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The very happy is that who bestows a happiness upon the biggest number of people.
-Denis Diderot.

People are unhappy because they strive for not to common happiness but for separated ones.
-Leo Tolstoy.


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Third Imperative of Humanity Survival

The UN declared 2001 as Year of Dialogue of Civilizations. I think the dialogue may be continued to the century’s end. But how to propose such subject of discussion which would be of general interests?

Fortunately, such the subject exists: it is the problem of happiness, the age-old dream of people, having discussed yet earlier by Utopians. It is known they made bad publicity for the subject. Nevertheless, return to this ‘utopian’ topic is justified, because ‘when people discuss, guns are silent’. Moreover, at first in the human history it got possible (more exactly, it is getting possible) to discuss the problem of happiness ‘by all the world’ – owing to Internet to be soon all-accessible and mobile, as well as other mobile means of communications.

The problem of happiness appears to absorb all other problems facing before Mankind: military conflicts, terrorism, the growing poverty, resources’ exhaustion, environment’s pollution. It is why to raise the problem of happiness is not indulging in fantasies, but realizing in whole complexity the main imperative of surviving for Mankind.

Let us imagine the UN declares on supporting the web project ‘To the Happy Life on the Earth’. It is a right time to stand the problem because «world web» in next years or decades gives practically for all unlimited possibilities to set interpersonal contacts, when mass of people can join in the problem, discussing it on-line. In result, Humankind will be approaching to the state of single (in sense of information) social organism. But in any being organism kidneys and a liver do not be at enmity, so any pacification will become.

Prognosis on 21st century: Earth to be common house

I proposed in last 2000 that happy life on Earth have (little) chance to be realized to the end of the century. My arguments: 1) people are tired of unhappiness; 2) there are no obstacles, in principle, on the way to happiness; 3) people are gifted from Nature by an ability to have learned. ... >>, in Russian.

4 proposals to the International Days of Happiness of March 20, 2014

... in particular, to move to realization the first link of the prognosis to follow just after.

… and my prognosis on 21st century in details

*2010—2015: Creation of All-World Internet Forum – the Dialogue of Civilizations: «Let Us Think on Happiness Together!» under UN aegis.
*2010—2017: Proceeding of an Experiment on Higher School Education Programs Developing Panoramic Thinking (PT).
*2015—2020: Creation of Social Mind Structures of High Priorities in Some Countries.
*2017—2020: Transfer of Higher Schools on Education Programs Developing PT.

*2070—2095: All-World Banner Internet Ring of Intellectual Resources formed.
*2095—2100: On a whole scale of Humankind wealthy existence achieved admitting wide spectrum of living strategies of self-realization. >>, in Russian.

Get involved in the project “Happy life on the Earth”

It had been posted in 2002 on the Forum, Club of Rome. I published there a prognosis: by the end of the 21st century the Humankind will realize the ancient dream of happiness. My conviction was founded on the following facts: the human species is the mightiest on Earth (because it has created a whole civilization); this species is biologically progressive (because the quantity of human cells is more than of any another species) and – a paradox! – unhappy life again and again remembers us on the age-old dream of Humankind. I suggested this 100-year long project would unite about 60,000 coordinators from all countries with the help of World Wide Web, counting one from each 100,000 people. It means 6 server farms, each having 10,000 servers, what is practicable already now. I also expressed hope that the initial information about it would be broadcaster through UN channels. >>

An Affair for the U.N.

The project proposal was supported by International Academy of Information Technologies (Minsk) which at its general meetings twice supported the idea of the stunning project «To the Happy Life On Earth, the Planet» proposed by Institute of Intellectual Technologies (IntelTech) by IAIT. A sureness was also expressed that such the project might be worked out under the aegis of the U.N. ...>>

Problem of happiness as an actual scientific and practical one

It is known methodologic principle of outer suplement: any problem may be resolved being included into more broader contex. Stanislav Lem’s example: human dream to fly as birds was realized when people had reformulated it more widen -- on the higher scientific and technologic level. Then there is a reason to include all mass of problem which humankind is facing into thĺ only one – the problem of human happy. R>>

Human creature is aggressor from the origin

From an interview for “Zvyazda” newspaper:
-- Recently, we get to know by chance you propose quite a la Leo Tolstoy project, named...
-- Named by «To happy life on Earth, the planet». There, I dare to prognosticate that in during of this century Humankind will have a chance to realize the ancient dream on happiness». R>>

Strategies of life recommended by Nature

It is about a sort of Nature's recommendations how to act and live in coorcondance with its principles. R>>


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