the cefalization, a through process of the evolution among animals, the last stage of which is evolution to bigger and more complex brain, any INGO should intend to create its collective intellect, uniting many intellectual professions and in-building into the information world. Besides, the more the INGO intellect's structural complexity is corresponding to the world's information complexity, the more probability to choose correctly the INGO's activity, to evaluate adequately projects proposed, to elaborate good strategic planning, to give grounded and efficient responses on drastic world events taken place.

If to keep in the minds that human civilization is argued to have felt out of the process of cephalization and in any sense is “headless”, then any INGO might have many forms of activity intending to gather the disposed intellectual resources and provide creating new ones, apprehending all this as a way to GLOBAL BRAIN OF THE CIVILIZATION MEGA-ORGANISM'S CREATION.
Whereas any global problem is in the complex overlapping with others, an INGO should intend to take a part in global problems resolving being cooperated with other INGOs, accumulating in such way own abilities and replenishing information data bases.
Any species prospers augmenting its population numbers. It might be orientation for an INGO as well to increase its numbers. By the way, elder people who are not connected already with working duties, as the best volunteers, might replenish INGOs and be useful by their experience of the past. Those who know anthropology even a little may apprehend how it'd be in correspondence with human pre-history, when elder pre-people had been secured as bearers of value experience.

It'd be contrary to Nature when INGOs limit their contacts between themselves following principles of near acquaintance or of other nearness. Let's note, our intellectual “muscles” are growing as well when we deal with aliens and even hostiles.

This is a recommendation for an INGO of educational direction: to be aware of human mentality's backwardness as the MAIN CAUSE OF ALL OUR MISFORTUNES AND THREATENING PROBLEMS, and do something to establish, even if in your country, the educational system oriented so to overcome that mentality's backwardness.

Constructive activity of INGOs may be effective in peaceful conditions. To win more peaceful (without wars) and still (without global catastrophes) time for all those actions, INGOS might make for weakening keenness of alienation and enmity in the world. As the first and effective measure for that might be creation of ALL-WORLD MANY-LANGUAGE INTERNET FORUM discussing problems of happiness and unhappiness, researching those problems and situation in different countries, tuning all this resource onto helping on principle of mutual aid.

For the United Nations

The United Nations, though being INTERNATIONAL and ORGANIZATION, undergoes in the highest degree by governmental officials influences and is lobbied by state representatives. Just because of that, it may not be reformed so quickly and drastically as INGOs. Its reforming may be completed in radical way not earlier than governmental institutions of the world will be working as the single system based on tight and effective cooperation, not competition. Then INGOs being fortified by and united for common actions, would give the UN real base for its reforming and transforming into the main world power.

In other words, the reformed in-depth UN may only appear in quite another world. Nevertheless, Nature's recommendations said for INGOs may have a little to do for the UN reforming as well. Moreover, despite “a little”, because of topic position of the Organization, its renewed activity may turn out of very effectiveness for INGOs and the rest of the world.

An UN structure, let's say the Department of Public Information, might give a start resolving problems of global peace and collective security in a new fashion, combining three levels: general (dialogue), civil (NGOs/DPI) and competent (expertise). Let us suppose, two officers of DPI are getting RESPONSIBLE FOR GLOBAL DIALOGUE and RESPONSIBLE FOR GLOBAL ISSUE EXPERTISE titles. Let DPI and its responsible persons get possibilities to appeal broadly on these actions under aegis of UN/DPI, including among NGOs/DPI, experts' community associated with the U.N. and on Dialogue's forums. [18]

As the U.N. has high image in many countries, then projects, worked out there, may get easy in there financial support of governmental or non-governmental structures. After that, having any choice, DPI and its responsible persons have defined on their levels (expertise, NGOs, dialogue) what are the most actual, the best grounded, quite approved projects. The U.N. Secretariat, after negotiations with State Representatives, has determined which projects are of national, regional and global levers of supporting and influence.

The U.N. might get stronger and more influential international institution having crossed to another form of inter-state intercourse. Such proposal is roused by consideration that ACOUSTIC CHANNEL of intercourse has essentially lesser capacity in comparison with visual one. This means GENERAL ASSEMBLIES where reports are heard MAY NOT BE EFFECTIVE TOOL for decision making as not recommended by Nature.

What might be for the United Nations in place of Annual General Assemblies having more than 60-year history? It might take a NEW PART OF THE INTERSTATE AND INTER-INGOs MEDIATOR, governing, by using the 21 st century's information technologies and multimedia abilities, all the processes of elaborating documents of international meaning on all levels, namely:
*gathering initiative proposals, whichever those sent from;
*working with national, INGO and UN experts;
*working with State Representatives and INGOs' Representatives at UN Agencies;
*preparing the agreements adopted by experts for ELECTRONIC signings by the State Leaders, intending to obtain possibly full consensus among them.
*launching and conveying in 2010, in place of 2001 Year DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS, Decade of CIVILIZATION DIALOGUE. Eternal subject HAPPINESS-UNHAPPINESS, as including all possible problems interesting for people is the most appropriate for such many-language world forum.

To have made the United Nations the central instrument in democratic world governance, as proposed Federico Mayor and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, is possible IN DURING OF TIMES if the UN is actively supporting INGOs' reforming along natural (i.e. Nature's) recommendations and gets in result mighty support of INGOs as bearers of new, planetary consciousness and as a new real social power being able to change the world to the better and to save it of extinction and self-extinction. Only then, some decades later at best, new wave of reforming may reach governmental structures, and radical reforming the UN will get possible.

For Governments

In the world what is getting global more and more, any government in evitable way is getting an international institution. Then, may you imagine such reforming, even if not in-depth, of those governments, all together or separately, if each of them has now their own national (sometimes selfish) interests what may be even fought? Logically to think their reforming has to be put aside for a while.
Well, now Nature's recommendation for national leaders, In the world, having no common-for-all strategy of planetary development and needing even if little global agreements on national both policies and actions, RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL THE PLANET is getting quality linked with CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE OF HUMANITY'S SURVIVAL. It means now LEADERS EXPRESSING ONLY NATIONAL INTERESTS in their activity are not appertaining yet to the best kind of state leaders [9]. In particular, this planetary human responsibility being aware should prompt them in which way to help those international NGOs which make for forming a World-Wide Intellectual Web Resource called upon to resolve and overcome threatening global problems.


Author texts supplementing and arguing the said above

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22. Principle of intolerance should be introduced in the sociology.
23. Planetary Responsibility page on the site devoted to imperatives of human species survival.

Added on January 13, 2012 :

These Recommendations, in part of rebuilding relations of the UN with international NGOs associated with DPI/UN, appear to be noticed. One of the UN divisions, namely the Executive Committee of the DPI, sent distributive letters to «own» organizations for them to partake in global discussion on the sustainable development problem before Rio+20 Conference (June 2012) of the similar thematic direction. This appeal I got as well as a Representative at the DPI from a scientific NGO (IAIT), and my reply of course was: COUNT ME IN.

It was seen in this that the UN has got interested in a wider public opinion. Btw, in the Recommendations was described just this -- more effective use of the intelligent potential of international NGOs having got more effective owing Internet. Though I realize such the advice may be propose with no reference to the Nature. I admit I was merely one of many who proposed the similar.

Moreover, in my messages to delegates of Annual DPI/NGOs Conferences, beginning since 59 th (2006) and ending 63 rd (2010), and in the report about creating of a system of the civilization security , I trying tCHANGE THE MIND!. (in Rus.)a href=o vindicate a constructive, systemic approach to the global problems, with aiming onto this main topical subject, the sustainable development, in spite of attempts to reach it since 1992 were unsuccessful. Lost of interest to the very “enveloping” complex problem had as a result that the subsequent DPI/NGOs Conferences were devoted to particular, separated global problems, what hardly may be considered as an adequate reaction to absence of a success, and that was as well said in my message about.

I want to Let's take into account that w hole human civilization, with its culture and techno-sphere, had arisen in result of intellectual, creative activities of many generations of clever people. It is why just they, i.e. intelligent people of new generations, might take responsibility for the civilization's state and future and to elaborate a strategy of Humankind's existence and development being able to minimize threats of civilization's extermination and self-extermination. Just such the goal may and must be a common affair of INGOs. size= mark also what maybe is the main: in the direction of the Conference is reflected another counted proposal from IAIT, to repfont size=3lenish international law with Human Planetary Responsibility in order to recognize it at the level what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has got. Previous attempts, about a ten, were to enter in international law documCHANGE THE MIND!a href=font color=brraquo; always were and will be: of other by birth, of other profession, of other social status, of other sex, of other nationality, of other race, of other faith, and frontiers between different size=brent like Universal Declaration of Human a href=font color=Responsibility. Well, here is a promotion as well, as the subject of 64 th Annual DPI/NGOs Conf/FONTpg-info.htma href=I and all the remain p align=, sustainable societies, responsive citVerdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif#000000#000000izens, reflects realization by the UN governing body of necessity for people to have higher responsibility, and also to return to the sustainable development as to grounded subject for public discussions (here concretely in the variant of sustainable societies).

The UN has a possibility to adopt for realization as well once more recommendation about creation within the UN Council of Security any division being responsible for the civilization security (see Creating the Committee on Civilization Security ). The hierarchic archetype of organization is the characteristic within all animal world, and such the CCS in the UN Council of Security would be as well fulfillment of Nature's recommendation.


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