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To the only reason, as a wise trustee should be entrusted the life.

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Four new scientific directions recognized by
Russian Academy of Natural History:

The Theoretical Ground of the Human Mental Activity,
Post-Evolutionary Psychology,
Post-Evolutionary Psychiatry,
The single paradigm for psychology and psychiatry. All-Biological Ground for Cognitively Psychological Comception of Mentallion
Google starts gathering IPWR (as a Dream)
Opening a path to sustainable development
That awful SPT
Shortage of panoramic thinking: signs seen everywhere
Panoramic thinking as a concept
Creating a system of civilization security
Civilization Security division at the UN has to be
Bankruptcy of intelligent people in civilization process
Civilization omissions to be found and filled in
Nature's recommendations for international institutions
New dimension of human rights
Universal Declaration of Human Planetary Responsibility
Humankind must have been fooled
Coauthoring with Voltaire
Secret of humor from depth of the evolution
Evolutionary classification of John Warfield's mindbugs


Google starts gathering Intellectual Planetary Web Resource

As if a Dream reproduced by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou, IAIT FM, who as a Representative at the DPI/UN powered by ISPU “IAIT” appealed to Summit Rio20+. ...>>

Realizing necessity to unite globally thinking minds

Problem of the civilization security won’t be vanished whole with common distribution of panoramic thinking; the problem’s keenness will be only weaker. But in 2—3 generations a systemic discordance will be increasing, because human civilization obviously is in the contrary with tendencies of the living nature.

Really, there is a general system-forming tendency in the animal world named by cephalization, going to brains’ appearance on the final phase. There is an analogy between an organism and its brain, from one hand, and a state and its governing body (i.e. a social organism and its social brain) – from other hand. It means in any form is going the process of social cephalization on the level of states. But there is no analogous process on the level of whole humankind.

Let us say this by other words. Individuals have often goals of their lives, states are guided by national ideas; but Humankind as a whole does not follow any strategy of own development as having no analogue of a social mind for elaborating it.

Complexity of the world, first of all information one, will be enormously great in 2—3 generations. To correspond it, human community should create any form of planetary social mind. Owing computer nets such social mind can provide the balance of complexities of systems -- governing (social mind) and governed (the last part of people).

Planetary strategic goals and following them appear to be nearest for the UN. So, with appropriate reconstruction, the organization supported by network intellectual resources might pretend to be the social mind of the planet.

... and undertaking concrete actions

It was a message from Shreepal Singh, a Concerned Global Citizen, what gave me stimuli to deem and propose how to create a centre of collective intelligence. ...>>

The problem of institutional and strategic bankruptcy of intelligent people in the civilization process

By Dr. Uladzimir TRATSIAKOU


1. It is proposed to consider the problem after the largest moral counting, as presumably the most admissible for intelligentsia. Whole human civilization, with its culture and technosphere, had arisen in result of intellectual, creative activities of many generations of people, of those, who later were called intellectuals, intelligentsia. It is why just they might take responsibility for the civilization's state and future.

2. We may propose that historical mission of intelligentsia in perspective of some generations is to elaborate a strategy of existence and development of Humankind being able to minimize threats of its extermination and self-extermination as that then to be corrected "in course of the life". Such the thought may be realized as natural one if to extrapolate individual and both social and state experience of people to the level of the whole human community. Really, for a human being is naturally to build life plans, for a state to plan its economical development for years, even for decades. Significant, 60-80-year average duration of the human life, as well as some century duration of states' existence give evidence concerning necessity of such the planning, at least that it is desirable. However we may set that the transfer by the next level determined as the forming up a general human strategy, or "the planning for all humankind" how and where it should develop, -- such the task is not perceptible by the most of representatives of creative professions as an own affair. So, the conclusion may be done that the problem above has a right to be presented. ...>>

The urgent creation of All-World Intellectual Web Resource

Posted as a Solution at Free School for Panoramic Thinking
When to Use
What to Do
Related Resources.

Challenging People of Active Intelligence

Dear Colleagues,
I ask you to look at my appeal from point of view of those who, like you, more than many other people are filing responsibility for future of the Planet.
Here are thoughts what scarcely may be disputed, even if entering until now into common consciousness...>>

Nature’s recommendations for international institutions

In early 1970s, I was successful in formulating new theoretical and biologic thesis named Principle of Tolerance. As being all-biological, consequences from it may be considered as Nature’s recommendations… >>

Creating the civilization security system in 3rd millennium

As if a report before the UN governing body by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou (Republic of Belarus),
IAIT Representative at DPI/UN

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen of the UN leadership:

You must recognize that at present existing system of collective security, characterized by a systemic archetype "patching the holes" is unsatisfactory for people and demanding a change on something better. Now, it depends from you, governing by the largest organization of the world, will or won't be starting the process which has to be resulting via several decades in creation of many more reliable and stable system of the civilization security. The possibility to create it on a qualitatively higher level exists. There is no another organization in the world which would be ore suitable than yours for initiation such the process. ... >>

May believers of different faiths cooperate?

A project proposal for Elijah Interfaith Institute
Sent on 01/03/2012, response from there on 01/06/2012

Omnis comparatio claudicat

Discussing at Global Brain group on

Kevin Kelly named his text ‘Evidence of a Global Super-Organism'. My contra-thesis is: Rumours on evidence of a Global Super-Organism (SO) are strongly exaggerated. To support it, there are such arguments... >>

Response by Dr. Francis HEYLIGHEN (Open University of Belgium ) to Omnis comparatio claudicat

Vladimir Tretyakov wrote:“We may ascertain: the Humankind is not super-organism, as inside an organism may not be any parts (organs) striving to exterminate or destroy other parts”.

What about tumors and the immune system, that are mutually trying to destroy each other? You may note that in a healthy body cancer cells are the exception. But so are the people on this earth that are striving to exterminate other people. While war, terrorism and murder are constantly in the news, statistically they represent a very small fraction of what is going on. Which percentage of human deaths is because they were willingly killed by other people: something like 0.01 % ? Even if it is 10 times larger (and I am certain is not more), it is still a tiny fraction, and probably of the same order of magnitude as the body's own cells killed by the immune system because they may be cancerigeneous...>>

Global brain: all is ahead

by Dr. Vladimir N. Tretyakov

Dr. Francis Heylighen, one of the founders of Global Brain discussion group inside Principia Cybernetica Project, had formulated in 2000: "Society can be viewed as a multi-cellular organism, with individuals in the role of the cells. The network of communication channels connecting individuals then plays the role of a nervous system for this super-organism (, i.e. a "global brain".

It was serious inaccuracy of the organism--super-organism likening (because brain and nervous system of an animal correspond for all that as a part and the whole) what was apprehended by other PCP collaborators, alas, with none parentheses. In such the way Peter Russel's beautiful metaphor came to life. The network of communication channels was then (1983) already an obvious fact. Though even at present, Internet diffuse and nodal structure likes the nervous system of worms and medusas, i.e. animals having no brain. ...>>

DaniWeb Intellectual Web Resource Register creation

Proposed By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou (Belarus) for DaniWeb Information Technology Discussion Community.
Internet is presented at now with single centers and local networks being like nervous systems of diffuse (as hydra's), nodal (as worm's) and diffuse-nodal (as medusa's) structures, i.e. like nervous systems of animals having no brains. It means the humankind, that social mega-organism, is existing having no likeness of social mega-brain. So, to create all-planetary intellectual web resource (APIWR), as a prototype of the future global brain of humankind, is imperatively arising task to be fulfiled as that to cope with huge masse of not decided global level problems. See civilization security considerations for creation of APIWR.
Sorry, the task is out of view Principia Cybernetica Project group, a strong team, the most of which believe that the global brain has realized already or is realizing in form of Internet... >>

Principle of tolerance allows to ground a necessity to form a social intellect

Cefalization process among animals, resulting in head mind’s appearance, is in concordance with principle of tolerance (PT) as system-creating tendency of life to divercitification. Analogy ‘organism – social organism, mind – social mind’ together with PT have led to social cefalization as inavoidable tendency of social and state development. >>, in Russian

Theses of a Talk proposed

by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou (RB), IAIT Representative at DPI/UN, proposed to be wired for sound on Panel 4 of informal debate "Civilizations and the Challenge for Global Peace and Security" at UN Headquarters on 10 and 11 May, 2009

1. The question is not only about inter-civilizations differences and conflicts, doing very probable “clash of civilizations” predicted. The main objective of the debate might be more important: there is a cause, being general for all of them and even the threat of whole Humankind's extermination. The cause is in an evolution burdenedness of human mentality which may be named as Shortage of Panoramic Thinking (SPT). Just "owing" the SPT everyone of people is very good understanding own ideas, usages, habits, interests, but very hard those of other nations, beliefs, cultures. ... >>

Popular www resours for lexical enrichment of Russian language

Theses of a report to XV Symposium «Revision of Natural Sciences and Quality of the Life».

A tool of a thought, i.e. a language, has inner, weak realized unperfectness. To overcome it, creative abilities of people should be linked up. For example, with help of a popular Internet resource INFOLEXBANK, having 3 replenished open forums. First of them, LEX-plus, might serve for new lexems (wordy units) to be appeared and adopted in the society as necessary and/or felicitous. Second, LEX-minus, might be replenished with so-called objects of critical attention (OCA). Third forum, LEX-minus-by-plus would give to people lexems bettered, cleaned of language ‘viruses’. >>

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