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Commenting three Dr Ban Ki-moon statements

I think words "Let us remember, in these difficult times: we are being tested" are those of conscientious person considering important for himself not to give those who will be living after to reproach: "They might do it, but they did not do it".

In his message for United Nations Day on 24 October-2010 he expressed appreciation to those who help his Organization to "achieve global mission". My intention is to be one of them to make for it more than I did earlier as a Representative at DPI/UN. Now, I would like in both positive and constructive way to answer question "Can Citizen Action Save the World?" to be discussed today.

As for Ban Ki-moon’s September Report "Pulling Together in Testing Times: Securing a Better Future for All", then the problem expressed at the end was my greatest concern in last decade.

The thoughts said out by UN Secretary-General were stimuli for me to present my opinion concerning them.

* Anthropology gives to understand that since appearance of Homo sapiens species to nowadays, selection by mind was of less significance than that by physical force, aggressiveness, and sexual attractiveness. That is why our minds have saved since those "stone ages" any "programs of jungles" making us to be aggressive and conflicting.

*Pre-people (Hominidaes) had got evolution advantage over other higher animals when they began living by tribes and mastered social inherence of knowledge, abilities, skills, and know-how.

* This social inherence is finding now in disposition of imperfect-minded modern people and opens them wide perspective to overcome evolutionary conditioned mental backwardness by pedagogic means.

* There is a cause to be optimistic: borders where human abilities both to learn and be taught end are wide and constantly widening.

*Albert Einstein would support this thought about "change the mind" as he once said: "The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." It goes without saying that there are not more significant problems than global ones, especially that to realize promotion to higher mentality.

* People owing to reformed education mastered with panoramic thinking would have more possibilities to distinguish good and evil, to elaborate for themselves moral principles. Another great man, Friedrich Schiller helps us to realize it: "Enlightened reason ennobles moral senses; the head is to foster the heart". So necessary conciliation between people is foreseen among communities of panoramically thinking people.

*Though the mighty civilization had created owing to human Reason, modern human beings are behind it and, with raising its complexity, are behind more and more. That is why evolutionary conditioned imperfectness of human reason is the main obstacle on the way to secure existence.

*The inference is that a leverage of systems change in the civilization as a system should be applied just to Human Reason.

* The imperfectness of Reason has a character of shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT).

* However paradoxically it is, just because of this imperfectness our civilization has great and weakly realized resources of progressive development. The sustainable development announced as a goal in 1992 has no essential perspective as those were not acted out and even not pushed into action.

* Let us say out directly that without sustainable development the civilization security is not provided and doomed.

*We are living with global problems. Not resolved in during of long decades, those are getting more and more threatening and impending disasters. So there is more than clear testimony that human ability in global thinking is rather meager.

* It is UNESCO that might take care to develop the panoramic thinking as giving the world a chance to remain alive. Pilot projects in some countries might launch this process.

* Intelligent people thinking in panoramic way might get more chances to cooperate while solving global problems, aiming to create global intelligent web resource.

* Correspondingly, priority of school and institute/university education has to be replaced from "to teach knowledge" onto "to teach and learn to develop the panoramic thinking". Moreover it would be quite appropriately when living in the world overloaded with information.

* UN/UNESCO having taken patronage under replacing priorities thinking for some decades might open a wide horizon of civilization intellectual development. I mean here perspective for the science and inventiveness to be lifted up to ideas of unreached now both generality and significance.

* I presuppose just conscientious intelligent people may realize as their historical mission before some next generations to elaborate a strategy of existence and development of Humankind, the strategy what might minimize threats of civilization's extermination and self-extermination and to be corrected then "in course of the life".

*To the time being, there is no structure in the world devoted for such global functioning.

*Many people have adopted the call "Think globally, act locally". From the UN tribune this appeal was wired for sound repeatedly. The UN might fill this gap in creating Civilization Security Committee as a main structure of the Security Council.

*An appropriate Civilization Security Committee motto might be: "Think globally preparing all for Civilization Security to provide".

* Just this may be named a new form of planetary human responsibility being able while having disseminated to widen drastically the space of human right, to give them more real providing.

*So my answering the question "Can Citizen Action Save the World?" is: yes, if the United Nations helps taking on itself organizing functions to govern the process going to a better future where the right to think in panoramic way -i.e. wider, creative, systems, fantastic, unexpected, inventive, paradoxical- will be realized.

As for me I am, as one of those citizens, about to create (to the last October) experimental Free School for Panoramic Thinking on presenting in a year a dozen of written lectures, discussing them and managing the learning process using techniques known and thought up.

The above is presenting a draft of the plan on "building a stronger UN for a better world", including "fresh thinking, fresh approaches".

Comment given by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou, Representative at the UN/DPI powered by ISPU "IAIT"



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