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Four new scientific directions recognized by
Russian Academy of Natural History:

The Theoretical Ground of the Human Mental Activity,
Post-Evolutionary Psychology,
Post-Evolutionary Psychiatry,
The single paradigm for psychology and psychiatry.
Opening a path to sustainable development
Shortage of panoramic thinking: signs seen everywhere
Panoramic thinking as a concept
Creating a system of civilization security
Civilization Security division at the UN has to be
Bankruptcy of intelligent people in civilization process
Civilization omissions to be found and filled in
Nature's recommendations for international institutions
New dimension of human rights
Universal Declaration of Human Planetary Responsibility
Humankind must have been fooled
Coauthoring with Voltaire
Secret of humor from depth of the evolution
Evolutionary classification of John Warfield's mindbugs



Ideas for the Gallery of Ideas were selected only those
that have to do with imperatives of humanity survival.

Cognitive science, psychology

Categorization and Tolerant Inclusion  


Author’s principle of tolerance seems to be the main feature of human mentality is used to ground and enter a new concept of cognitive psychology, Tolerant Inclusion which being both a process and the result of the process generalizes notions correspondingly of categorization and category.

Principle of tolerance [1] – "Nature gives the life a tolerance", – as having all-biological sense, is evidently spreads to activity of human brain what as well has ability to be tolerant to differences. This principle should be key one for mental activity. Really, all scientific terms and concepts, words of spoken and written languages, i.e. the very human civilization, might not appear and exist without this ability of the brain to identify differences and creating notions. ...>>

General biology, sociology, epistemology, bioecology

Juxtaposing Principle of Tolerance to Law of Tolerance


The thought about the principle of tolerance governing in the living nature I realized as back as in 1973, and in 1983 a mathematical work was published where this principle was basic for algebras with inner tolerance. In 1990, that principle was basic already for describing the human (Earthy) science, its notions and techniques, in 2000 as well for Concept how to counteract the aging and in 2007 for giving, from the name of Nature, recommendation for international institutions.

...Google search on request "principle of tolerance" gives ... Shelford’s bioecological law of tolerance what says that "each organism--whether the individual or the species population--is subject to an ecological minimum, maximum, and optimum for any specific environmental factor or complex of factors. The range from minimum to maximum represents the limits of tolerance for the factor or complex."

...The principle and the law belong partially to a common ken and are near one another, so their comparison has a sense. Moreover, there is even necessity to juxtapose them as the law is dated by 1911 (!), whereas the first public mention of the principle is related to 1983. It means the principle to be appeared 72 years after should prove its self-value and novelty. To prove that my PT was new in the science up to 1983 I must prove that my PT and Shelford’s LT are sufficient different...>>

Phisiology, social psychology

5-finger theory of temperaments


At first I asked for under “Reflection” rubric, then, having shortened the article up to the third, under “Hypotheses”. After all, reluctantly I was agree to be under “Scientific leisure”. I hoped a reader after investigating my writing apprehends that it has nothing to do with the rubric given me by editorial body of "The Chemistry and Life" magazine: "Academic leisures". Why so? An application will be given to explain Soviet realia of 1970-s in the science. >>

Sociology, psychology, global problematique

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec as a Thinker of the 21st century


This Polish writer, Stanislaw Jerzy Lec to be dead already in the second half of the 20th century (in 1965), appears in his well known "The Thoughts Uncombed" to be foreseeing many trends of the century 21st. At least my thoughts of 2010's are quite consonant with those your uncombed, and I have a pleasant possibility to demonstrate it.

Social projecting

International Day of Happiness. What farther?


The UN General Assembly on June 28, 2012 adopted resolution on International Day of Happiness to be celebrated on March 20.

It is needed to investigate what this event has to do with the another, related to my post in early 2002 on the open (then being open) web Forum, Club of Rome, done under aegis of International Academy of Information Technologies (IAIT, now named ISPU “IAIT”). It was a project proposal entitled To happy life on Earth, the planet. Three times the Academy on its annual sessions confirmed that the project might be considered the best of all its projects.

There is one more cause to counteract both the events. On May 17, 2013, Prof. Herald Manshyn, "IAIT" Head, giving his current year report, informed the auditorium, that "the UN had recognized our project To happy life on Earth". And, for to be understandable better, added that the question is just about International Day of Happiness.

I consider myself obliged not only to clarify a matter, but as well to make more precise and to propose something constructive. Moreover, there may be even said out a certain criticism concerning the very new UN International Day.

Cognitive sciences

Theoretically, may be more than Panoramic Thinking: it may be called Pan-Thinking


Here is definition of the panoramic thinking -- for remembering and making more precise:

PANORAMIC THINKING is manner of thinking when one intending to overcome anyhow evolution backwardness of one’s mentality what reveals itself as any interacting effect of 3 factors: one’s together shortage of field of consciousness, emotional features and instinctive reactions.

PANORAMIC THINKING is manner of thinking when one intending to overcome anyhow evolution backwardness of one’s mentality stipulated by that the thinking process is immersed in emotional and instinctive spaces of one’s mentality.

After that and this definitions, panoramic thinking may be of different measures, i.e. thinking process may be more or less panoramic. This stays us the task being important for education, namely: to study us the subject “The measure of Panoramic Thinking” and to give recommendations how the measure can be heightened.

PAN-THINKING is one’s prefect panoramic thinking who copes to overcome all evolutionary obstacles having impended to produce absolutely correct thoughts.

In short:
PAN-THINKING is 100% panoramic thinking.

It means that none when thinking can fully overcome this evolutionary obsoleteness. Though a believer might say that just God thinks in such manner.

Social psychology

As-if KEY to open the Planet of United Humankind


It was Prof. Tomasz Sluszkiewicz, my Polish friend living in Germany, Member of the Professors Council of Free School for Panoramic Thinking who asked me to edit Google-translated text about his KEY ritual how Humankind might be to get (more) united. He had persuaded me that KEY is quite in agreement with my plan how people may perfect their mentality to survive. The last is understandable from the this my answer him named A Road to be of Millennia Long for Us to Get Single.

Epistemology, psychology

This Hard Explained Mutual Understanding


Bernard Werber took such the epigraph for your book “The father of our fathers”:

what I think,
what I want to say,
what I as it appears me speak,
what I speak,
and what you want to hear,
what, as it appears you, you hear,
what you hear,
what you want to understand,
what you understand –
there are ten variants of misunderstanding’s appearance.
But all that let us try…

Though “let us try” is not for me, it is the author’s appeal for himself, but, as it is remarked, our mutual misunderstanding is all-penetrating, so I may consider that it was I who was this proposed. Moreover I see as I may use "my" principle of tolerance and shortage of panoramic thinking, that root cause of all our calamities going line by line and taking into account how evolutionary conditioned backwardness of human mentality, plunged into emotional and instinctive space, to elucidate that hard ball of problems. The task is hard but I hope realized.

Cognitive sciences

OCAs, Linguistic objects of critical attention


I am sure that language absurdities and incompatibilities noticed by none do exist, at that in any language as human nature is the same in any country. It's good idea to propose revealing them to help ourselves and others to be wiser. Of course, examples should be. ...>>

General biology, sociology, philosophy

Principle of Intolerance


Principle of tolerance (PT) has justified its introduction (in 1973), because it gave me opportunity to bring forward fresh ideas in systems theory, general biology, prophylaxis of cancer, gnoseology. So, dialectics prompts that any sense for the science may have as well principle of intolerance (PInT).

The set of intolerant appearances (IAs) is obviously not empty. One may say even about trillions of IAs. Really, inter-species crossing (between individuals of different species) are possible as the rarest exclusions. Moreover, just PInT had been as if used by biologists of last centuries who described the systematics of the life on Earth including all inter-species diversification.

For human communities PInT reveals itself in existence of inter-confessional, inter-state, inter-ethnic conflicts, at interpersonal level as psychological incompatibility or emotional incompetence. At that, there is intra-intelligent disconnection, being of especially fraught with consequences for civilization’s future. I mean here bankruptcy of intelligent people in civilization process.

In general, there is a sense to work out this subject, especially if any lucky numeral measures of both the tolerance and the intolerance would be introduced for social analysis.


Nature's recommendations for international institutions


I may write such recommendation as there is an outer stimulus: a 2007 appeal by UBUNTU Forum named Reform In-Depth of International Institutions...>>


A proposal to Guinness World Records to register Prognoses


Robert Merton said once on prophecies that they have the quality of self-fulfilling.
Alexander Potupa generalized recently this phenomenon having named it by the futurogenic causality.
Yes, future to be forecasted has an influence on future to be realizing. GWR, having been interested in «thoughts of the future» and having selected them by suitable means for publishing, might in such the way to exert influence upon development of human societies. Even if helping to get out of «future shock», which Alvin Toffler had warned against. ...>>

Cognitive sciences

When usual appears both unusual and unacceptable


In early 1980s I got a serious support for my idea of new mathematics based on the principle of tolerance, its all-biological character having been hopefully proved before. Just because of it I called my novelty the biomathematics.

Relation of tolerance in place of accustomed equality? It was a kind of drastic novelty, but Belarusian mathematics I discussed it with, adopt the grounding principle of this biomathematics as a hypothesis and asked me only what were consequences. They were given in my article "The Pseudo-Congruencies on Universal Algebras”. To publish them, I should have given a 4 hour long report (with a half an hour interval) at the laboratory of algebra, Mathematical Institute, Belarusian Academy of Science.

As for Belarusian physicists, there was a strong resistance when I went ahead with article "Hypothesis on Inherited Tolerance (Inner Indefiniteness) as a Common Feature of Physical Systems". I was asked: "Why to enter any inaccuracy if one can use precise relations? " – "You thrust on the mathematics, i.e. on physics too, which them to be. Why? " – “Let be biomathematics, but what it has to do with physics? " -- "Physics already has its indefiniteness, quantum-mechanic one, why any other?"

After some unsuccessful attempts to be understandable I had as a flash of the lighting: I should write a fantasy unscrewing the situation when strange and inacceptable turns our usual... Earthy mathematics! That is why this fantasy was written.



SPT to be a problem even for the greats


We are readily may admit the thought that there are people stupid and clever, and these stupid ones aren’t we. It is very important to prove convincingly that evolutionary stipulated ancestral stupidity what has ground to be called the shortage of panoramic thinking has to do with any human being. But it is a hard task. For us it is a object of our pride to consider that Human reason is the main top of the evolution.
Thus here is an idea. It is needed to demonstrate by examples that these greats as well showed their under-thinking. Then each of us may say with facilitation: “Well, if even they carry out their SPT, then quite another matter!”
Well, you are invited to be familiarized with 2 example of such the kind, + one more, rather comic.


Perception of drastically new knowledge in the science


It'd be good to write a story how a scientific community react to a drastic proposal done one of them. There is an artistic trick what may be used: to build a theory and to erect a building have much likeness.
Realized (in Russian) as a humorous story at Belarus newspaper "Znamya Yunosti" (The Banner of Youth") in 1960s. See A Sap, or The history what happened while a basic theory was built

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