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Humankind, do not get self-fooled!

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Four new scientific directions recognized by
Russian Academy of Natural History:

The Theoretical Ground of the Human Mental Activity,
Post-Evolutionary Psychology,
Post-Evolutionary Psychiatry,
The single paradigm for psychology and psychiatry.
Opening a path to sustainable development
Shortage of panoramic thinking: signs seen everywhere
Panoramic thinking as a concept
Creating a system of civilization security
Civilization Security division at the UN has to be
Bankruptcy of intelligent people in civilization process
Civilization omissions to be found and filled in
Nature's recommendations for international institutions
New dimension of human rights
Universal Declaration of Human Planetary Responsibility
Humankind must have been fooled
Coauthoring with Voltaire
Secret of humor from depth of the evolution
Evolutionary classification of John Warfield's mindbugs



My reply to
Sir Martin Rees talk "Can we prevent the end of the world?"
where Appeal to Rio20+ is cited.

...I am only strongly disagreed with your thought that the Darwinian process “could be as prolonged as that's led to us, and even more wonderful” and that “future evolution will happen much faster, on a technological timescale...” .>>

Realizing civilization insecurity: SPT addiction

Gone are the days when every man could operate readily with objects of everyday life and, as a rule, fix them when those spoilt. Now, the "stuffing" of high-tech facilities and their functioning are not accessible for the vast majority of population. Modern man is as if lags by the development behind the civilization having been created owing to mental and physical efforts of his forbears
But civilization challenges are significantly complex problems for us to cope with, our backwardness there is appears to be insurmountable...>>

Let’s Launch Discovering Until Realized Resources for Whole-Civilization Development

By Dr. Vladimir N. Tretyakov

This is to argue that global problems to be in more and more threatening way hanging over Humankind [1] may be interpreted as the only existential meta-problem [2.3], what permits to indicate where a leverage of systemic change should be applied and what should be its technologic design [2.4]. This existential meta-problem may only be evolution-stipulated backwardness of human mentality [2.7, 2.14].

Why civilization resources are named here? Because these do as if pre-exist in sense of real possibility to discover omissions of civilization [2.1], and the cause to seek for them is that these being discovered may drastically raise humankind’s ability to cope with global problems [2.3, 2.4]. The very main civilization omission is that we are not-realizing that ours is SPT civilization [2.6] ...>

A Story about Ending the History

I’ve tried to transfer the known joking story into serious one:

By Dr. Uladzimir TRATSIAKOU

There was a job to be done for each and all of the topical importance and Everybody was asked to do it.
* Everybody was sure that any Somebody wouldn’t do it.
* Anybody couldn’t have done it counting it a job for Nobody. ...>>

Governance for a Peaceful Word: Security for All – But how and at What Price?

Helmut Burkhardt

...Security based on military strength is a multidimensional problem. The planet’s ecosystem after a nuclear war may no longer be able to supply the vital services to higher life forms. The social order and the economy of a country are endangered by war action. The individual human suffering as a result of a modern war is beyond imagination. Growing up in Germany during WW2 I experienced what wars do to people. I saw Hamburg burn for days on end. After the war I visited the ruins of Dresden, and I saw the horrible pictures of human misery in the Museum of Hiroshima. The cybernetic control of a war system and its weapons is a challenge of its own kind. Control of strength can fail by human or technical error. Accidental or deliberate large scale application of nuclear weapons could even spell the end of human civilization. Fig 1 illustrates the destructive potential at the height of the cold war relative to WW2....>>

Good Global Governance

... together with this his Appeal for you to support

For thousands of years well governed societies have managed to create internal peace. How has that been achieved? Legislation established the basis and the limits to personal freedom. Judges decided what was outside the allowed domain. The executive power forced transgressors to obey the law. With good governance municipalities, provinces and nations have enjoyed an acceptable level of internal peace without citizens being personally flawless.

Today, communications technology makes good governance feasible at a global scale and peace has come to be an imperative due to the availability of weapons of mass destruction. Good global governance requires global legislative, global juridical and global executive powers. The mandate of good global governance is to address global issues that are outside the jurisdiction of single nations... >>

Begetting: challenges and responsibilities of overpopulation

By Anthony JUDGE

... Of particular interest in this respect is the manner in which the very question of overpopulation has been very effectively designed off the international debating table in relation to feasible action. Even though the Earth's population doubled from three billion to six billion people between 1960 and 1999, the last United Nations International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), at which such matters could be directly addressed, was in Cairo in 1994. This was however followed by a modest " Cairo +5" review conference in 1999 (The Hague Forum) – also known as ICPD+5. The "ICPD+10" anniversary confirms the trend towards periodic production of review documents – avoiding any conference. ... >>

7 Billion Is Many Too Many: Time To Humanely Limit Population Growth Is Now

By Dr. Steven Earl SALMONY

Much more intellectual honesty, moral courage and humanistic action is needed. Tomorrow we will become a species of 7 billion overconsumers, overproducers and overpopulaters on a finite and frangible planet where resources are dissipating and environs degrading rapidly. As we observe absolute global human population numbers continue to soar exponentially, despite reduced fertility rates in many places, we also recognize that never in the course of human events have so few taken so much from so many and determined to leave so little for others. ...

Eugenics and the Future of the Human Species


... It is this association with the hideous Nazi regime that gave eugenics - a term coined by a relative of Charles Darwin, Sir Francis Galton, in 1883 - its bad name. Richard Lynn, of the University of Ulster of North Ireland, thinks that this recoil resulted in "Dysgenics - the genetic deterioration of modern (human) population", as the title of his controversial tome puts it.

The crux of the argument for eugenics is that a host of technological, cultural, and social developments conspired to give rise to negative selection of the weakest, least intelligent, sickest, the habitually criminal, the sexually deviant, the mentally-ill, and the least adapted. Contraception is more widely used by the affluent and the well-educated than by the destitute and dull. Birth control as practiced in places like China distorted both the sex distribution in the cities - and increased the weight of the rural population (rural couples in China are allowed to have two children rather than the urban one). Modern medicine and the welfare state collaborate in sustaining alive individuals - mainly the mentally retarded, the mentally ill, the sick, and the genetically defective - who would otherwise have been culled by natural selection to the betterment of the entire species.

Eugenics may be based on a literal understanding of Darwin 's metaphor. ...>>

New dimension of human rights

«Intellect, it is a passion. Descartes, without doubt, took of the life more than Casanova did». Thus a creative man considered – George B. Shaw. It means the most of people didn’t realize themselves in lifes rich of content, interesting, creative. The conclusion: a new, additional dimension of human rights should be entered, – the right of everybody to be learned by creative, panoramic thinking...>>

What has to be done with overpopulation?

By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

… Overpopulation (OP) is only one of global problems facing the civilization. It has unique character among them. Really, may problem of, say, the poverty be taken off when remained not resolved? No, nowise. The same answer for similar questions concerning global problems of human vitally important wants in general, of not renewable resources, human over-aggressiveness, pollution, wastes' heaping up, migration, cultural and moral degradations, deforesting, emaciated soils, etc. But it is the overpopulation problem that may be “SELF-RESOLVED” being NOT RESOLVED by humans – with “help” of mighty, of global scale DEPOPULATION. … >>

How to take the subject wider?

Distributive letter sent on May 24, 2010 for WiserCOP16 group

Climate change (ClCh), mainly in its anthropogenic-conditioned component, is only one of global problems facing the civilization. Loops of feed-back connect it with other (if not all) global problems, at that the air, water and soil pollution, deforesting, overpopulation being especially obviously impacting.
The overpopulation has unique character among global problems as it is one and only what may be “self-resolved” being not resolved by humans – with “help” of mighty, of global scale depopulation. But from point of view those who challenged by ClCh, just such the variant would count the most unwanted as global catastrophes are not too good for climate and aggravating ClCh problem's solving in drastic way. …>>

The principle of Tolerance and a Concept for Bettering Individual and Social Health

Posted as Lecture 9 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking

* Concept to counteract the aging
* Methodology to counteract the aging based on PT and its consequences
* Sleeping ad libitum
* A method of heart rehabilitation
* Let's rise our level of activity
* Vascular gymnastics
* Vitamin for the age
* Strategies of the Life recommended by the Nature
* Prof. Nickolay Arinchin's principles of creating the health
* Proposed by Prof. Victor Maslov (Moscow)
* From point of the planetary responsibility view
* References

What does mean ZeitGeist in the modern world?

My remarks to The ZeitGeist Movement laid out by Roan CARRATU

- As for “The Zeitgeist Movement” title I like it. Hegel’s ZeitGeist is good and capacious notion which is of interest as appearance of the author's wish in metaphorical form to reflect that what may be apprehended as a behest of all modern circumstances in their at once totality, dynamics and tendencies.

I have long said on my blogs, my elists, and in emails to all kinds of people, that a Transformation was coming, was in the near future, that without it the Human species would destroy itself, either directly through weaponry, or through destroying the environment we rely 100% upon, and now I see the beginnings of that Transformation.
- My remarks are done in while reading, consecutively, to better show author's text (in italics). In contradistinction to Roan I do not see a transformation in the world directed to remove threats of destroying and self-destroying, then there are 2 possibilities:
1) transformation is going, but I do not see it;
2) Roan see that what is not existing. …

Ethic panorama of the thinking

by Dr. Vladimir N. Tretyakov

Posted as Lecture 6 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking
Content *Reason and heart: ethical aspect
*Authoritative and humane ethics
*Application of ethics to school pedagogy
*Application of ethics to international relation
*Exemplifying the national selfishness
*Application of ethics to global problems
*Application of ethics to civilization security
*Widening the ethical framework for sustainable development
*Ethics and overcoming the SPT

Answering Prof. Stephen Hawking's question posted on

The question was:
"How can the human race survive the next hundred years? In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?"

My answer: The question above known Polish thinker Stanislaw Lec expounded so: "Earth is a point under a question sign". How to take away this question, i.e. how to remain living, and moreover -- living without the threat of self-annihilation?

Here is a plan how to do for it. It contains 3 goals to be reached that have signs of imperatives how to survive. Paradoxically, if only they are getting categorical ones, any chances of surviving will appear. …>>

A proposal for Elijah Interfaith Institute

Dear Colleagues,
As a Friend of the Elijah Interfaith Institute I want to propose you hopefully something not trivial, considering it as the biggest service what your Institute might render Humanity. … >>

Coauthoring with Voltaire

Essay by Dr. Vladimir Tretyakov

“Si dieu n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer.”

I am going to proceed this thought ascribed to Voltaire, for it to sound so:

Ecology of Inter-Human Space as a School Discipline
(draft of a project)

By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

Such the discipline being entered into school pedagogical process may naturally unite upbringing and education. Inculcating in pupils ability “to think about others” opens the path for them to gain later social responsibility and ability to think in ecologically way. It is important as well that ecology of intra-human space might teach how subject knowledge and knowledge of the life enriches one another. Because of conciliation predicted between people after the discipline “ecology of intra-human space” would be distributed in many countries, another name of the discipline proposed might be «Culture of the Peace». ...>>

“The world cannot afford another fiasco in Rio”

On 06/02/2012 I got such the Statement of the UBUNTU World Forum of Civil Society Networks named
“Rio+20: a call to responsibility, a call to action” written on May 30, 2012 on the occasion of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio de Janeiro, 20-22 June 2012, with proposal to support it with signing and promoting farther. My name is already among some tens first from shared, the first promotion was on, the subsequent is here, on my website, other two to be on my other sites and Here is the Statement:


We are all going through a period of great confusion and uncertainty.
On the one hand, part of the world is dramatically affected by the consequences of the state of total submission of governments to the financial markets...>>

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