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The life on Earth for all that has a chance to get reasonable fully

An assay by Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou

It was Mikhail Veller's book “Presentations” (Saint Petersburg, 2004), more exactly its chapter “Vernadski and the noosphere”, that got a stimulus for me to write this essay.

On the reason according to Veller

Here are some pieces of the chapter expressing the author position:

“… it is considered now that the reason has got chiefly geological cosmic factor – and it means the human has power and will to organize the world good, fairly, humanly, comfortably, safely, for humans and humankind to live as good as possible. This needs to understand – and correspondingly to do. Otherwise we may inflict upon us and the planet irretrievable harm. In short: now the life of humankind and the planet is in power of the human reasonable, and his power will be farther any more full.
Naive and grievous mistake of such simplified approach to the notion of noosphere repeats “mechanistic rationalism” of ancient ethics.”

Considering that “noospherical approach»” means that a) the reason must itself direct and control; b) the evolution aim is good of humankind in self-apprehending of the humankind”, the author makes his overwhelming inference:

“The reason is not a directing force. Reason is subordinated to senses – in order to turn the striving to sensations into actions – and to give wider diapason of sensations from the actions”

...what may be accounted as an application of his philosophy of energovitalism (given in the book by a separate Supplement) to the reason ingeniously.

What after all is this philosophy what permits make such drastic conclusions?

“The Life and its highest form – psychical activity of human nervous system – is considered as a form of single Energy of the Cosmos. Common laws of the Energy determine the essence and function together of the life, evolution and psychics.
… The Reason, the highest form of the life, is a psychological get-up of energetic “excess” of the human. Being in subjective way serving psychological demands of the human, in objective way it is subordinated and serves to increase transformation of the Cosmic Energy”.

How after the said to not come to conclusion:

“The human is energy-abundant, he always has not enough, he always has an ideal exceeding the reality on value of wish, and the wish is permanent. The human need not “just it”, but “SOME MORE than just it.”

Worthy to mark that “ he always has an ideal exceeding the reality on value of wish, and the wish is permanent ” – it is said rather finely than correctly. Really, this formula may not pretend to be universal (“always”). Otherwise one should consider that only ideal food served and serves to him as a stimulus to eat, and an ideal woman only might and may make a pair for a man to proceed the human race, at that under favoring condition that he itself be an ideal man.

But it is a bagatelle . More important is that there is no a place for the Reason in this characteristic of the Human Reasonable . He appears to be “serving staff” at passions and wishes. And the author of the book, to avoid any misinterpretation, formulates clearly:

“The life was never directed by the reason and might not be directed.”

And farther he straight from the shoulder, with bold-face type, for those clever persons who have still any hope:

The Reason per se does not exist in general .”

Ending the chapter, the author gives his philosophic prognosis:

“…into the kingdom of the reason we have come in that sense that it may more than a volcano, but not in that reasonable arguments are ruling us.
Not the reason will govern the world after laws of the reason but the reason will go on to alter the world after laws of the world. And not for human good but in proceeding the human function to energetically transform the universe.”

What may be in place of Veller philosophy

One may mark that the philosophy of energovitalism here presented has a characteristic of self-applicability as being expounded in the spirit of the very philosophy, i.e. in energetically vital or vitally energetic way. But an abundant energy of expression used to be necessary in situations when the saying fells weakness or shortage of his arguments. Then, btw, it may be concealed with involving into the outline of his expound any all-enveloping notions like Universe and Cosmic Energy.

Really, there are that and this in the reviewed text, but I am not intending to disavower Veller dictums about Reason's role with such the discussion trick.

My privilege is I have in disposition arguments what are not known him and a little known others. In early 1970s I got an insight managing to express the very essence of the evolution on Earth: Nature gives the life a tolerance, and this assertion I named Principle of tolerance (PT) . ( Here it is expounded its first publication in English version).

It means first of all that Nature did not stake and does not stake on bringing out any perfect organism, so an organism may be animal, plant or mushroom, within any species there are individuals compatible with the life: males and females, young, mature and old, large and small, healthy and ill. Moreover, admitting inner-species diversity, Nature opens the way for formation of new species, and placing a ban (strict or not strict) on inter-species crossing, it provides many-century existence of its living species. And all this is enclosed in this short formula “ Nature gives the life a tolerance ”.

A corollary of PT is Principle of energetic abundance (PEA) : Vital activity of any alive organism is provided energetically “with stock“, over that is necessary to maintain the adaptive behavior. Just this PEA, one of a corollary of PT, was taken by Mikhail Veller conformably to humans as a base for his philosophy of energovitalism, and just it has got from him the universal span – without sufficient ground. It is so as PEA has quite earthy origin, so the Life possessed with Reason, quite possibly, may be the unique phenomenon, out of Earth not existing.

Thus, there are grounds to turn onto Earth and to look closely at the evolution prehistory of the Human as it may bring up any correctives into Veller conclusion concerning the Human reason.

Let us turn first of all to another corollary of PT, Principle of under-adaptation (PUA): for a species to successfully survive in conditions of earth quasi-stable world, it is an under-adaptation what needs, i.e. not full fitness to the current conditions of existence.

This principle had been especially basically “used” by our forbears. Gaining first gleams of reason (when collective hunting, controlled fire, labor skills, collective defense appeared within tribes), they had got from Nature well-founded bonuses to survive, and Homo sapiens species began augmenting its numbers. At that, it was profitable for a tribe to defense not only women and children, but as well those who might transfer others knowledge, skills, and think up something new, and be able to foresee events and dangers. In other words, the evolution gave primordial people the social inheritance of the knowledge , in addition to inherently given programs of behavior.

At that already in times of caves, in periods of Holocene Ice Ages, the groups (tribes) selection carried out from under the press of the selection the individual selection on the reason. Though that “not-to-the end-evolved” reason had been more than good at the conditions of wild nature (as giving great preference in survival over other animal species), it appeared as well good in building of the great civilization, but it appears insufficient – because of the shortage of panoramic thinking , in particular, – before the face of the global problems hanging in fatally dangerous way over humankind and in general over all healthy life. Following Veller, commitment of the reason in solving these problems may only reveal itself in that it, in its unstoppable energo-transforming rage, will re-shuffle all the tectonic platforms, free volcanos from under billions-year captivity, and Earth will turn out covered with ashes and flood with magma, what “permits”, fencing the alive off the Sun, to switch on Cosmic Energy lifeless remains of the planet. How it is said, the best remedy for head ache is a guillotine.

Oddy enough, my principal disagreement with Veller inference, from his philosophy following, is not concerning it. It is known the civilization sustainable development remains only a dream, despite the international community is aimed onto this problem, so if all goes how it is going then a row of global catastrophes with full or particular collapse is inevitable, a question of “when” only.

My principal disagreement is that there is not full inevitability, as in reserve of the Reason there are resources of the knowledge being not quite in-built in scientific general use. Owing to these resource I believe we can to plan a civilization strategy of not only sustainable, but progressive development.

Opening a civilization perspective

It is possible to see a perspective to save the human race living with accordance with alive nature, if to attract examination not only that is known and adopted by the science, but as well that, though published, nevertheless does not appear to be a certified scientific knowledge. Here are those and these assertions presented in concise way:

- Civilization has no perspective, until its sustainable existence is provided.
- Human Reason, Creator of the civilization, had carried out imperfect under from evolution eliminating selection press, just because ancient people possessing narrow field of consciousness, had advantage in survival they did want to have lost .
- When global problems, accumulating and aggravating in some decades not solved, and threatening the very existence of civilization, narrow field of consciousness is not an advantage, but most dangerous feature that may be named the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT).
- Civilization, with all its deserts and deficiencies, has been created in result of Reason's creative energy, and this imperfect human mentality with SPT, “admitting” wars, terrorism, irreconcilable conflicts of interests, national selfish, suppression and extinction of live nature, and violence, is the root cause of all human past, present and future calamities and unhappiness. It means that leverage of systems change should be applied just tgo Reason.
- Under-fitness of Homo Sapiens being combined with biological intra-species diversity and tightly liked with programs social inheritance of information, permit to account that the world systems of education may be successfully rebuilt from priority “to get knowledge” to priority “to develop panoramic thinking”, including all “good” kind of thinking.
- Another cause to do so is that it is more important than “to teach knowledge” in the world overloaded with information, to teach thinking in panoramic way, i.e. creatively, not banally, paradoxically, developing fantasy, to teach for pupils and students to be able and wishing to learn and to orient them in the complex and getting more complex world.
- Tolerance, without doubt, is more characteristic of panoramically thinking people, as having wider panoramas of thoughts people may easier find common areas of intersection, i.e. mutual both understanding and acceptance.
- Panoramically thinking people, as being able more to apprehend other people and coordinate with them the person's own actions, more to take into account after-effects of their conducts, and therefore have more chances to be moral people.
- United humankind might easier survive and cope with global problems. That is why is possible that people are produced cruel ultimatum, the essens of which is that to survive may only be Homo Ethicus, human being moral.
- To successfully govern, the complexity of governing system should be compared with that of governed. Therefore to cope with global problems may only a collective intelligence of global scale.
- In the animal world in during of some hundreds of millions of years had occurred progressive process of creation of the highest animals, named cephalization , ending with forming the head and brain, with nearly set up organs of seeing, hearing, smell and taste.
- Human civilization in any degree may be likened an huge alive organism, i.e. a super-organism what alas until now gains an analogue of organism's brain – global intellect.
- Cephalization in animal world, having formed the human race, may and should have as an analogue “cephalization of the civilization”, i. å . creation of a Global intellect.
- Panoramically thinking people as being more tolerant would have more chances to cope with enormously hard task -- to create Global intellect.
- Only to realize imperative necessity of rebuilding education onto development of the stronger thinking, some decades supposedly need. Time of some generations needs for rebuilt educational systems to manage to issue a masse of people mastered with panoramic thinking. Necessary time for all this, i. å . in whole 4 to 7 generations, people may be not given. (According some prognoses, 22 nd century may not come for people).

- Global intellect to elaborate a strategy of civilization development and correct it following changes happened, may be demanded only in the world, many more realizing its oneness, otherwise any single, “the very best” strategy for all humankind will be for nothing.
- Civilization has been created in about 10 thousand years, whereas to carry out it under from threats of extinction and self-extinction needs to manage for some decades. This incredibly hard task may only be done at necessary appropriate conditions of work for the forming collective intellect of global scale.
- Both last conditions will be in any degree fulfilled, if all people have a possibility to be joined in that common affair what is associated with age-old human dream – about the happiness. Possibilities of the World Net, Internet, now already admit in principle to launch forming a many-language free forum on happiness and overcoming unhappiness, the forum provided with scientific, technical, programming, service, consultative, sociologic and etc. conveying. Being created, it would give for all conciliation many more than Dialogue of Civilizations year (2001) what did not come up to expectations.

* * *
Thus, any optimism is linked here with that having such enriched apprehending Nature, ncluding human nature, and correcting civilization behavior correspondingly, people may get a chance to avoid “revenge of Nature for all they have done with it”.

P.S. Posted as well at Free School for Panoramic Thinking on September 23, 2011.

P.P.S. As it is said, near a pessimist, one is getting unwillingly (more) an optimist, et vice verso. I had earlier both optimistic and constructive approach to overcoming global problems jeopardy (Creating a system of civilization security in 3rd Millennium ), but some years later, seeing no change, I was forced to do over-radical conclusion: Humankind must have been fooled. Now, when Michail Veller was as if agreed with this conclusion, I want to give him a refutation. Well, let's see what future want to be.


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