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The Unchallenged Root Cause of All Human Calamities, past, present, and forthcoming ones

By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

The primary title I gave to my Appeal to Rio+20 Summit was: Moving Up Higher Mentality, Both Individual and Collective: Categorical Imperative of the 21st Century,
with subtitle
Opening a Path to Sustainable Development.
It was my next in turn appeal to attract an attention to the ball of global problems being in more and more threatening way hanging over Humankind. That summit was a “celebrating” the event of 20-year not-achieving the goal – the sustainable development – to be put up at Rio Summit-1992.

My network activity for the last 11 years is inseparably connected with this root, unrealized cause of all human calamities, past, present and forthcoming, and Google to present result of searches by the topic subjects associated with it confirms the said. Here are results of Google search on Jan. 29, 2013 (in brackets, in each of top-10s, shown numbers of links to my resources* or to those ones to be citing mines, by requests being in English / the same, in Russian):

“Imperatives of Human Survival” (2/5).
“Civilization omissions” (6/8).
“Planetary responsibility” (4/5).
“Nature’s Recommendations” (2/7).
“Panoramic Thinking” (10/5).

Google search on such the double English/Russian request for “Civilization security” on Feb. 11, 2013 gave (3/3).

If all is so near to the main root cause of all human calamities, it should be good shown by browsers. However it is far not so.

Given by Google, searching on Feb. 11, 2013 for “root cause”:

In the top-11, aside, describing Root cause analysis (RCA), and appealing to contact in connection with RCA, there are 7 links to resources presenting and promoting RCA:,,,,,,

There are as well 2 resources remembering root causes: (“Diminishing values in human lives is the root cause of the unrest and intolerance among us”) and (how root causes found are used at Health & Wellness Clinic).

Inference is clear: the root causes of the global problems in the very dangerous way hanging over the humanity, including that I am seemed to have revealed, appeared out of interest for webs visitors, and for Google as well as the browser tuned to fix their preferences.

There is a ground to lay out my position concerning the root causes, and just it is the stimulus to write this text.

My inference done in result of the studying this non-eradicated root cause of all human calamities, past, present, and forthcoming ones is that it built-in part of our evolution prehistory and explained by our prehistoric circumstances. For Homo beings, our nearest ancestors, these circumstances had been dictated by the Great Ice centuries. Well, fore-people had been “proposed” to choice: either you are getting clever and clever from generation to generation to cope with the no food--no shelter conditions, or you are swept away by the inexorable eliminating selection.

Naturally, only a paltry deal of Homos appeared “agreed” with the first choice, but they were those who commenced the human race, or Homo Sapiens species.

That narrow field of consciousness (NFC) predetermined by the evolution process had been quite adequate at both before-tribes-existence times and later, at tribes-existence times. Really, in situations of danger, in extreme situations of assault and defense the field of consciousness even narrows up to the only dominant hearth. For our animal ancestors and fore-people, it had been more frequently good as poor volume of the attention field is in agreement with speedy reactions to be vitally necessary at extreme situations. Really, from «to come through» point of view, it’d been important to react adequately and quickly: for those being attacked to avoid jeopardizes, for those attacking not to be late with assault (as for the most predators «to survive» in the most cases means «not to die of starvation»).

Contrary is the situation for the modern people living within complex civilization space what at that getting more and more informatively and intellectually complex. At the modern times NFC should be diagnosed already as a shortage, and shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) appears to be apt name.

It is so because any situation of intercourse with other people, especially being at enmity with us, aggravates SPT even if a little, because acquired instincts operate arising our psychological tension. The base of thinking process, because of narrowed (after the principle of dominant hearth) field of consciousness, is getting poorer. While being in the stress, our field of consciousness narrows especially strongly, that is why the diagnosis – shortage of panoramic thinking – is turned out sometimes into criminal one.

Let’s take into consideration that each of us, and it is as well an after-cause of our evolution prehistory, divides all existing after dichotomy: I and all the remain or I and all others. In other words, we are primordially awful ego-centrists, and nobody may go away of such the perception of the world. Just because of that, we used to find difficulties in standing onto another’s point of view, in understanding others. In short, it may be named guarded (or even suspicious) relation to any otherness. Because of this, it is unbelievably difficult to be unbiased. So «others» always were and will be: other on birth, other on profession, of other social status, of other sex, of other nationality, of other race, of other faith, and frontiers between different «others» were and will be complicated with conflicts, sometimes military ones.

That is why now Homo sapiens as any individual is proved to be the weakest link of the civilization as a system, in spite of the very mighty system is a product of mental activity of this “the weakest link”. Similar systems with inadequate elements is proved to be incapable to exist for a long time.

Now, I want to say about “reality in action” being for me another stimulus to write the text.

It is the fact of “no answer” from Section NGOs/DPI/UN since June, 2012 where and when that Appeal to Rio+20 Summit was sent. Officers of the section, they are only people, and how they can realize the named “root cause of all human calamities, past, present and forthcoming” if that is unrealized on the level of the very UN’s conferences? At that, Goals of Global Development to be set up by leaders of nations onto some decades in advance have no mention of any “root cause”. Nothing to say about the paradox of self-applicability: for one to realize one’s own SPT, it needs to look at self on aside, i.e. to have own SPT even a little already overcome. ...





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