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A proposal for Elijah Interfaith Institute

Dear Colleagues,

As a Friend of the Elijah Interfaith Institute I want to propose you hopefully something not trivial, considering it as the biggest service what your Institute might render Humanity.

Of course to tell and collect histories how different faith believers have made friends with each other is of meaning for interfaith understanding but for all that not too big as being of private significance. Don't excluding this possibility, it'd be good to use a common affair as a mighty factor of rapprochement, union and association of alienated people – because of being separated by different religions in particular.

Since 2001, Year of Dialogue among Civilizations, there were little achievements in area of interfaith dialogue. A possible cause: dialogue is before all a form of discussion ; discussion is for all that mostly a debate, as energy of refutation is many stronger than that of agreement . How to change interfaith strategy for it to be useful?

When a problem (here: the problem of interfaith dialogue) is not solved, cybernetics prompts for us to raise up to meta-level, i.e. to reformulate the problem appropriately. Let's try to.
It is well known, cooperation of people linked by a common affair is the best nearing factor. Just such common affair should be in place of dialogues/discussions/debates. In other way, it should be a dialogue-cooperation . This common affair is of civilization meaning, namely: to elaborate looking for consensus , in result of collective network of any people, believers and unbelievers, taking into account the already made and found, a common moral-ethic platform of whole humanity , being sure that

Homo Sapiens Ethicus may only survive and have future

Looking for common for humanity consensus, it would be right way as moreover the majority of believers might apprehend such the motto (1) as their mission task:

(1) Let us, we, believers, serve not only our gods, but as well all the humanity

The question is then about to put together any Collection (Code) of moral and ethic principles what would have adopted irrespective of a faith or its absent. The motto (2) of the work might be:

(2) Let's focus on what unite all us, not separate!

The Golden Rule of Morality

Do as you would be done by

may and should be here of course an orientation, any Ockam's razor to reject proposals being in contradiction with it.

The significance of this work when it has done, quite possibly will be definitely many higher than only as any success in interfaith interrogations. I admit it would be a new stage of development for the Humanity, now very separated, even torn by contradictions. Just such the Collection might get the factor not only uniting and conciliating but as well opening new perspective for Humanity to evolve intentionally .

Well, I count the proposal will be as well picked up by World Religious Leaders attending at
forthcoming meeting of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders in the March, 2012.

Sincerely Yours
DSc., Prof. Vladimir Tretyakov/Uladzimir Tratsiakou, FM IAIT,
Web Institute of Intellectual Technologies at IAIT,

06/01/2012 Response from Elijah Interfaith Institute

Thank you for your interesting thoughts regarding interreligious dialogue, commonality and the golden rule. this deserves consideration and thank you for sharing this with us.

with kind regards

Dr. Alon Goshen-Gottstein
The Elijah Interfaith Institute



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