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New dimension of human rights

By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou (Belarus),
International Scientific Public Union 'IAIT'
associated with DPI/UN from July 2004 under name
International Academy of Information Technologies (IAIT)

For the 61st NGO/DPI Conference delegates' informing

Preamble. How the 61st Conference working paper claimed: "The DPI/NGO Conference can help foster a NEW MINDSET AROUND HUMAN RIGHTS, encouraging GREATER AWARENESS of the state of human rights in the world today, and opening up OPPORTUNITIES for people to identify and take part in solutions". I believe the 60 th anniversary of UDHR might be pointed to any breaking-through decision in human right area. I mean to the right to have a choice: to proceed using our mentality how it had been got in the result of the evolution pre-history OR to recognize that civilization threats are huge and it is a right time to utilize a resource of civilization survival, concealing in the human rights broadened. The 61 st Annual DPI/NGO Conference can get the first step to the aim, because, as was noticed, it "can create the framework for discussions that are FORWARD THINKING, exploring civil society contributions to ADVANCING THE RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS".

Setting a problem. George B. Shaw said: "Intellect, it is a passion. Descartes, without doubt, took of the life more than Casanova did". Anton Tchekhov said even more: "For those who have experienced delights of creativity, other delights do not exist". Then such the question is justified: Does it happen so that the most of people awfully impoverish themselves, not having possibilities to express themselves in creative manners by issuing products of the thought animated with feelings and to be delighted with the very process and with recognition by others of their products' valuables. Maybe people in masse, not at all the individuals, have such tacit abilities of creators, and absence of the corresponding education system only does not permit them to experience in their lives moments of the highest happiness? If so, are there any opportunities to provide for people such a new human right as the right to be educated so as that to have got abilities for creative activities?

To recognize better. Looking at your own face and your pet's snout, do you see common property in this and that designs? I mean closeness of all main organs of senses, i.e. eyes, ears, nose and tongue, to the brain. And do you see in this similarity that 1) the pressure of evolution selection on Earth had been very high and 2) in the human race, there was not any selection on the reason from the times when Homo sapiens had appeared? Maybe no, because to look does not to see. Though, the 1st conclusion, it is well known as proved from other data; as for the second, it may appear unexpected. Then, remember an anthropologist's opinion: a Neanderthal pre-human, having lived 40 millennia ago, might learn at Cambridge.
To confirm the last conclusion: we have binary, "animal" logics ("danger - no danger", "edible - not edible", "own - alien"); we have inclination to take decisions rather rapid and simple than adequate; our minds have tendencies "to serve" aggressive forms of behavior.

Evolution considerations. For forefathers and more ancient human forbears their narrow field of consciousness (NFC) had been an advantage in survival because of high-velocity behavior reactions correlating with NFC. Now, for modern people, being situated under the civilization defense, in the world becoming more and more complex, to have NFC means to have a shortage, an evolutionary inherited “burdenedness” of the human mentality, what may be diagnosed as the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT). Then PANORAMIC THINKING is a manner of thinking with overcoming SPT and, as a higher level of thinking to be reached should include into itself all other forms of right thinking.

Widening the Problem's framework. Any creative activity is carried out with using the human mind, and there is the wide manifold of ways to think. We knows kinds of thinking: logical, lateral, inventive, creative, parallel, breaking-through, of full spectrum, of more than one track, non-standard, systems, and the list may be continued. Which of those or all at once should be learned and mastered for future creative people's lives? The answer is: our SPT gives the civilization no chance to survive in a long perspective; so to be mastered should be all what is able to overcome the human evolution conditioned peculiarity, NFC, and to include all known forms, the above mentioned among them.

Questions what might be set. Don't think you that many million armies of fans going mad of their sportive and variety idols are evidence of what may be named as "the not-claimedness of the human minds"? Isn't evidence of the same that we usually hate to be in waiting of something or somebody? May we say that the unburdening mental accompaniment of events as well as idle talks "reply by reply" are quite unusable for people? Don't you see in it an association with the known fact that only one tenth part of human brain nervous cells are acting? May we be surprised then that we have the thinking which calls forth numerous problems? Why one can't think that just because of SPT human communities again and again faced such problems as corruption, terrorism, interpersonal, inter-ethnic, inter-confessional, inter-nation, military and other conflicts? Do you know that dangerous errors of thoughtlessness happen just because of the pathologic narrowed field of consciousness in while of nervous and intense situations being quite usual in the present life? May you be agree that though if to reduce criminality, it is worth to overcome with pedagogic means our inherited property, SPT, to live in more secure world?

After all that, may you admit that systems discordance existing forth between the imperfect human mind and huge complexity of the civilization having created by hundreds of human generations?

Dangerous "specialization". That SPT may be considered as a kind of specialization having been gained by people in pre-historic times. Alas, physiology of human thinking didn't change from times of the stone centuries, otherwise we should be to prove that the more clever people had more possibilities for reproduction than more physical strong, aggressive or sexy individuals. It means we may be likened a narrow-specialized species of the deep water fishes, which, as it is known, cannot be lifted alive to the sea surface. We, with our narrow-mindedness as a sort of specialization, we all are lifted as well - to the top of the civilization, having our mind as before tuned on "programs of jungles".
Proceeding the theme: In 2005, Prof. Stephen Hocking, a U.S. astrophysicist, set the question "for all": how the human race may survive at such negative phenomena observed?; Dr.Martin Reece, a Britain astronomer, the Director of Greenwich observatory, said in 2003 with more sureness that our civilization's probability to remain alive in the century is about 50%. Analysts from Institute of mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, predicted in early 2000s that a sequence of global catastrophes to be broken out in during of this century.

There is an imperative. Considerations of civilization security, connected, as it is proposed by imperfectness of our mentality, being such serious, make deem there is an imperative to overcome it. So, to introduce the right to be taught to think panoramically means to give a chance for our civilization to remain alive. It was French scientist Henri Poincare who said: "People dislike thinking, so other people should have been thinking for them". The U.N., having declaring the right to learn how to overcome that common human mentality's shortage, would give the world a chance owing those people who are able and wishing to think and, being taught, to teach others how to do.

Decidedness of the Problem. Pedagogic ground of such the novelty is that the human as a species is gifted by almost unlimited abilities to learn. Moreover, an idea to develop the panoramic thinking (PT) by educational means appears to be quite natural, because the modern world is overloaded with information, and now to know how something to find and to use in creative way has more importance than remember "just in case" a masse of information. PT is none abstract concept having nothing to do with reality. For example, there are elements of PT shown by a controller at distributive desk, a conductor of orchestra at conductor's stand, a surgeon performing an operation, a synchronic interpreter minding conferences, a TV showman putting on the air, a composer creating symphonies or concerts, a writer thinking over novels or stories, an actor playing on a stage, a school teacher leading lessons, a scientists introducing new scientific concepts, a humorist thinking up new jokes and those people who takes them in. So, there is a ground for the break-through to the new human right.

In spirit of 61st Conference working paper. From above one may conclude that panoramically thinking people will help to create "new mindset around human rights"; moreover, new human right will sharpen interest to all the Declaration, giving in result "greater awareness of the state of human rights in the world".

Towards the moral revival. Friedlich Schiller counted: "The educated reason ennobles moral feelings; the head should bring up the heart". This thought may be considered as short expression of the all humane ethics created by Erich Fromm. So, renewal education will give people that wide view on the world and on themselves inside to move away from the precipice of moral degradation.

Grounding the new dimension of Human Rights. Panoramic thinking ( PT) has properties of any imagery, intuitive intelligibility and is justified from neurophysiologic consideration as the surface layer of the cerebral cortex is the main substance of thinking. The right to be taught with PT is more then a new human right, it is a breakthrough opening an enter into the huge space of new opportunities both for persons and the civilization whole.

See please Appendix:
Comment to the U.N. Universal Declaration having seen from the new dimension of human rights point of view .







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