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Prof. Uladzimir TRATSIAKOU/Vladimir N. TRETYAKOV

Address: 22 Prosp. Nezalezhnosti, fl. 60, Minsk 220030, Republic of Belarus

Marital Status: Married

Position: net-worker, analyst, methodologist, Director-Organizer, Institute of Intellectual Technologies (IntelTech by IAIT), pensioner.

Affiliation to: International Academy of Information Technologies (IAIT) being since 2004 an associated member of the UN Department of Public Information

Education: Post-graduate study, Institute of Physics, Belarusian Academy of Sciences, PhD in area of theoretical physics (1968);
Belarusian State University, Physical Faculty (1961).

Employment/Work experience in area of pedagogic activity

2000 to 2002: 1st Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board, “Novaya Shkola” (New School) newspaper (Minsk).

1992 to 1993: Scientific Director, Scientific and Technical Centre "Gifted Children", Minsk.

1971 to 1978: Head of Editorial Board for physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering, Belarusian Soviet Encyclopedia, Minsk.

Author and co-author of social projects:
- Belarusian Intellectual Resource Memorandum (1992)
- Belarus, an Intellectual Republic (adopted by the Belarusian National UNESCO Commission (1993)
- Treatise about Psychosoics from Earth, the Planet (script of book written owing Belarusian Soros Foundation grant, 1993—1994)
- Criminal Diagnosis: the Narrow-Mindedness. - Stalitsa (The Capital, 1995). (Just there panoramic thinking as a notion was entered).
- Methods of teaching grounded in both social and biological ways (supported by grant of the Ministry of Education, 1994)
- State registration of ideas and hypotheses (my article about it initiated in the USSR corresponding experiment on State registration, 1986—87; then my book “Paradoxical Novelty, or Toward Banks of Ideas” was published by Minsk University Publishing house (1989), and The USSR Bank Ideas was created (1990)
- Strategy of progressive development for Belarusian language (published in the main Belarusian newspaper “Zvyazda” (The Star, 1997)
- Creating a system of civilization security in 3 rd Millennium (2006), see
- Concept on how to develop the Panoramic Thinking (the last notion, at first published in article mentioned ‘Criminal Diagnosis: the Narrow-Mindedness' (1995), is presented now at World Web Encyclopedia (in Russian) under the same name ‘Panoramic thinking').
- Teaching and creative centre for opening the giftedness (methodic elaboration for Minsk City education division, with Prof. Ya. Kolominsky and DSc. L. Tegako)
- Application for IREX program grant to work out “Concept of Panoramic Thinking Development” (see about it with reply by Prof. Robert Young): .

Here are my published materials of pedagogic content (published in Russian and Belarusian) presented at pages PEDAGOGY and Pedagogy) (in Russian):
- In order that a mental food be good digested, it should be swallowed with appetite
- Where talents get to?
- Giftedness: to reveal it or to open?
- For outsiders of Europe - pedagogic technologies of the highest efficiency
- Let us try to think good, or On the way to panoramic thinking
- Bank of pedagogic ideas
- An express-method to learn foreign languages.
As for article ‘Advices for those who dawned upon by an idea', there is English version).

Social position:

- 2001 to present: Director-Organizer, web Institute of Intellectual Technologies. My homepages in English: ,

- 2006 to present: Representative of IAIT at Department of Public Information, United Nations

- February, 2001: Doctor of Sciences in area of information technologies (Philosophy). The diploma was given out by IAIT. Thesis defended: “Searching Algorithms of Nature's Recommendations: A New Nature-Philosophy”.

- February, 2001: Professor, IAIT.
- May, 1998: Corresponding Member, International Academy of Ecology (IAE), Minsk.
- July, 1998: Corresponding Member, International Academy of Gerontology (IAG), Moscow.
- 1992 to 1999: Vice-President, Belarusian Intellectual Resource Movement (BelIR).


- 2007 Golden medal for high achievements in science, IAIT
- 2005 Silver medal for high achievements in science, IAIT
- 2001 Silver medal for scientific researches, IAG
- 1984 Laureate of "Khimiya i zhyzn" ("Chemistry and Life", scientific and popular magazine of the USSR Academy of Sciences).
- 1975 Diploma ("Gramata") given out by Supreme Council of the BSSR for participation in 12-volume Belarusian Soviet Encyclopeda creation.

My special areas as an expert:

a) checking up social novelties, projects etc. on their compatibility with principle of tolerance that appears to be the base principle of living Nature;
b) recommendations on amelioration of the novelties proposed using own intellect-technological facilities;
c) evaluating others' theoretic proposals of social character from point of view how those make for progress in education aiming to overcome panoramic thinking concept in the framework of drastic reforming the existing educational systems;
d) supporting others' activity directed to urgent creation of integrative intelligent resource being only able to cope with that masse of mortally dangerous problems hanging over the humankind.

My suggested involvedness into the Project

The only I could do in Project, as a net-worker retired and having no additional revenue, that is:
- To elaborate and promote the methodology of higher education based on new priority: “To teach how to overcome the evolutionary backward human mentality”. I named this backwardness the shortage of panoramic thinking .

I persuade and prove that to forward to that new education is the first and the main imperative of human race survival, moreover for developing countries, for which it may be even “double imperative”. I have had concept of such the education and might be to elaborate instructions on how to teach students to think with more efficiency and to give them not only knowledge but higher ability thinking – to use the knowledge got and to create a new one.


Prof. Uladzimir Tratsiakou,

October 21, 2009.

Addendum, February 2011
Since October 2010, Director, Lecturer and Moderator, Free School for Panoramic Thinking


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