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Devices for those who dawned upon by ideas

By Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

New knowledge’s entering into the science, a then into the life, is beginning from ideas. At that, destiny of an idea depends from its scientific justifiability maybe not more then from human qualities revealed by a generator of ideas, from his/her behavior. It’s why this devices.

Advice First

Don’t admit that an idea enslave you! You are still its owner, not a servant.

Otherwise you may come to that all humankind divide into those who for your idea, and those who against. Any thought, even if very great, is for all less than you, its begetting.

Advice Second

Your wish to be a benefactor of the humankind, but... the sense of humor let remain with you.

… even if because of that it is not important for the humankind, who be the benefactor, you or another, and it is not essential, will be the event a little earlier or slightly later. Advice Third

There is no sense to be mistaken: demand for mistakes now is not significant.

Or, let you try to hide your possible mistake as deeply as possible. Then, together with your idea, it may live till any better times when mistakes will be big rarity and each will be of great demand because of people’s wish to teach on even if one of them.

Advice Fourth

Let you accept the ancient motto “Call all in question!” with the supplement “... and my ideas as well”.

Otherwise, it turned out that you called in question any affirmation of other scientists and disproved them maybe in any degree. So, there are no grounds to hope on their adherents’ lenience. Another thing if you stood under question you yourself. Then maybe they will not be successful trying to disgrace you.

Advice Fifth

As far as possible put aside your idea’s transfer from the rank of hypotheses into rank of tenets ascertained and proved once for all.

Concerning that Stanislaw Lec said: “The more fragile arguments, the harder point of view.”

Advice Sixth

Don’t entrust to you! Prove carefully, whether you have against you any insidious designs.

Let’s suppose, you have still any doubts, but you nevertheless are going to announce about “the Idea of the century”. An insidiousness? Yes, rather! You nearly put yourself in embarrassing situation.

Advice Seventh

Take care of the environment! Don’t litter it with under-thought ideas!

“I was slightly in hurry...” – such the formula of justification should be prepared by you, if you decided to ignore the 7th advice.

Advice Eighth

Modesty is decorating even if modest gifts. But in combination with talent it is merely irresistible.

Here are some known scientists combining that and this: A.M.Butlerov, A.Einstein, O.Yu.Schmidt, V.V.Parin, V.I.Vernadskiy, I.Ye.Tamm.

Advice Ninth

Do justice to your predecessors!

Of course, for that, you should to know them. Or rather, there is a way more original, from Stanislaw Jerzy Lec: «I met with someone so many illiterate that citations of classic authors he was made think up himself».

Advice Tenth

Ask yourself: “Why my idea was not thought up nobody but me?”

And then understood, why. You hardly would wish to become like a laying hen that laid usual egg but notified about it all the world.

Advice Eleventh

You are the only human in the world knowing new truth. Let it give to you force to restrain your impatience.

Yes, it is necessary to be tolerant to the rest, those slow-witted persons. The same Lec considered: “People have belated reflex: they understand only in next generations”.

Device Twelfth

Author of the idea should be the most ferocious its critic.

It is indeed hard. Let you be helped with a little stratagem: imagine that the idea is not yours at all, but of your any scientific antagonist.

Device Thirteenth, the last

Thus, you have chosen not beaten track. “It is necessary to have bravery to entrust to own convictions, said Norbert Wiener, otherwise the most interesting what you might think up, will be taken away by others, more brave; but the most main, it is just the only, for the sake of what it is worthy to work in the right way.”

If you, after having proved the all many times, say firmly: “My idea is correct!”, you have no choose already. To stand up for it and make it common property is now your responsibility what is higher than a right.


The text above firstly appeared in Russian, in this short view, at “Khimia i Zhizn” (“Chemistry and Life”), USSR Academy of Science magazine, 1984, No 6, pp. 7—10. It was recognized by the editorial staff as one of the 4 best articles published there in 1984 and written by authors-scientists. The announcement about it was given at No. 1 (1985) of the magazine.
Later, in widened form, the article got a chapter of my book “This paradoxical Novelty”, published in Russian by Belarusian “Universitetskoye” publishing house in 1989.


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