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The Panoramic Thinking as Concept


L'esprit s'attache par paresse
et par constance a ce qui lui
est facile ou agreable;
cette habitude met toujours
des bornes a nos connaissances,
et jamais personne ne s'est donne
la peine d'etendre et conduire son esprit
aussi loin qu'il pourrat aller.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

(Our reason burdened with laziness
is occupied with what is easy
or pleasant; this custom restricts
our consciousness, and no one
took trouble to expand human
reason as far as possible.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

The human mentality has such the evolution conditioned peculiarity as narrow field of consciousness (NFC), what formely, for forefathers and more ancient human forbears, had been an advantage in survival because of high-velocity behaviour reactions correlating with NFC, but now, for modern people, in the world many more complex and becoming still more complicated, though in conditions more secure (as the average duration of people's life now is over 3 to 4 times as long as that of our forbears' 3-5 thousand years ago), have got a shortage, an evolutionary inherited burdenness of the human race, what may be diagnosticated as the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT).

It means there is a persistent necessity to introduce a new notion -- the panoramic thinking.

Panoramic thinking (PT) is manner of thinking overcoming the evolutionary conditioned backwardness of human mentality. As overcoming the general human shortage -- shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT), such the manner of thinking, being not characteristic for people in the mass, proposedly may be considered as the united name for several kinds of thinking, such as systemic one, lateral, inventive, creative, parallel, breaching-through, of full spectrum, of more than one track, non-standard, etc.

The concepts of panoramic thinking (PT) and shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) were introduced in 1995 in my article "A criminal diagnosis: narrow-mindedness" [1] and developed in the same year at a researching grant application for USIA/IREX, the Belarusian division. Problems how PT may be introduced into a society and how to overcome SPT were discussed in some my texts in 2002--03, having been for any time posted at the Forum, Club of Rome (see for example To happy life on Earth the planet.

Many authors used visual image of panorama to speak on the panoramic thinking in spatial and generalized spatial senses without definitions. The earliest publications were "Rupert's Country: a Culture's Tapestry" (1946) by Davis Clark and "Organizing Management Work" by Carl Heyei (1960). It were as well precedents of introduction PT as the opposite of a tunnel thinking and at analyzing technical decisions in the astronautics. PT was used as well at juridical science, for mapping, including to visualize cognitive processes. The direction to visualization of cognitive process got its generalization and development in researches by Heiner Benking, presented in his report A Metaparadigm or Sharable Framework (Cognitive Panorama) at Conference “A New Space for Culture and Society” (Prague, 1996) where Cognitive panorama (3D-Space/Time) was determined as “new and common spaces for individuals, culture and society”, and means of computer and communication technologies turned at this of essential significance.

Thus, in contradistinction to H. Benking phenomenological definition, panoramic thinking has to do with individuals only. Moreover, it was defined as psychological notion related to necessary overcoming by them their evolution predetermined backwardness.

Let us mark that PT introduced in 1995, may counted as a new a scientific notion inspite of earlier precedents of its use, because the image of panorama in it for the first time was connected with the main substratum of thinking -- the cortex of head brain, and the manner of thinking itself -- with the overcoming of the human mentality's evolution conditioned peculiarity.

An idea to develop the PT by educational means appears to be quite natural, because the modern world is overloaded with information, and now to know how it to find and to use in creative way has more importance than remember "just in case". Moreover, the idea is turning more and more into the first imperative of humankind’s surviving.

Arguments to use PT as a scientific concept:

- PT it is new concept having logical reasons to be introduced (because going to overcome evolutionary emburdeness of human consciousness, NFC, being synonym of SPT, does mean to begin developing PT, i.e. as a new psycho-phisiological concept as well);
- PT as a metaphor is in correspondance with surface layer of brain -- cerebral cortex -- as the main substance of thinking;
- PT has properties of any imagery and intuitive intelligibility.
- PT does include all above mentioned form of thinking, even systemic one. Really, any systemic thinking is panoramic (as overcoming our evolution narrowmindedness), by not any PT is systemic (because people use not only scientific notions).
- PT is none abstract concept having nothing to do with reality. For example, there are elements of PT shown by a controller at distributive desk, a conductor of orchestra at conductor’s stand, a surgeon performing an operation, a synchronic interpreter minding conferences, a TV showman putting on the air, a composer creating symphonies or concerts, a writer thinking over novels or stories, an actor playing on a stage, a school teacher leading lessons, a scientists introducing new scientific concepts, a humorist thinking up new jokes and those people who takes them in.

In science, learning and teaching, in way of life, analytical activities and conduct a person reveals abilities to think panoramically, if he/she:

*has the live mind attuned on creavity, including creation of humour;
*reveals openess of the mind perceiving even novelties out of its systems of notions;
*is looking for new interpretation or new use of knowledge;
*solves with an honour hard situations of moral choice, correlates his/her behaviour with moral principles;
*foresees not the nearest only but as well further after-effects of actions done or events going on;
*does not lose self-possession in stressful situations.

A person reveals SPT, if he/she:

*is not containing self-criticism;
*judges himself/herself after «lower» standards;
*is doing mistakes of kinds of ‘thoughtlessness’ or ‘not beared in mind’, without noticing them;
*reveals stubborness inspite of any arguments;
*does not produce jokes, does not notice situation comedy and does not apprehend the humour (wordy, situation one) produced by others;
*is indifferent to what is out of the circle of his/her notions;
*is conservative and dogmatic in passions and tastes;
*reveals irritability, weak motivated aggressiveness;
*loses self-possession in stressful situations.

In a country where PT is becoming more and more distributed one can foresee 2 groups of consequences of this – anti-negative and positive ones.


1) reduction of suicides;
2) reduction of murders in the state of temporary insanity;
3) reduction of divorces;
4) cessation or relaxation of interethnic, interconfessional and other kinds of dissension;
5) overcoming the disconnection of different sciences owing to unifying ideas of great community;
6) cessation of utilization of people for anti-humane goals (because of their increased capacity to resist zombification).


1) improvement and pacification of interpersonal relations;
2) increase of the quantitative and qualitative level of legislative activity;
3) rise of inventive and innovative activity effectiveness;
4) rise of GNP per capita (owing to rise of the human capital of organizations, enterprises, companies etc.).
5) improvement of leisure quality because of the more pleasure got by people owing to their the more perfect thinking instrument, supplied by PT.


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January 2008 reply on Panoramic Thinking by Satish Kumar (India)

Dear Vladimir,

I suggest you add the following pages to your website, written in simple, easy to read English with attractive layouts (through a good English translator).

1. Launching Panoramic Thinking in Primary Schools.
2. Launching Panoramic Thinking in High Schools.
3. Launching Panoramic Thinking in Colleges.
4. Panoramic Thinking for Business People.
5. Panoramic Thinking for Politicians.
6. Panoramic Thinking for the Military!
7. Panoramic Thinking in TV Shows and Movies World Wide
8. "Good for nothing" old people to bring about World Changes.
(Launch an association of geriatric folks in Russia, U.S and other countries to promote Panoramic Thinking by influencing their younger generations in their respective countries)

Broadly speaking,

My answer to Satish on 1/16/2008

Dear Satish,

Your stimuli to do something as being outer for me are stronger then mine own, that is why I am as a lazy boy grateful you for your proposal. It'd be better even to elaborate in-detail programs for the called levels of education (by the way, you left out inside-womb level of one's existing when the one's mother being correspondingly educated might attune her future kind's thinking in panoramic manner), but you see, I would be needed then to collaborate with pedagogues and to waste many time. Well, I'll do my best to write merely notes how to develop PT at different levels of educations.

Thank you for your understanding of my thought that the very human survival problems and all obstacles to better life were, are and will be connected with imperfectness of human minds.


2014/10/25 post: Taking a part at group on Systems Thinking discussion

Is some thinking over Systems Thinking? I affirm it is Panoramic Thinking to be realized when you produce overcoming the all-human evolution backwardness what may be called Shortage of Panoramic Thinking (SPT). Its signs are seen everywhere and one may even say: ours is SPT civilization. Obviously you are panoramic thinker when you give out systems decision… but at condition that your system has been chosen correctly. (BTW a question: do global problems obviously make up a system?)

Well, PTh is not only to think systemically but as well to propose new, unexpected systems for researching. Art of being panoramic thinker, independently systems one or not, is in particular the art of being able to juxtapose what earlier was never juxtaposed. Ad hoc here is A. Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” (I’d say only: sometimes).

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